Christmas Clearance Update & Will We See 90% Off?

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Christmas Clearance is still in abundance at some stores and still sitting at 70% Off for all of you as far as I know. Clearance can vary greatly from store to store- but there are a few other things that I heard from some of you that you may want to check for.

For starters- Thalia found Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in the regular Burts Bees aisle in this special die-cut package unmarked, but ringing up 70% Off down to .89 cents. -Thanks Thalia!

I found The Ritz Fudge Covered Limited Edition crackers at my store last night – unmarked, unstickered for 70% Off down to .83 cents. For me they were found at the front of the store in the small sale area and they were in abundance – sitting next to the snowflake Triscuits and Wheat Thins that by the way haven’t budged from full price.

Vanessa found Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour Gift Sets for 50% Off down to $14.98. They were stickered at 30% Off, yet scanned at 50% Off. All others were only at 30% for her. -Thanks V!

Callie, Lisa & Kelley all found the Axe Gift Sets on clearance. For Kelley they were only stickered 15% Off but scanned at 30% Off down to $6.98. You can take your chances and see if they go to 50%, but we do have the $3/1 Axe Holiday Pack 12-11-11 RP that is valid thru 1/7 to make them $3.98 now if you find the same. That’s not a bad deal at all if you ask me- since there are 3 full size products and 2 trial sizes in each package.  -Thanks Ladies!

There has been much speculation about whether or not Target has done away with 90% Off and if 70% will be the best we get this year. And I don’t know the answer for sure. I know for many of you the pickings are slim- but at my store we still have 2 aisles of wrapping paper and Christmas items spread throughout the store, so I am really hoping it goes.

I was told that Halloween would never see 90%, but it did in fact go 90% Off, so my gut tells me Christmas will too, but I don’t know if that is just wishful thinking. I must not be 100% convinced though- since I bought 4 rolls of wrapping paper at 70% Off last night just in case.

If it is going to happen we may see a drop at some stores as early as tomorrow. For me, I am betting if it is going to happen, it will be Thursday the 5th. Here’s to crossing my fingers super-tight for the thrill of 90% Off and let me know if any of you find the bigger discount tomorrow.

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  1. I too hope that Target will go 90% off tomorrow. I went to about 4 different Targets and could not find any Starbuck’s Christmas Blend Via left. At 70% off a 12 count box rang up to $3.59 or something like that. There is a $1.00 off coupon out there and so it would be $2.59 right now and it will be $1.19 or 19 cents with coupon if they go 90% off! If anyone is lucky enough to find this and likes this type of coffee keep your eyes peeled. Also I would pay for the product and shipping if you find some at your store. Email me at popular sand at gmail (dot) com (take out spaces) if interested in helping a coffee addict out! Thanks.

  2. I was at Target this evening and the 90% off sale placards were laying on the shelves underneath the hanging 70% placards. Hopefully the stockers were preparing for tomorrow!

  3. I asked one of the managers at my Target, and he said that he is pretty sure they will go to 90%. He said that he has not heard any different from corporate, although he was not sure what day that would happen.

  4. Today I got the Axe kit for $6.98 as mentioned above, but I also find a small Axe kit “Cool Metal” marked down from $5.00 to $1.24. The small kit contained one 4 oz bodyspray, one 1.69 oz shower gel & one 1.7 oz solid deodorant. I had never seen this kit before. There was only one on the clearance shelf, along with the larger Axe kits.

  5. I have a friend that works at Target and he told me that they will be putting the Christmas at 90% off this year!!!!!

  6. I was surprised to see a full basket of Christmas blend Starbucks coffee at an Overland Park KS store today that wasn’t marked down at all — the barista said it wouldn’t be marked down until the 15th!! I thought I had read of some people getting good deals on it elsewhere already. Of course, this store also pulls product when word gets out about a great deal, esp. free items, so it doesn’t surprise me there’s only a one-sided aisle of Christmas clearance left. All the Valentine’s Day and bodega stuff is crowding it out.

