Holiday Glade, Palmolive and Renuzit Up to 50% Off

Some of the Glade, Palmolive & Renuzit Holiday products that have been slow to drop seem to have finally moved down for some to 50% Off. Clearance can vary greatly from store to store- but if you have some left at your stores you may want to check in on them.

The Holiday Palmolive Bottles have now been found 50% Off the original price down to $1.48. Some of you may have the $1/1 Palmolive coupons that are being found in specially marked packages of Colgate toothpaste to use for an even better deal. There is also a .50/1 or a $1/2 Palmolive 25 Oz. +, in the new 01-01-12 SS.

Renuzit Holiday Apple & Cinnamon Pearl Scents were also 50% Off down to $1.48 and there is a $1/2 Renizit Pearl Scents you can use HERE to get them for .99 cents if you find the same.

The rest of the Glade Holiday items that were sitting at 15-30% Off have also dropped to 50% Off for some. I think most of us were able to grab better deals in December- but if you are still on the hunt for some- there are several Glade coupons in the 12-4-11 SS that are valid thru 1/14/12.

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  1. Saw this earlier today and picked up a few of the Renuzit pearl scents. I also picked up a holiday bottle of foaming Softsoap limited holiday edition hand soap. It wasn’t marked as clearance but scanned as $0.89 and I used the .40 cent coupon making it $0.49. Not a bad price for foaming hand soap. I also over heard an employee saying that 70% off was the lowest the prices will be this year.

  2. These are not marked down yet at my store in Minneapolis–still only 15%. I scanned today while out shopping. Hopefully, they will mark them down soon. Even the Axe boxes were still at 15%.

  3. All ofour household products (except bounty napkins still at 3.79) were gone before 10 am, the day after christmas. Swoosh nothing!

  4. I found Febreze Air Effects and Set and Refresh “Falling Leaves and Spice” for 1.34 apiece. I had a 1.00 coupon for each, so .68 total. Felt so proud of myself, I ended up splurging on the Ghirardelli peppermint bark that was marked down 70%. Surprised there was any left!

  5. Mine aren’t even marked down at all… they’re all still marked at 2.99. I don’t believe from the looks of it that they are going to mark them down – I think they’re going to just keep them there year round (all that’s left are the candles – the sprays were gone weeks ago).

    although I did get a bit irritated when I went to the register today and they told me they weren’t accepting any more than 1 coupon per transaction (not one coupon per item, one per transaction). I asked them why, and they told me I guess they had a lot of fraud and the manager came over with an attitude that made me want to walk out… guess I won’t be going to that store for a while! I hope the others around me aren’t like that too. I understand the whole fraud thing, but I didn’t appreciate the look as if “I” was the one doing it.

  6. At my local Target, I found:

    Glade Apple Cinnamon (2 refills plus warmer) clearanced for $2.48, with $1.50 coupon (expiring 1-14-12), final cost was $.98. A great find!

  7. at my store the Airwick freshmatic (the blue box limited addition, forgot the scent) was marked $4.24 but scanned for $2.48 – Use the $2 coupon from SS 1/12 = .48 For some reason the vanilla cookie one was still $4.24 and they said it was marked down at a different time so let it sit a while longer and it will drop.

  8. @ Diane: Do you remember which insert the Febreeze coupon was in? I also saw the Febreeze marked down to $1.34, but I didn’t have any coupons with me, nor could I find any when I got home. Thanks.

  9. Becky,That is horrible how your store treated you! Sorry to hear it! You should write a letter to corporate!

  10. @Michelle Ro: I received a coupon booklet in the mail from P&G some time ago. I’m thinking I ordered it from the P&G Brand Sampler Page. You are allowed to sign up to receive samples/coupons once per quarter.

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