The Great Save Event Becomes the Bullseye Bodega

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If you haven’t seen this area starting to be set up in your stores yet, you probably will soon. Each year at the beginning of January Target puts together a section of bulk-packaged, family size, and bonus pack items. Formerly known as The Great Save Event it appears this year we will have the Bullseye Bodega instead. What used to be only rows of shelves – is now centered around a mini marketplace consisting of tables.

This section usually lasts in stores until around the 2nd to 3rd week of February, and in the past, clearance on these items has usually begun as early as the first week in February. Sometimes during the event there are good buys to be had with coupons, but typically the clearance is when the good deals can become great.

This year, Target has also put out Mobile & Printable Coupons- many of which are specifically for the larger value sized items you will be able to find in this area. You can text BODEGA to 827438 to get the mobile coupons and you do not have to be subscribed to mobile coupons to receive them. You will need an internet capable phone and message & data rates will apply. You can also print the coupons using the link *HERE*.

I have a full listing of the coupons available to print along with a matchup on my post HERE.

In previous years, this event has also been accompanied by a Home Mailer with Target Coupons delivered to some lucky mailboxes. There is no definite way to get one, and I am not sure if we will see one this year, but if anyone gets it, please feel free to e-mail me with a list of the coupons and I will be happy to do a matchup for them.

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  1. The Munchkin bath toys were in there and clearanced too! I picked up the Bath Dunkers (originally $8.49) down to $5.94. The 15% off coupon took off $.90 making them $5.04 or a savings of 40.5% off the original price. Not great…but not bad either 🙂

  2. can someone price check the 30 roll northern bath tissue (blue pack) and tell me if it is a regular, double or jumbo roll?
    the jumbo has 275 sheets per roll.

  3. The 2packs of honey nut cheerios, multigrain cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch have $2.50 in capri sun coupons on the package (not peelies.) There was a $1/? capri sun 100% juice and $1.50/? for the 20 pack. I don’t even remember if I could tell if they were mfqs or target qs. I was going to try taking a better picture next trip but does anyone have the details on these qs? The cereal was priced at $5.49 HTH

  4. My Target’s got a number of the tables filled- none I’m very excited in. I think there was an entire one for pet related items and one was a Keurig display. I don’t remember what the others were right now.

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