Update on Christmas Clearance Up to 90% Off

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While I am glad to hear reports of 90% Off Christmas Clearance in cities in Connecticut, California, Maryland, Washington State, Texas, New Jersey and more, there are lots still stuck at 70% Off. After calling my store this morning and being told we were at 90% Off, I raced out of the house with a wet head in the cold, drove all the way to my store, just to see signs for 70% Off! I thought okay- there is still a chance – I’ll scan. But nope still at 70% Off.

As I got madder and madder at the person on the phone who told me it was 90% Off, I started second guessing myself- did they say definitely? I was so excited to just get there, that my rule of usually asking to be transferred to someone who could verify went out the window. So I wandered around Target a bit, defeated and depressed. I roamed into the Scissor aisle- trying to cheer myself up by buying a pair of Scotch precision Scissors- which were finally back in stock, and still ringing up at $1.50. It helped a little but not much.

I then decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and hopped on the phone with Kelley who was at her Target and in such a good mood from finding stuff at 90% Off. So instead of moping, I’m going to try and stay positive. I am happy for Kelley and those of you who did find 90% Off today even though many of you were told you would not. And hopefully, I still have a chance that my store and other Targets will go 90% Off tomorrow. All states/stores may not- but for now I am still hopeful.

I hope that those of you who saw the drop had some luck. Kelley did- and here’s what she found….

I found some great finds at 90 percent off! Turns out that sometimes you can find stuff on the shelves that has just been returned and lucky for me, I found most of them at 90% off! One of my biggest finds today included A Christmas Story Collector’s Series Pint Glass 4-Pack, regularly $19.99 marked down to $1.99! Another big find was the Philips Blue Rope Lighting 9ft, regularly $11.99 marked down to $1.19. I also found Vanity Fair Holiday Insulated Cups 10 pack, for 29 cents; an inital D Holiday Stocking, regularly $13 marked down to $1.30; lots of ribbon and bows, all between .30 and .40 cents; and Gel Clings for .20 cents each.

I found some really cute Holiday Pet Pajamas for my dog, Cappy, only 79 cents! Doesn’t she look cute? 😉 I also found holiday greeting cards, ornaments, beaded garland, jingle bells, candy canes & even Pepperidge Farm Cookies all marked down 90% off. I found the Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookie Bites in the holiday section but the Ginger Family Cookie Collection was in the regular grocery section on an end cap with other Pepperidge Farm Cookies. There was no indication that they were on clearance – no stickers, signs or anything. Here’s where you have to hunt and scan!!! My total bill was only – drum roll please! – $16.07! My total savings $137.97!!

It was weird though that there was no wrapping paper at my store. I went to another Target yesterday and they had a whole aisle full. I may have to zip over there next to see if they are at 90% off. I also didn’t see any gift bags or tags and as far as stocking stuffers go, only a few boxes of Wonka Storybooks were left. Bagged Candy still sits at 50% off and some holiday candy is still sitting at 70% off. You’ll have to scan everything to see what’s what. The mini candy canes I got were 90% off. I hope some of you have as much fun and luck as I did!

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  1. In Jersey Today I bought lots of goody and hidden items that might not look like Christmas items. Slippers with silver tags $1.29, Rolled pjs flannel shorts $1, iPad covers 2.99, iPhone5 covers 1.49, Oreo holiday cookies .29, certain Christmas woman pj with silver tags 1.79, holiday kids shirt .99 ex hellokitty toy story Charliebrown Dora princess, men’s holiday boxers character and silver wrapping .59-.89, vanity fair and dixes holiday plates .29, gift tissue.19-.30, decor pillows 1.49, sausages .59, scotch tape .20, market pantry holiday fruit snacks .19, and much more

  2. I was scouring the aisle at one of the Target’s I went to today and overheard one employee talking to another saying she didn’t understand why shoppers were buying Christmas stuff now. If she only knew what we know…kind of glad she didn’t get it or I would have missed out on all the great deals I scored for next year!

  3. So excited! I found Simpsons christmas pint glasses for $1.99 and a Cars2 puzzle for $0.39. 🙂

  4. Saved 853$ today! Got 10 soft soaps @ 29 cents each. They are xmas green but wrapper easily tears off 🙂

  5. The Target in Lexington, SC just reduced the Christmas merchandise 90% this morning. There was a pretty good selection mostly gift bags, stocking stuffers, bows and other miscellaneous. I got a lot of stuff for under $6.00.

  6. NiaLee is right. Walked into my Tucker, Ga. store and they had just put what little was left on 90 percent.

    So it was me and pack of elderly ladies picking through the remains, LOL. Still, found a lot of giftbags for .20 each, a few ornaments and a box of ornament hooks. Not too shabby!

    If you’re a pet owner, however, they had a ton of cat/dog Christmas toys. 🙂

  7. 90% in Irving TX. I even found some Cars pez dispensers at 90% off. we are going to use them for valentine’s goodies at school. They don’t look like Christmas at all. We had 3 aisles this morning – even the target employees were putting away items. I am set for a LONG time on wrapping, gift bags, etc. Some of the ribbon and bows are non-Christmas colors so they can be used for other things too!!