  7. I found preschool level 24 piece puzzles for $1.19 in the toys clearance. Some were as high as $2.78…but I picked up 3 Dr Seuss puzzles for $1.19 a piece. They should make great cheap gifts for my 4 yr old’s friends!

    also…while most of the Pepperidge Farms Cookies in Holiday boxes were still $6.29….The Gingerbread family boxes were $1.79.

    also…dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice ground coffee was several dollars cheaper than all the other bags.

    I tried scanning anything I found in the food aisle that said holiday or limited edition…or had packaging with a winter or Christmas scene….and only came up with those few.
    I did find a large tube of writing icing in red for 98 cents. It was in a random endcap in housewares for some odd reason and was unmarked.
    Kinda silly since they could just put it in the valentines display at regular price. But I’ll take it.

  8. We were in the store last week when they marked everything down to 70%. People went nuts. There wasn’t much left and I was disappointed to see that good candy (Hershey’s, M&Ms, etc) was still only 30%. We took advantage of the 70% and got lots of wrapping paper, which was very picked over and some other small things. My husband’s favorite find was in the automotive section. They were tools like a wrench or pocketknife marked down 70% to $3.88. Will be great for male White Elephant gifts or stocking stuffers. Got 5 of them! Also got a few CDs b/c my kids like the Christmas songs so much, especially when Disney characters sing them. Not as good as other years but not too disappointing. We had so little left that I doubt our store will go to 90%. They’re also remodeling and there was a sign that said fresh produce coming soon.

  9. I, too, shopping for other things while scouting for 90% off. I do love “90 Day” as I call it and consider it a holiday of its own.

    I appreciate this website and hope our comment show that we might not buy stuff at 70%, but know at 90% it will all go.

    I’d hate 90 Day to go away. If it does, then Kohl’s will be the best deal since they go to 80% off.

    Love the comments!

  10. I live in the Spring Hill, FL area and the stores here are still at 70% off. I did notice this Christmas that they had some of the same wrapping paper as they did last year. I know because I bought oddles of wrapping paper at 90% off last year! Exact same design. Also noticed they carried a lot less than previous years. Made me think if they were storing at the warehouses……. hmmm?

  11. I overheard a employee say it was going to 90% today. Went and talked to him he said he heard sometime today it will all be marked to 90%, but wasn’t sure what time. Downtown SLC store.

  12. I was in Target this AM, hoping to also find 90% off and it was 70%. However, I was fumbling through a return cart back in the holiday area and there were a stack of 90% off signs inside the cart! I took a picture of them too just so I can keep dreaming it WILL happen. lol!!

  13. I was at Target yesterday and found Sonicare toothbrush’s marked on clearance for 33.00. I used and 10.00/1 coupon and was able to get it for 26.00 with tax. Great gift for next Christmas. Especially since I purchased my husband the same one for Chirstmas and paid 80.00 for it.

  14. There is still some hope for 90%! Just checked the gottadeal forum and a lady in New York State is reporting that her store is 90% off today. I think they (Target) is just trying to fake us out! I hope that anyway….

  15. Hi all-
    Just a heads up… my husband is in charge of clearance at his store and, instead of 75, it will in fact be 70% (unfortunately!) I’m assuming this is company-wide, but I don’t know for sure!

  16. I arrived at the Argyle Target in Jax, FL @ 8am pronto, and they are still holding at a bah humbugging 70%. I, too, was told they probably will not hit 90% this year. I will give it until tomorrow…let’s hope scrooge releases that last 20%!

  17. Walmart has a lot of their xmas items 75% off (just ring it at the scanner to check) – this includes giftsets too – I was only able to find a Chi hair gift set for ($3.44) and a nivea lip balm set for $1.25

    Target – I really hope they do go 90% off even though it sounds like they may not. Our stores in ATL are super picked over and not much really left anyways. I was hoping for cheap wrapping paper and giftbags at 90% off. We hit 70% on Saturday.

