Sneak Peek at Target 3-Day Ad Valid 12/8 – 12/10

Target is having a surprise 3-day sale in-store and online that starts tomorrow 12/8 and runs thru 12/10.  You can take a look at a preview of the ad by going to, choosing weekly ad and entering your zip.  I am not going to type up the entire ad, but I am highlighting the Gift Card Deals and items with coupon matchups below. 

And don’t forget about this amazing FREE $10 Gift Card when you spend $50 in store you can print HERE! This coupon is valid thru 12/10 and can be used with other coupons to get even better deals.

 FREE $50 Gift Card wyb Nintendo 3DS $169.99

 FREE $10 Gift Card wyb Amazon Kindle Touch $99

 FREE $25 Gift Card wyb Apple iPod Touch 8GB $195
-10% Off Apple® iPod® (Excludes accessories) Target Web Coupon x12/24
-10% off Apple iPod Target Coupon Savings Bright Mailer x12/24
This works out to be a very nice deal….

DEAL IDEA: Buy Apple iPod Touch $195
-$19.50 (use -10% Off Apple® iPod® Target Web Coupon or in Savings Bright Mailer x12/24
= $175.50 – $10 Gift Card (use FREE $10 Gift Card when you spend $50 in store you can print HERE
= $165.50 – $25 Gift Card Back for Buying the iPod
= $140.00 after Gift Cards and coupon.
Plus if you use your RedCard you can take off another $8.77 (5% off $195 – 10% TQ) to get it for $131.23 after coupon, Gift Card Coupon, Gift Card & 5% discount!

 FREE $20 Gift Card wyb Samsung 22 inch LED HDTV $199

Crayola Wonder Metallic Paper or Story Studio Comic Makers $8
$3/2 Crayola Story Studio Princess, Spiderman or Cars 2

Mossimo Cardigan or Pullover Sweaters $15
-$4/1 Women’s Sweater Target Web Coupon x12/24
-$4/1 Women’s Sweater Target Coupon Savings Bright Mailer x12/24

Gilligan & O’Malley 2 piece Knit Pajama Set $10
-$3/1 Women’s sleepwear (Excludes Slippers) Target Web Coupon x12/24
-$3/1 Women’s Sleepwear Item Target Coupon Savings Bright Mailer x12/24

Merona Men’s Shawl Collar Cardigan or Pullover Sweater $25
Merona Men’s Fleece Sleep Pants $12
-20% Off Men’s Merona® apparel item Target Web Coupon x12/24
-20% off Men’s Merona Apparel Item Target Coupon Savings Bright Mailer x12/24

Target Home Jewelry Tree $15
Mossimo Men’s Watches Shown $16
-20% Off Jewelry Item in Jewelry Department Target Web Coupon x12/24
-20% off Jewelry Item Target Coupon Savings Bright Mailer x12/24

Target Home Faux Fur Toss Pillow $20
-B1G1 50% Off Target Home™ Toss Pillow Target Web Coupon x12/31

Target Home 10 Photo Collage Frame $24
Target Home Nana or Family Tree Frame $10
-10% Off Target Home™ Frame Target Web Coupon x12/24
-10% off Target Home Frame Target Coupon Savings Bright Mailer x12/24

Black & Decker 12 cup Fast Brew Coffeemaker $25
Oster Belgian Waffle Maker $25
Black & Decker 4 slice Stainless Steel Toaster Oven $25
-10% Off Kitchen Appliance $19.99 + Target Coupon Thanksgiving Booklet x12/31

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  1. Can you use the $10 off $50 multiple times in one transaction?? I plan on buying the 22″ tv which is $200 can I use 4 of the $10 gc on $50 coupons?

  2. @Joy take your receipt back in for a price adjustment. Tell them you bought it last week and now it is cheaper, they will give you cash or a credit back on your debit.

  3. joy u can return it and re-buy it they just give you a refund less the amount of the gift card you recieved

  4. Can you buy the ipod touch at the current price of $195 (also using a $10 gift card) and getting the advertised $25 gift card with purchase, but then use the coupon for the free $10 gift card too? So really getting 2 gift cards for a total of $35 back?

