Maybelline Lip Balm as Low as FREE After New Stack

We finally have another stack on the Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm. Some of you may have gotten a $1/1 Maybelline coupon in your 12-4 RP insert, but if you didn’t, there is a printable available too. The Baby Lips are listed under LipColor on the Maybelline site and are $2.99 – $3.49 regular price at Target so as low as FREE after a stack…

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm $2.99 – $3.49 (Regular Price)
-$2/1 Maybelline Lipstick, Gloss or Balm ETS Target Web Coupon x12/31
$1/1 Maybelline New York Baby Lips Balm
= FREE after stack

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  1. @Nina- you may need to upgrade your Java- but it should automatically prompt you to do that if yours is out of date. Did you try switching browsers?

  2. The cherry makes me look like a clown, lol. It has a red tint to it so you need to apply it like red lipstick 🙂

  3. @Tricia, that’s how I felt too the first time I used it! Now I’ll swipe it on my bottom lip just once, and very lightly, and it’s fine lol.

  4. It’d be nice if I can actually find them this time….We have major shelf clearers at our Target…I was looking to get ONE this week and I got the last one…They haven’t been in stock for weeks.

  5. These have been flying off the shelves. I’ve just been doing the DPCI lookup and heading to T when they show they’re in-stock (which isn’t often!)

  6. My 12/4 RP has a $1/1 Maybelline coupon, but it specifies colorsensational lipcolor, high shine, pearls, lip liner, lip gloss, or any Maybelline new york lip color. Can I use this coupon with this deal??

  7. @Jamie: Kerry says in her post that the Baby Lips is listed under lip color on the Maybelline website, so yes it can be used.

    @Nicole: We only have one Target around here, the next closest one is about a 1.5 hour drive. Needless to say we are usually wiped out of all the good deals and they are super slow to restock or order more.

  8. RedPlum isn’t letting me print it! It keeps saying “Prepair to Print”, but it doesnt print it. Err!

  9. Mine was wiped out, too. I asked for a raincheck and was told that this item was not eligible for rainchecks b/c they were not going to be getting any more 🙁

  10. Where exactly are these located? I’ve been to Target so many times and can’t find them. There are no spots for them in the Maybelline section, so it’s not as if someone’s wiping them out. I just feel like they dont exist!

  11. @Amanda: My store has them at the very top of the Maybelline Lip Section (or rather has a display, it’s been empty for a week). You can go to the Target website and check availability at your store. If the website says it’s available and you don’t see it, ask at the customer service desk.

  12. cleanded shelves at 2 of mine Targets too, Im afraid they will not restock untill the coupon is Valid…. this is what they like to do, and they will magicly appear day after coupons will expire…

  13. Just a heads up to anyone in Houston, TX that shops the Meyerland Target… They are trying to say “one coupon per purchase” means per transaction. I was using 4 on the Qtips gift card deal last night and they said they will do it “this time” which already burned me up because I know I was using the coupons correctly. There was no trying to explain the difference to the cashier who talked over me trying to, on top of Ms. Pretentious tappy fingers trying to push me.

  14. In last weeks Target ad, the Baby Lips were advertised as “new” (it was on the last page). So the following Tues, I went to my local store (which didn’t have them instock for a long time, but did have sales tags and empty shelves) and they had a shelf full!!

  15. I checked the availability of these at my local Target on the Target website, and it says the closest place that these are in stock is 2 hours away. Meh. Don’t want it that bad.

  16. Another one not able to print from redplum 🙁 switched browsers and updated java, even re-booted the computer to no avail.

  17. @Maria S. Hi, I’m in Houston, too. I have better luck at the Sawyer Target. South Main depends on the cashier. Westheimer/610… worse than Meyerland.

  18. Hi all. You can price match at Walmart. Ask them to price match to the Target Q and then you can use the manufacturer ones. It will be a $.03 overage on each. Is anyone else having trouble with the red plum coupon not scanning? Been to 2 walmarts and it wont scan this time?

  19. I found the best way to update java is to go directly to their website and follow the steps to download. Close all of your browsers, and once the installation is complete and successful, go back to redplum to print your coupons, and it should work fine 🙂

  20. What is with REdPlum, I updated Java, closed out of firefox, then went back to redplum and still no print. Says it is printing, but nothing.

  21. i tried to use in CA, and they told me that they can’t honor it for 2 reasons, one is the fact that if I stack the two coupons, it will be $3 and the lip balm is only $2.99 and two is the fact that the manufacturer coupon doesn’t include lip balm. I tried to talk to the customer service and they gave me the same answer 🙁

  22. I just bought four last week with the target coupon only. Do you think I can go back and show them the manufacturer’s coupon to get a discount?

  23. Does anyone know the DPCI for the Maybelline baby lips and a link to the Target site where you look them up because I cant find it. Thank you in Advance.

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