Hidden Clearance Alert: Lenticular Puzzles 70% Off

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Alana commented about a nice find on the Lenticular Puzzles found in the toy department on the regular shelves. Kelley checked it out for me this evening and she found them- so I hope more of you out there can too. It seems that several (but definitely not all) of the Lenticular puzzles for $4.04 are not stickered or tagged as clearance but ringing up at $1.19. Kelley found a certain Star Wars, The Grinch & Barbie all scanning at $1.19.

Alana found others too- Disney Mickey’s Club House, The Cat in The Hat, and Cars 2. It’s a little tricky, because some of the puzzles are identical but have different bar codes – so you will have to check at the scanner to see if you can find any hidden goodies, especially since they are not stickered and aside from the Grinch, their are no obvious signs of them being a holiday item. Clearance can definitely vary by store but I hope you find them too if you have interest!

And if by chance we get our Christmas miracle tomorrow and clearance goes 90% Off – you may even find them cheaper! My fingers are crossed so tight they hurt! 😉

-Thanks for the heads up Alana!

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  1. I scored the puzzles last night at two targets in AZ all for .39! I got 1 disney princess, 3 barbie, and a mickey mouse one. Amazing deal!! My targets barely put the 90% off yesterday.

  2. i found 3 puzzles for 1.19 (dr seuss, barbie, star wars). They did put out star wars 42 pc lenticular puzzles in the $1 spott for 1.00 🙂

  3. All of these puzzles were scanning at regular price for me in Houston, Texas. There was one Curious George puzzle on clearance for $2.82

  4. When do the toys typically got to 70-75% off? Is is next week? I read somewhere that last year it was around the 14th. I know last night alot of the toys were at 50% but they were moved from a consolidated aisle to the end caps in the toy dept. There wasn’t a ton but I think they employees were going through all the stock and “cleaning up” because they were scanning toys and either stacking them nicely back on the shelves or putting them in a carriage.

  5. I scanned about 25 different lenticular puzzles this morning, including the ones pictured, and all came up regular price. The only exception was a 24 piece Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one, which did come up $1.19. I at least got that one!

  6. Dove beauty Gift Sets now at $6.98 in Sterling Heights, MI – Wasn’t there a coupon avail?

  7. Still 70% off this morning in Harrisburg, PA. I did find some square solo plates in the regular aisle with snowflakes on the packaging that were 70% off.

  8. Kids Star Wars & Lego City rolling luggage on clearance $5.38: . Barbie & Disney are $12+ These are great for storing toys under bed, trips to grandmas house or take along for play dates. I would not recommend them for flight travel as they are not built to handle the wear & tear.

  9. I found the Star Wars lenticular puzzles in the $1 spot. I don’t know if there were others in the toy section because I rean in at 9pm (they close at 10) so I only had a short time to shop.

  10. I’ve been eyeing that star wars puzzle but didn’t want to pay the 30% off. Hopefully there’s some left tomorrow.

  11. Our store in Orlando had the green box target toys at 70%, mighty beans 70% and the Polly Pocket 2pck of animals 70%- everything else was 50-30% even the zhu zhu’s—it’s only a matter of time as the toy isle has been reseat with new items (fisher price little people from DC comics), little mommy dolls and accessories, and the green ninjago sets…clearance was a pitiful two isles plus end caps- the red shirts were working in mens marking down sweaters to 50%- I found robes, sweatshirts, and ugly foral swim trunks at 70%-I also saw a large number of things coming from the back stock and being place on the floor in baby and in housewares… seems they are cleaning out the stockroom.

  12. I don’t know if many will see this, but i found a lot of semi hidden ckearance today at my target. I am in Hawaii and things can be very differet here just fyi.
    There was one girl clearance and one boy clearance aisle but much of the stuff was still in the regular aisles. There were many toys, like the tiana disney princess doll with accessories, reg, 29.99 for $8.89 just sitting around. Most that i could find was marked with a sticker. Is anyone else finding clearance marked way down this year but still in aisles?

  13. My target told me that they don’t do 90% off anymore that there systems have changed. I hope they are wrong!

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