  8. Sterling Heights, MI 90% off!! Here are a few goodies;
    ArmorAll Ultimate Car Lover’s Gift Pack $30 Now $9.99 plus use $5 rebate found on this site.
    Olay Overnight Rejuvenation Holiday Beauty Trio $47.50 now $23.75 I used $3 coupon & paid $20.75!
    Olay PROx Pro. Intensive Treatment Trio $59 now 29.50 I used $5 coupon & paid $24.50!
    Classic Tidings Soap Pump (red ceramic with cut out snowflakes) $12.99 now $1.29
    3ply Guest Towels 14 count $3 for .30
    101/2 W x 51/2 L 21/2 D shadow box with christmas post card wall decor $19.99 for 1.98
    All coupons found in sunday paper

  9. I’ve noticed at one of the Targets I went to in Houston still had 70% off signs up, but everything (except for candy) was ringing up as 90% off. I’m just wondering how many stores that I called are really 90% off but the employees only saw the 70% signs and just assumed it was only that? I might be making some more trips up to different Targets!!! I’d say even if the store tells you 70% and the trip to Target isn’t out of the way it might be worth going up there.

  10. Kalamazoo, MI west main store still at 70%…I did however find a few things of interest…zoo zoo pet play sets 75% off including a few outfits for $1.52 and kids bath gifts sets down to $2.48 (I believe 75% off)…nothing else too exciting.

  11. I only went to 1 store today not knowing that it went down to 90%. I was able to get about $75 worth of stuff for $8.80! The small gift bags for .10, the larger ones for .30. a bunch of tissue paper for .20 each, 2 polly pocket stocking stuffers and some sticker gift tags .20 and .30 each. I had already purchased a few items at 70% the other day knowing they wouldn’t last. YAY for 90%!!!!

  12. where in WA is it 90%? everyplace ive called or checked out is still 50-70. not giving up 🙂

  13. Is that a German Short Haired Pointer in a shirt?! Haha, I love it. I had one (same color) as a kid. He, Buck, wouldn’t wear anything for long.

  14. I work at target in fresno, ca and depending on which store, but like my target (275) the management actually told us that the christmas seasonal stuff would not go down any further than 70% and that 75% no longer exists and from my interpretation: 90% will no longer be used either. But my target’s sales volume is much higher than the others so the christmas was selling out even at 50%, so maybe in this case they are not expecting to go to 90%

  15. I was happy with 70% off a couple days ago in Orem, UT. I got a bunch of gift bags (which will be perfect for my 8-month-old next Christmas) — $5 for a bag is highway robbery, but I’ll take $1.50 for the huge ones :). And I snagged a couple bags of Hershey Kisses for me at 50% off :).

  16. I was hoping to find 90% too, but here in Eau Claire, WI it was still 70%. And pretty picked over. I’ll try back tomorrow though and hope for 90!

  17. The Manchester/South Windsor CT Target is at 90% Off. Mostly bags, ornaments, and cards. No wrapping paper to be found. My best find was in the children’s dept. A whole rack full of newborn – 5T pj sets reg. $14.99, now just $1.49. These contained 2 tops and 2 pants from “Just One You by Carter’s”. There were also holiday sets from Circo. Super excited about these. I checked prices on lots of grocery items that had “holiday” wording or “winter” artwork but all was regular price. Even the Cinnamon M&M’s that were with the 90% off items still only rang up at 50% off. Overall, a good trip. Thanks for the update, I wouldn’t have gone had I not seen your posting.

  18. one store near me was 90% off two other stores were still at 70% off but did score some christmas puzzles for .39 cents!

  19. 90% off here at select stores in Madison, Wi. Our largest store was 90% all the others were still at 70% and not much left. I scored lots of goodies.

  20. I am in Los Angeles and my closet store is still at 70%… plus it’s already pretty picked over — almost no gift wrap left even. However, I happened into the Pasadena store today and not only was it 90% off, there was a ridiculous amount of wrap and plates — I couldn’t believe it, but the workers were actually unpacking unopened boxes of gift wrap and one box of paper plates that they unpacked and put right at 90% off… I think I saw about 100 packs of paper plates (.20 for 10 or .30 for 30) go into carts in about 5 minutes! My best score was the Archer Farms containers of chocolate-covered graham crackers and pretzels (most don’t even look holiday themed, and expiration isn’t until next August!)… marked 50% off but rang up at 90%, so only .49 or .69 each depending on the variety. So anyway, the Target stores definitely seem to be each doing their own thing since these two stores are literally only about 7 miles apart and had different discounts and completely different inventory! Also, thanks to everyone who suggested scanning the food items to double check the price!!

  21. Still at 70% Windsor, CT. Although, I have to say I saw at LEAST 3 endcaps CHOCK full of every holiday glade product you could ever imagine. I scored a great deal on a 3 pack of Air Wick Apple scented plug ins for just 2.48 each (normally 4.99). Really a bummer that all of our good Air Wick and Glade candles expired last month!! We also still have 3 full aisles of toys!

  22. went to 2 targets today-first one things were still 70% off, the second one (which is only maybe 2 miles from the first) it was 90%. Weird! (These were in Portland Oregon-the Beaverton and Washington Square ones, Wa Square was the one with 90% off)

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