My After-Christmas Clearance Hunting at Target

So I knew when I set out yesterday to Target at 4:30 pm last night that it was way too late to find any tin-foil or paper goods and I was certainly right about that. But I was very pleased to see sooooo much Christmas stuff left over. There were scores of wrapping paper and ribbons and gift bags and tags and more- which gives me a lot of hope that some of it will survive to reach 75% Off- the time when I stock up for the following year. It usually happens 4-6 days after Christmas. Some stores go later than others. I believe for me it was the 31st last year, but some stores may drop as early as the 29th. It is also possible we will only see a drop to 70% this year instead of 75.

Many stickers and signs were on other things I already expected – all bagged candy was at 30% Off and all Christmas was at 50% Off at my store. Lots of clearance was spread throughout the store- especially in home. There were Decorative Poinsettia wreaths and plants, Christmas frames, Holiday flannel sheets (some in solids too), and lots of other items all marked 50% Off – but very spread out in the home department. Also lots & lots of Christmas items in the dollar spot all 50% Off. But for me- half the thrill of Christmas clearance hunting is finding the surprises, the things that are not marked.

So, the next area I explored was one that was definitely neglected with clearance signs but yielded a few surprises if you knew what you were looking for. Target stores can differ greatly in layout, but many stores have a sort of small area set up, usually toward the front of the store with items for the current sales or holidays.

I found not one clearance sign, but upon scanning I found more of the larger jars of Monster Mix and Nuts for 50% Off at $4.99 (look for the ones with tags attached). Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookies had a big price cut sign on them at $2.50- but were 50% Off at $1.50 (50% Off original price of $2.99). So far only the Snowball and Linzer scanned 50% Off for me, but there is a $1/2 Pepperidge Farm CookiesΒ to make them $1 each.Β But the ones to keep checking are those with the red snowflake design on the package. And I also found Cocktail Mixers Gift Sets marked $14.99 but scanned for $7.49. So if you have an area like this up at the front of your stores- you may want to take a stroll through and see what you can find.

Next I went through the Health & Beauty endcaps and was getting discouraged when gift set after gift set scanned at full price, but then I found one endcap that was not marked but everything on it rang up 50% Off at $4.99. There were Nivea Gift Sets (2 different ones), Bodycology (there is a $1/1 Bodycology Product ETS Facebook Coupon) and 2 different Aveeno Sets (there are $1/1 and $3/2 Aveeno Active Naturals Products ETS in the 10-30-11 SS x12/31). Not one clearance sign or sticker in sight, but all 50% Off.

I could not find any Starbucks Christmas Blend Bags, but if you like the Via, the Starbucks Via 8 ct Christmas Blend were not marked but scanning 50% Off at $3.99. There is a $1/1 Starbucks VIA Ready Brew in the 12-04-11 SS x1/14 and also there is a rebate for a $5 Starbucks Giftcard wyb 3 Select Starbucks Coffee or Via Ready Brew HERE x12/31.

But again these are all items that were not marked and you would never know unless you scan. Yes- clearance differs from store to store- but sometimes a little hunting & scanning on a hunch can pay off. For more items you may be able to find at your stores in the days to come- you can check out the Christmas Clearance Prep List.

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  1. Our store has a starbucks in the front. There were a few of the christmas blend bags left-not marked and not on sale. THey did have the gift box mugs and the travel cups with lids (6.47) as well as the snowman cookies (1.xx).

  2. Thanks .. My one store didnt have much left.

    But yesterday i did score Bounty Napkins, Reynolds foil, Soft soap hand soap, the sheet set. and oreo cookies.
    Also got the cute little kleenex tissues in the little houses..
    I will be going to a different target today.. I was there last thursday and they had shelves of the bounty paper towels.. Hoping to score some there..

  3. At my local Target most of the clearance wasn’t marked either. The big boxes of goldfish crackers (with Christmas tree shapes mixed in) were on clearance for $1.54. Unfortunately the wrapping paper was almost gone (except for Justin Beiber). The tissue paper and gift bags were more than 50% off so worth a scan at the price checker. I also grabbed a few plastic storage bins because I needed them anyway. I’m hoping they’ll be some left when the discount goes up to 70%. Great site, thanks for all you do!

  4. What the…I scanned and scanned yesterday at one of my stores for foil, paper towels, plastic tableware, and NOTHING was coming up clearance. I checked the holiday/winter themed crackers/cookies etc and same thing. There were even FALL themed bounty towels still on the shelf….all at regular price!

  5. I got some kids holiday pj’s and shirts for 50% off, they were not marked, had to scan them to find out the price.

  6. My store had decor and wrap/ribbon/bows and cards for 50% off. Not cheap enough for me. LOL
    The candy was 30%.
    I did get some Keebler almond crescents for 25c a box. Clearance for $1.25 and I had a TQ and a MQ for $1/2.
    And i did get some solid paper red plates and cups fro 50% off. Will use those for my son’s bday party next month.