  5. Joy I did the same thing! I hope they honor the adjustment, I worked there for 4 years and when it comes to a gift card sale not sure but I will try. About the using multiple coupons for a tv? You can only use one even if your item is say 150. If it were multiple items that totaled 150 for example you could kindly ask cashier to ring up separately some will do that. That way you can use a few coupons. Not sure what the wording on them is, if it says one per customer than again depends on how nice the cashier is. I would do if I was a cashier now.

  6. Kerry, I planned on using the $10 gc when you buy $50 coupon deal, but I also received a catalina the other day that takes $5 off your purchase of $50 or more. Do you think I can stack these two coupons and do the 3DS deal? Thanks!

  7. @Kelly- I think it will be a ymmv- but imo yes because you will be spending over $100 in your transaction. it certainyly cant hurt to try

  8. @kelly, I was able to stack the 10gc wyp 50 with a 5 off 50, just make sure you give them the gc coupon fiirst so that your total is 50 still.

  9. So does this mean the weekly sales end tomorrow and these new ones start or are the current ones still going to be valid?? Like the sweaters for $8.99 and yada yada…

  10. Totally answered my own question…YES the ad is still valid. Thank goodness. I didn’t get my sweaters yet!

  11. Can that $10 GC when you spend $50 be used online? also, can i do the i pod deal and pay for some of it with gift cards i already have?

  12. @Nikki- instore only – and yes- you can pay with gift cards you have already earned. the only ting you cant do is use a gift card to pay for the transaction you earned it in. hth

  13. FYI, you will have to return the ipod from the original transaction (minus whatever gift cards they gave you) and purchase a DIFFERENT ipod this time to get the deal…they will NOT price adjust on gift card bonuses as I found out the hard way on ipads and they will NOT sell you back the same one you returned (so I hope you didn’t buy applecare for it…I always do for my apple products). I even called corporate on this as it was a $50 gc the day after I bought my ipad and was told ‘too bad because we don’t do anything for the gift card bonuses’!

  14. Anyone know if the little kitchen electronics are the ones that go w/the $5 coupon on the Target website?…that would be a score…almost as good as Macy’s Black friday!

  15. Actually it’s a huge hassle to try to return or exchange electronics. One of the iPod Touches I bought last week was white ‘cuz they didn’t have any black in stock. So when they finally got black in stock I wanted to exchange the white one. But because I had used the 10% off coupon, earned a $15 g.c., used my REDcard and bought the 2 year replacement plan I had to return all items and rebuy it. Whew! Luckily, I had another 10% off coupon. But it took several guest service members and a 2nd return trip to store with the other necessary items (replacement plan card) to get it all straightened around.

    I think I will probably just suck up that I missed out on the $25 g.c. Still got a great deal last week. Thanks everyone though for the advice.

  16. can you use more then one spend $50 get $10 gift cards in one shopping trip?? ie: do more then one transaction?? the wording makes it sound one coupon per person per trip?? ideas tks

  17. @Joy….I don’t think they will adjust the price of the Ipod because you would’ve needed the coupons to get the price…I think they only will adjust if the sale price is lower. You could always return it and rebuy though…just a thought! 🙂

  18. Thanks everyone! I had no problem using both coupons. I went to Target first thing this morning and returned the Nintendo 3DS I bought 3 weeks ago (for $145 – thinking this would be the best deal!) I bought another 3DS, received a $50 gc, received another $10 with the gc coupon, and the $5 off $50 catalina making the 3DS only $105 after everything.

  19. For the Ipod Touch, are we allowed to use the 10% off Apple Ipod coupon with the $10 giftcard with $50 purchase? I’m not sure it will work since they are both target coupons, right?

  20. I just came home with both the ipod touch and a lexnar memory card. Used the $10 for $50 GC and and got the $25 gift card for the ipod.
    Jumped on TT and realized there was a target coupon available for each of these products. UGH!!! I’m going to try and take the coupons in tomorrow to see if they will give me the difference since my husband already got ahold of the ipod 🙂

  21. I recieved a $5 off $50 or more catalina coupon on Monday could I pair it with the suggested Ipod deal?

  22. Anyone know if the $25 gift card for purchasing an iPod touch is ONLY for the 8gb? My dad wants a 32gb :/

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