Great News! Christmas Clearance is Up to 90% Off!

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Well, it seems the much anticipated and hoped-for 90% off holiday clearance has arrived at some stores!  While there is no guarantee it is at all stores, Kelley found Christmas marked down 90% at hers this morning and a quick call to my store reports the same. I know some of you have stores that are already bare, and those with items still left is mostly wrapping paper and ribbons and bags & tags- but be sure to look around everywhere for those hidden finds!

So, probably needles to say- I will be MIA for just a bit! Can you guess where I am going? 😉 I am chomping at the bit to see what I can find.  But I will be back after the hunt and I sure hope I & others have a little luck and get to report finding some treasures! Good luck everyone!

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  1. Portland, OR – Airport Target is at 90% off but the only thing left are artificial trees. Select Glade and Airwick products are at 50% off.

  2. Went to 3 different Targets in Jacksonville, FL (actually Orange Park) and they were all at 70%. Lots of bags and bows and fabric ornaments but that was about it. Found a few things. Bought some stuff when it was 50% and now its 70% so gonna take it back at the higher price. Also found some great fleece jackets for 70% off = $5!!!!

  3. @ Brandy i live between St Pete AND Clearwater. Just checked the Target in Pinellas Park and everything was still 70% this morning

  4. 90% off at my store..a fair amount to choose from. I did find some great deals. A Queen sheet set (flannel) in gray for $2.99! A gingerbread boy stuffed animal lotion set .49. A lot of toys on 70% to choose from! I got jungle junction 2 car set for $1.94 ea and a 8in baby doll and mini stoller set $2.98 minnie mouse toy purse/glasses for $2.98…and a 2 piece fleece carter pj set 1.96! The Axe sets were marked down to 50% off $6.98 ea!

  5. You guys are pretty luck where I live theres a lot of Targets and at every one the first day of the sale almost everything is gone its been that way for a couple years and its that way with every sale they have people are waiting outside the door for the sale stuff the day after Christmas,Halloween and whatever holiday it is!!

  6. 90% in boca but almost nothing there – the toys and the axe were still only 30% off darnit.

  7. 90% off in Odessa, TX!

    I got Circo brand & Carter’s brand footed pajama baby sleepers for 60-89 cents each!!!! : )

  8. Both Targets in Grand Prairie, TX still at 70 percent off. Also called one in Arlington Tx and one in downtown Dallas, same story 🙁

  9. Our Target in MD was still only at 50% yesterday with almost nothing left. I didn’t scan anything, but there wasn’t anything worth scanning. My Target had the Christmas section pretty much cleared out 3 days prior to Christmas- the shelves were empty and the new displays were already in it’s place:(

  10. East Dublin, CA Target at 90%, plenty of supply still available! Wrapping paper, bows, ornaments, paper goods, etc. It was pretty well organized (at least in the am)

  11. I called a majority of the Targets in the greater Houston area and all of them are saying they are at 70%. One Target said it was supposed to be 90%, but she wasn’t sure why it wasn’t yet. Two of them told me they weren’t going to 90% at all and they were going to scrap the rest that was left over.

  12. @Nicole. It was actually in the hanukkah stuff. Like someone had just tossed it in there. There was another lady near me buying 2. And I didn’t see anymore. Good luck!

  13. Does anyone know that if you buy the Christmas items at 70% off (purchased back on 12/31, if you can take them back to the store to get them at the 90% price (if the Christmas is marked down to 90% now, that is)?

  14. Went this morning about 10am in Pearland, TX (Houston Area) and we were still at 70%. Going to go back tonight and hope for 90%.

  15. @alex- which Cl florida store did you check? My Fashion Square Mall store is at 90% but I have cleaned out all the hidden deals -I didn’t hide them but I did find a good amount 😉 The other store near me on Goldenrod is still sitting at 70% and I will check Sodo after school pickup. I loved 90% off day- spent a little over $80 and saved like $6xx.xx and I didn’t get there until 10:30.

  16. It is still at 70% in Rockford, IL, and not much left either. Toy clearance wasn’t that great either. Oh well!

  17. I checked two stores in South Florida. Hollywood, FL is at 90% off Christmas. Miami was still at 70% off. Neither had much over 30% off in toys.

  18. Wow, wish Charleston, SC stores had half of what is seen in that picture. Years ago, before the couponing craze, we did have much better after holiday sales. Now it seems they are much slower to discount even to half off, nevermind 90%! It’s so picked over by then, it’s not even worth the effort. 🙁

  19. Naples, FL regular Target still at 70. They are adding a lot of toys to the clearance section though. I’m going to check the super target in North Naples tomorrow. It’s so exciting being on the hunt.

  20. McKinney TX still at 70%. Still got boots, luggage piece and pancake mold for $5 each! Love it.

  21. Which Target has this much clearance left? I wanna know! My Target was wiped clean the first couple days after Christmas. I live in Southern California too.

  22. Northern FL stores still @ 90%! I scanned this am, and called another store. Maybe tomorrow will be the day!

  23. Scored 2 free boxes of Wonka candy canes today! They’re marked down to $0.24/box and I still had a $1/2 coupon in my binder. Even luckier that the cashier pushed the coupon through for the full $1, so I ended up with $0.52 overage!

  24. just called my store in dothan, al & the employee said it wasn’t reduced to 90%…still going to target though…hoping to get lucky with some of those puzzles (having a Dr Seuss themed party for my youngest in 2 months, so these would make great party favors/decorations! :)) Also, I checked earlier in the week (i believe it was Tuesday) & toys were still at 30% but they had added many, MANY more toys to the clearance ailses. Hoping to grab a few really good items for my boys’ birthdays (one in Feb & one in March)!!

  25. My store was not as well stocked but I still got some great deals…..a my first Christmas sleeper for .70, teacher ornaments for $1.00 and the small Christmas shapes goldfish cracker cartons for .10 (i found these in the toy dept.)

  26. I went down to the store in Wilmington, DE this morening and it was still at 70%. Stopped at the store in Glen Mills, PA on my way home and it was at 90%. LOTS to choose from, too! I picked up some paper table cloths, salt and pepper shakers, a few other decorations and some gift wrap to replenish my stockpile for next year 🙂

  27. So glad I found this site!

    Bel Air, maryland went 90% off, yet all other area stores are still at 70. I hit the Bel Air store this morning, and did found items dispite being told by their operator this morning that “there was nothing left”. Thrilled to find (among other things) 11 boxes of lights for $1 a strand (350 count white lights/green cord), 5 boxes of Shea butter products and hello kitty manicure sets for $.49 in the cosmetics dept (it was with the other hello kitty items – look for the red box with a drawing of a bow on the upper right hand side).
    Have fun shopping, everyone!

  28. Just a quick heads up…. I went this morning to check the Christmas clearance (nadda, still 70%) and I found in the freezer section, the large ‘family size’ TGIF’s Quasadias (sp?) and BBQ Wings on clearance, 30% off, at $4.88. A great deal if you have the Target coupon, $5 off two TGIF’s packages. Two boxes for $4.76!! 🙂

  29. Called my store here in Az,they said they arent suppose to disclose this info!went and checked,everything still 70%

  30. @julie what section did you find the elf on the shelf in? That’s such a great price iw old love to get one for my nephew!

  31. Even at 70% there is not much left at my store except Justin Bieber wrapping paper and bags of M&Ms.

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