  7. I found a box of huggies santa diapers that scanned 50% off. I ended up getting the box for 8.50 after my coupon!

  8. If the obviously holiday themed stuff is still scanning at full price, take it up to the register and ask. I found a holiday cookie sprinkle pack yesterday that was still ringing up at full price, but I took it up and the cashier just did an adjustment for me.

  9. Check out Ziploc bags. Down to 2.08 a box. With the $1/2 coupon, its a steal. Thanks to my anonymous coupon helper in mckinney.

  10. Found a two-piece, 2-set pajamas in the Toddler Dept. Originally $14.99, but the clearance tag was $4.48 — not 50% off like the sign read. Be sure you look at each piece; looks like they may be hiding some bargains!

  11. Went to Target in Palm Coast around 9 am, no foil paper products, goldfish, ziploc bags. Found lots of gift bags, wrapping paper, ornaments, trees , candy etc. But we did not find any body wash sets or anything like that. Our target started marking down stuff at 30% off before Christmas so there was hardly any of that stuff left for after christmas. Went to Target in St Augustine and it was better stocked got there later and still had good quantity but all grocery stuff was pretty much gone. Found cookies and nuts for around 1.50. Seems like if you want the paper products you have to get there as soon as they open!

  12. Love your pictures. Do you ever get funny looks when you’re standing there taking pictures throughout the store? πŸ™‚ My son wasn’t thrilled with me last night at target. He was my scanner, and the scanner was like 6 aisles away from all the candy. Then he’d come back and trhow it in the cart and I was like NOOOO. Don’t throw stuff in my cart. So he told me if he’s going to scan it, then I better buy it. lol. I scored a ton of candy. They didnt have any peanut m&m’s, my hubbys fave, but on the stocking stuffer aisle they had the little tubes of m&ms for 50% off. They were .99 and there was a coupon for any two mars holiday products. No size or anything was specified, it was $1/2, so I got 4 of them for .49 each, or b1g1, depends on how you wanna look at it.

    Not holiday related, they had the gillette clinical deodorant gc deal. I had a buy 1 deodorant get a body wash free from a package of charmin toilet paper from the beginning of the year some time. I also had $1/1 deodorant. So I used the 2 b1g1 coupons, and $1/1 deodorant coupon. I also bought 4 of the dove clinical deodorants and did not have coupons for them, but it still worked out to be a good deal (i thought) because of the free mens body wash. 4 mens gillette deodorant + 2 gillette body wash, 4 womens dove deodorant= $67.90 – 2 free body washes=59.92 – 4 $1/1 deodorant coupons= 55.92- $20 in gift cards=$35.92/10= $3.59 per item.

  13. My target had a ton left over yesterday at 50% and I bought a ton knowing not much would be left when it hit 75%. My question is on Sat when it goes down to 75% can I go get price adjustment?

  14. Went this morning aroung 10 and I was shocked at how little was left. There was no way I was going yesterday because I knew it would be an utter madhouse. There must have been a ton of people out spending yesterday.

  15. I went Monday morning around 8:30 and all the paper products were GONE. Lots of bags, bows, paper, tags were left. Not much food- bought 2 Planters Holiday nut tins at 50% off and some chocolate covered pretzels. I saw the Pepperidge Farm cookie display and scanned the Gingerbread and they weren’t ringing up clearance- come on Target! It’s Gingerbread!!! Also the goldfish that Kerry found for ,25 last year isn’t even clearanced this year! They didn’t have them at my store last year and when they found them in the stockroom and put them out Target had done the sweep and had zeroed them from the system and would not sell the 6 packages to me-telling me they were “old” and someone might get sick- funny the expiration date was Feb!

  16. Look to see if your store has the Hefty zip bags with the holiday theme.. and the Reynolds parchment paper.. My store have the holiday theme ones..

    Scotch brand tape 3 pks magic and gift wrap tape both clearance.

    Scotch brand pop up hand band tape is $1 refills are $1 also _ Free if you have the $1/1 coupons from last years scotch tape peelies.

  17. Maribel and Kara, the answer to your question is no. Target will not price adjust the holiday clearance. However, you can buy at 50 % and if the same item is still there at 75%, then buy at 75% and return with 50%receipt. I do this and have never had a problem, but I have read that others have stores that will only return at the current percentage off, even with a receipt for the higher price paid.

  18. I wanted to mention that I went in on saturday night and a bunch of the gift sets were marked down. I think they were marked down 30% if I remember correctly, but they might be at 50% now as well. Not all of them were – but a bunch were. I do remember that the olay ones were marked down, so if you happen to go there, maybe check that one and see if it rings up that way. I would love to have olay products, I just can’t afford to pay as much as it is even marked down. I do remember them having candy cane lotion on an endcap for .88 marked down, so if you take the 1/1 target coupon they just posted, you would get it free. I don’t remember even seeing this type until it was marked down – but if you like that scent, it’s a good price.