  18. I also see a lot of Target items at our Goodwill store, I also talked with a Target employee, she said no 90% this year. I am in northern Illinois.

  19. I called my local Target in Cincinnati and they indicated that they won’t go 90% off this year and that the Christmas stuff should be gone by the end of the week. Booo 🙁

  20. I talked to two different Targets here in northern California and they both said that Target will not be taking anything down to 90% – both were store managers and both said that they had gotten that in writing from headquarters.

    However, a girl can still dream…

  21. My Target tried to tell me that it wouldn’t go more than 50% and it went 70% off the next morning so we’ll see. Wal-mart always goes 75 off on new year’s day and it’s still stuck at 50.

  22. I will say that I have seen more and more Target items showing up at the Goodwill stores around town so I can believe that they would rather donate it and write it off then drop it to 90%.

  23. Just went this morning (Wed) to my store in South Florida, and it is still 70% off.
    I really hope it goes 90% tommorow. Here’s to wishful thinking

  24. I called two Target this morning (Wed) and both said still 70%. Anyone find anything different?

  25. our target-eau claire wi, was out of wrapping paper when it went 50% off. the only item worth buying now are the gift bags. tissue was gone at 70% off. we have 2 rows left and a few carts loaded with random items.

  26. Around here the snowman mac and cheese and the winter rice krispies went back up to 1.19 and 2.99! The santa pringles are still full price, no axe to be found and lots of things like air wick, betty crocker cookie mixes, pillsbury flour, reynolds stay brite muffin liners and more are stuck at 15%.

  27. Just a little left at my store, gift bags and boxes. Not like a few years ago when they wheeled out one box after another of holiday paper plates and cups, all 90% off. The good old days…

  28. my walmart never goes to more than 50% off on anything…they seem to like to send it back!!!! I hate that…I ‘ve been looking for the RITZ all season and have yet to find them…I’m 18 weeks pregers and LOVE them… I got people hooked on them last year and sooooo wanted more than the 1 box I got this year!!!!!! I need to stock those for the year….

  29. We found some Archer Farms Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee (10 oz., slight snowflakes on the packaging) for $1.49 tonight. There weren’t any signs, other than several of the coffees were marked down to $6.48. It was mixed in with the 12 oz. packages of the same kind that were still ringing up $6.48. We were able to find a couple!

  30. My store is stuck at 70 with TONS of stuff left. My good deal of the day was the Bronze colored Sally Hansen Insta-Dry marked down to 2.82 PLUS the 1/1 Sally Hansen coupon….. 🙂 Gorgeous color and great product! Comb the make-up aisles carefully ladies….

    Also, some camping gear, water bottles, and lunch boxes are on clearance. They are sitting at 30 percent right now, but I’ll bet they will drop more. 😀

  31. I went Sunday and a worker told me Target was losing to much money and that is why we wont be seeing 90%……… That doesn’t make too much sense to me if they salvage the rest or throw it out aren’t they losing more than selling it to us for 90 %? Weird?!?!?!?! Walmarts gift sets were a MUCH better deal! 50% off day after! but went to walmart today and it is holding at 50% not sure why!!!!! wonder when they will go to 75%???!!!!!!????!!!??

  32. my target in alabama still has the AXE set at 8.98. boo! i’m hoping for it to still go down.

  33. Picked up the AXE holiday sets today–marked down to $6.98 and with $3 coupons brought them down to $3.98.

  34. I heard from my store manager in Minneapolis, MN that 70% off is as good as it gets. He said after that, it will be donated and they will take a tax write-off. I hope tha’ts not the case at all stores, but I picked up a few things at 70 % rather than holding out for 90% off just in case.

  35. My sister works at Target in Columbus Ohio, and she says they are NOT going to go to 90% off. I’m hoping this is not so. Still alot there as of yesterday.

  36. I found the scotch precision scissors in the regular stationary section for 70% off upc 0-51141-93884-4

  37. My Target (Minneapolis) just pulled our last flat of Christmas stuff when it got marked down to 70% so I am almost sure it will go to 90%.

