Holiday Glade, Palmolive and Renuzit Up to 50% Off

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Some of the Glade, Palmolive & Renuzit Holiday products that have been slow to drop seem to have finally moved down for some to 50% Off. Clearance can vary greatly from store to store- but if you have some left at your stores you may want to check in on them.

The Holiday Palmolive Bottles have now been found 50% Off the original price down to $1.48. Some of you may have the $1/1 Palmolive coupons that are being found in specially marked packages of Colgate toothpaste to use for an even better deal. There is also a .50/1 or a $1/2 Palmolive 25 Oz. +, in the new 01-01-12 SS.

Renuzit Holiday Apple & Cinnamon Pearl Scents were also 50% Off down to $1.48 and there is a $1/2 Renizit Pearl Scents you can use HERE to get them for .99 cents if you find the same.

The rest of the Glade Holiday items that were sitting at 15-30% Off have also dropped to 50% Off for some. I think most of us were able to grab better deals in December- but if you are still on the hunt for some- there are several Glade coupons in the 12-4-11 SS that are valid thru 1/14/12.

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  1. @Michelle Ro: I received a coupon booklet in the mail from P&G some time ago. I’m thinking I ordered it from the P&G Brand Sampler Page. You are allowed to sign up to receive samples/coupons once per quarter.

  2. Becky,That is horrible how your store treated you! Sorry to hear it! You should write a letter to corporate!

  3. @ Diane: Do you remember which insert the Febreeze coupon was in? I also saw the Febreeze marked down to $1.34, but I didn’t have any coupons with me, nor could I find any when I got home. Thanks.

  4. at my store the Airwick freshmatic (the blue box limited addition, forgot the scent) was marked $4.24 but scanned for $2.48 – Use the $2 coupon from SS 1/12 = .48 For some reason the vanilla cookie one was still $4.24 and they said it was marked down at a different time so let it sit a while longer and it will drop.

  5. At my local Target, I found:

    Glade Apple Cinnamon (2 refills plus warmer) clearanced for $2.48, with $1.50 coupon (expiring 1-14-12), final cost was $.98. A great find!

  6. Mine aren’t even marked down at all… they’re all still marked at 2.99. I don’t believe from the looks of it that they are going to mark them down – I think they’re going to just keep them there year round (all that’s left are the candles – the sprays were gone weeks ago).

    although I did get a bit irritated when I went to the register today and they told me they weren’t accepting any more than 1 coupon per transaction (not one coupon per item, one per transaction). I asked them why, and they told me I guess they had a lot of fraud and the manager came over with an attitude that made me want to walk out… guess I won’t be going to that store for a while! I hope the others around me aren’t like that too. I understand the whole fraud thing, but I didn’t appreciate the look as if “I” was the one doing it.

  7. I found Febreze Air Effects and Set and Refresh “Falling Leaves and Spice” for 1.34 apiece. I had a 1.00 coupon for each, so .68 total. Felt so proud of myself, I ended up splurging on the Ghirardelli peppermint bark that was marked down 70%. Surprised there was any left!

  8. All ofour household products (except bounty napkins still at 3.79) were gone before 10 am, the day after christmas. Swoosh nothing!

  9. These are not marked down yet at my store in Minneapolis–still only 15%. I scanned today while out shopping. Hopefully, they will mark them down soon. Even the Axe boxes were still at 15%.

  10. Saw this earlier today and picked up a few of the Renuzit pearl scents. I also picked up a holiday bottle of foaming Softsoap limited holiday edition hand soap. It wasn’t marked as clearance but scanned as $0.89 and I used the .40 cent coupon making it $0.49. Not a bad price for foaming hand soap. I also over heard an employee saying that 70% off was the lowest the prices will be this year.

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