Target Toy Clearance Update: 30 – 70% Off

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Every year after Christmas Target has major toy clearance and eventually a BIG portion of it all moves to 70% Off all at once if it survives. I think 75% Off is now an extinct number for everyone and 70% is what we will all see. I don’t know about you folks but I feel like the entire toy section is on clearance these days.

Down every row there seems to be tons of toys on clearance- everything from dolls, to games, to Lego sets. The endcaps are full of clearance, and there are a couple of rows at my store designated only for clearance. I feel like the clearance range is all over the place this year- with items ranging anywhere from 30 – 70% Off at my store.

 Most of the brand-name, popular toys like Lego are sitting at 30% Off, but there is quite a bit at 50% Off and a few items at 70% Off. Most of the toys at 70% Off for me were the Time 4 Toyz items. But I did see some others at 70% Off like the My Little Pony Canterlot Play tent down to $7.78 and the Star Wars Mighty Beanz down to $5.98.

The above Hot Wheels set was 50% Off down to $39.98 and had a $5 Off peelie coupon on it too. I feel like clearance is starting early this year but I think I say that every year and usually the majority seems to hold out until mid January for the big drop to 70% Off.

But there is no guarantee, and if it does happen mid-January again, some of the more popular toys like LEGO may not make it that long. Usually most disappear at 50% Off. But each store is different as to what is available and what will be left when the majority makes the big drop.

At my store last year, it was January 13th on a Friday. But stores can vary. One thing you can do to be more prepared is to find out your stores markdown schedule. While many stores do markdowns on Wednesdays in Toys, not all stores do. For example my store typically does toy markdowns on Thursdays AND sometimes Fridays. So I knew when it didn’t hit Thursday last year- that I needed to be there bright & early on Friday and I ended up with some wonderful finds.

This year- I am betting on the 11th, 12th or 13th of January- but it could be the following week OR I could be way off and maybe it will be this week but I don’t think it will. It’s something to carefully watch, and worth a good long look in the toy aisles now to see if anything interests you- since there is no way of knowing if what’s there now will survive a bigger discount.

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  1. my store, clackamas Oregon I talked to one of the employees and he said the christmas is 90% off Saturday.

  2. My store had most toys at 50%, but the Cars 2 toys were 70%. Got an R/C Cars 2 toy for DS $11.98, normally $39.99.

  3. Overheard the Target toy workers/ stockers as they were organizing clearance toys today that toys go to 75% on Thursday.

  4. So, the Christmas clearance will be going to 90% this weekend, I am expecting Friday (but again, this will probably vary by store)… I was told it goes to salvage on Monday.

  5. you might find the tents in sporting goods with the other tents. ive seen them in toys and sporting goods at my store.

  6. thank you so much Lisa
    my store have a lot of toys on clearance too, most of them are 50% off

  7. Ive been seeing a lot of baby/kid clothes in particular being marked down to 30% or 50% off. Does anyone know if it will go any lower and when? Thanks!

  8. I also found that what rang up on some toys was lower than what was marked so I suggest scanning, too!!

  9. @Jane….The chritmas markdown will only go up to 75% this year as my inside worker said that the reason for that is that Target corp is loosing too much on margin (what that means IDK). But I am guessing that with the economy and all. Ne how my store has had their toys on clearance for a while as well but the most was 50% off. My insider tells me that possibly this thursday there might be more mark down but that the 70% is the most that will happen and might happen next week.

  10. Thank you for all the information! This is one of my favorite sites. Hoping to find some goodies-never too early to start thinking Easter baskets!

  11. I am hoping that more things move from 30% to 50% this week. There are a couple of things I am eyeing for my kiddos birthday coming in Feb, and I will grab those once they hit 50%, cause I know they won’t be around at 70%. I will have to look for the tent at my store, that would be great for my nieces birthday!

    I also saw some Disney Princess kitchens marked to $44.98,down from $149.99. All boys in my house, so it does me no good, but a great find for somebody who gets to buy pink stuff! 😉

  12. I hope I can find the Hot Wheels set for my 4 yr old. He is having a Hot Wheel party this yr.

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