    Also look for christmas candy in the aisles which will also be marked down to 70% unless somebody pulled it. I found some Christmas Tic Tacs that were red and white and some Eclipse Candy Cane Gum Container type things (like for your car holder with lots of gum in them).

  38. I think it would be a huge mistake for Target to discontinue the 90% off. I know that I frequent the store so much more often when I’m looking for that price drop. While there, I spend money on non-seasonal items that I would normally pick up at other stores. Here’s to hoping they will reconsider!!! Otherwise, I’ll be heading over to CVS instead.

  39. Nothing much left here is my area (WI). Sure would love those Ritz crackers — bought at 50% and they are yummy. No food worth buying left here either. In fact, there are really only 3 aisle of ‘leftovers’ not worth going back for if/when it hits 90%. May have to move to your town!

  40. I bought a 4 foot lighted/decorated artificial tree last night for $21 (regular price $70). I would’ve loved for it to have been 90% off because that would have taken it down to $7! They had one left today so I went ahead and bought it, still at 70% off. I was hoping that everything would’ve already been marked down to 90% but I really wanted the extra tree so I went ahead and bought it since it was the last one they had. My daughter works at our local store and she told me that she didn’t think they would mark to 90% this year. Last year I got a lot of GREAT stuff at 90% off!

  41. My Target was so picked through just last Wednesday. I can just imagine it is all gone now. I should take a look though. Ya never know what you may find. Maybe I can make it on Wednesday.

  42. Why is the glade holiday only 15%has off as well as the softsoap and pamolive holiday. I would like to see these items drop in price.

  43. I scored today with the Chinet cut crystal Champagne flutes and wine glasses
    Marked down to 2.08
    (2) $1/2 Chinet Cut Crystal Cups or Plates, exp. 2/26/12 (SS 11/20/11 R)
    I got 4 @$1.58 each
    PLUS I used my Panko coupons (they were expiring today)
    Kikkoman Panko crumbs $1.97
    $3/1 Kikkoman Panko or Ponzu (from facebook after Top Chef featured ponzu)–they gave me the overage!!!!
    Also picked up the $.47 Up&Up eye drops and the free (w/coupon) Mac & Cheese.
    The holiday section was pretty well picked over.
    I had to drive 10 miles out of may way to a different target because they DO NOT like my coupons at the target in my town. It was worth all the savings and no questions or hassles.

  44. I wanted to get those AXE sets yesterday evening and those rang up over $8 almost $9 don’t remember exact price so I left it.. not good deal enough even with coupon:(

  45. There is still a lot of wrapping paper, gift bags and tissue paper at my store. 3 isles and about 5 carts with scattered Christmas items in them as of this morning (OC CA). The only Christmas items I picked up today were (3) of the holiday Barbie Chelsea dolls for $1.49 and (2) The Grinch lenticular puzzles 24 pc for $1.19. I’m waiting for it to drop to 90% (crossing my fingers!) to buy gift bags, tissue paper etc ….

    I did pick up a total of (16) lenticular puzzles in the toy section the other day at 2 different stores, priced at $4.09 but were scanning at $1.19 (These are currently $5.99 at Toys R Us) I was able to get Disney Mickey’s Club House, Barbie, The Cat in The Hat, Cars 2 and Star Wars. BUT … you have to scan them because some of the bar codes are different for the same exact puzzle. For example: Star Wars will scan at $1.19 but another Star Wars box (same puzzle) will scan $4.09. I’m plan on giving these out for easter to all the nieces and nephews.
    I also picked up a few of the Goody ouchless hair bands in the isle with all the other hair items and brushes. Priced at $4.99 but are scanning $1.49. These are the multicolored ones in the shape of a ball 36 ct.

  46. My Target is wiped out, nothing worth buying! Im so jealous of all you shoppers that are scoring such great deals, way to go!!!

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