  19. Double check the toy aisles! I found lego and mega block sets at 30% off and little people play sets for 50%! A lot of random Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, and Strawberry Shortcake clearance as well at 30%.

  20. The $3/2 will not work on the Aveeno gift set if you buy one. I tried and it would not work. It may work if you buy two sets, but I did not try. Still a good deal at $4.99 because this shampoo and conditioner alone is usually about $5+ a bottle.

  21. @Joy- yes you do need to buy 2- even though there are 2 products in the gift set- only 1 bar code is scanned- therefore it is considered 1 product.

  22. Today i found some hidden dixie paper plates, ziploc storage containers, and more foil.. . None of the Pepperidge farms is marked down at my stores..
    I did buy 8 pairs of the scotch Scissors thanks for the heads up Nicole.

    Trying a different target tomorrow.

  23. At my Target today, the Starbucks coffee display had no markdown signs, but surprise! they did ring up 50% off when I scanned them. Because there were no signs, there were still lots left. Will be going back tomorrow to get more.

  24. I found plain white sheet setss and red ones w/ white snowflakes. @50% $15.00 They had the red label and were with the regular sheets. Colgate toothpaste for kids and hand wash with holiday designs at 50% too.

  25. Thanks for the heads up about the flannel sheets. I bought a set of those on Black Friday and they are the softest flannel sheets I’ve ever had. I’d love to buy another set or 2!

  26. anyone know what the percentage off is today? off xmas stuff that is? wondering if they’ve moved to 75% off yet…thanks!

  27. Thank you! So glad I checked your blog before going to Target today! I found the flannel sheets and they were not marked as being on sale AT ALL! I scanned one in the holiday pkg and sure enough, was 14.99 for a queen set! I also found plenty of the Christmas blend Starbucks, also not even marked as being on sale and scanned at 50% off. I was surprised that my store still had a lot of Christmas stock…A LOT!

  28. I just called two different Targets and both are still at 50% off πŸ™ I live in Southern California. Maybe tomorrow….

  29. The cashier at a Target in OKC said her store was dropping things to 70-75% off on Friday, Dec 30th. They had a TON of stuff still left. Didn’t know about checking on the paper towels and ziploc bags. I appreciate that info! I have 5 Targets w/in 20 minutes of me and they don’t all mark things down at the same time. I called some of the others today and they said they couldn’t tell me when they were marking things down but things were still 50% off today. Hopefully they drop it tomorrow b/c I’m planning on taking a long lunch! πŸ™‚

  30. Thank you Francis! I live in Southern California too. I was about to head out and check but now I don’t have to. πŸ™‚ Maybe tomorrow.

  31. I went to my Target yesterday – and there was TONS of stuff left. I was shocked. Tons and tons of everything! The only thing I bought was Oreos (I’m addicted). I plan to head back this weekend to see what’s left. I don’t really need anything and I’m running out of storage room in my apartment. I’m in Indianapolis, btw.

  32. hey, i don’t know if you all know this, but target has officially changed its seasonal clearance pricing policy, company-wide. 70% is now the max. no more 75%, no more 90%. D’: only if stuff gets marked down with a red sticker by the price change team.

    i went to a not-my-target target today and found tons of stuff they hadn’t moved to seasonal, like the cute disney holiday housewares and the licensed 4-pack pint glasses. got me some mickey tumblers and sippy cups as well as christmas story and peanuts pint glasses for 50% off! also, it seems that most of the holiday smith & hawken garden stuff is being included in the seasonal markdowns as opposed to the price change markdowns.

  33. My store went to 90% for Halloween also. Can anybody elaborate on X-Mas clearance not going to 90%? Is it a regional thing maybe?

  34. @Brandi P- mine did, too. i used to work there, and i saw my friend who’s one of the execs the other day. she told me they’ve cut the 90% permanently because she knew it was “pertinent to my interests”, lol. it’s always possible that individual stores and/or districts can put up their own 90% discounts, but that was a company-wide thing, or so she says.

  35. I went to Target this AM (I’m in Northern CA, Emeryville) and Christmas was at 70% off. They had TONS of stuff left

  36. Mine was still at 50% today too πŸ™
    But the yellow dot dollar items were ringing up at 70% off……..even though they were signed at 50%

  37. Mine went to 70% off this morning in Dothan, AL. I found many, many things that came home with me! πŸ™‚

  38. Anyone know when 90% off will hit?? I’m gonna check at Target in a couple of hours and come back and let you know what I find… I’m SoCal

  39. 70% off in our suburb store of Houston, I did though find two of the Bodycology gift sets down to $2.99 and had two $1 off Q’s so each were $1.99 +tax. The plastic casing were a little kinked and the bows slightly messed up but I’ll put them in a nice basket to dress them up for an inexpensive gift.

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