After-Christmas Clearance Up to 90% Off Take Two

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Well today seems to be a much better day for me. The blog seems to be back on track and loading fine now, and this morning I got visual confirmation of 90% Off Christmas at my store. I hope lots more of you found your stores at 90% Off today too. I headed out after a few morning posts and got there at around 10am to find 3 aisles of stuff to go through. 🙂 I know many of you aren’t as lucky to have this much left- and I was very surprised to see so much left at my store.

They had done a thorough job of moving everything to the clearance aisles, so there was not much in the way of hidden finds for me. Although I did find a nice Happy New Year shirt for .80 cents and 2 other sleep shirts with Mickey & Minnie & Hello Kitty for .99 cents. Even though there was not much to be had in other parts of the store, I had lots of great Christmas stuff to choose from- all at 90% Off.

I got lots of wrapping paper, tissue, gift bags, bows, ribbon, stockings, a decorative wreath, some craft kits, Cars 2 Pez Dispensers for 29 cents, Tissue paper decorations, and more. I even found a stray Scotch Pop Up Tape Dispenser that scanned at .20 cents. 🙂 I also got some great colorful garland that to me looked nothing like Christmas & I thought they would make great party decorations. At .60 cents each I could not leave them there. 😉

All together I spent $31.21 and my savings was $263.25. Even though I was very happy with my haul, I was very tempted to pop into another Target, but I resisted the urge. I have had my fun, I’m well-stocked for the next season and was thrilled that my store did in fact see 90% Off- even though I was told it wouldn’t. I hope lots more of you out there found 90% Off today too and had some luck!

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  1. Irvine North, CA went to 90% today. Mostly wrapping paper (they said they overordered this year), some stockings, some gift bags, and tissue paper. They said it will be there at least until tomorrow night, and Monday it will all go away.

  2. I went into work today and My store’s seasonal xmas did go 90%! Even though my manager told us (the employees) that it would not. There isn’t much left except some xmas bags, tree toppers, and a very few stocking stuffers.

  3. Went this afternoon and it was 90% off YAY! I was surprised there was TONS of wrapping paper because I did not get there until about 2:30. I bought 40 rolls of the nicer wrapping paper to give as neighbor gifts next year for .50 each and it didn’t even make a dent in the amount that they had!!! I got some cute ornaments for .20 each, just a few stocking stuffers for cheap, a door mat for $1.29, Starburst flavored candy canes for .24, wired garland for .40. I then went to a different Target this evening and they only had about 10 rolls of wrapping paper. I got 2 Santas Reindeer and Sleigh Gingerbread kits for .99 and 3 of the build a tree gingerbread kits for only .99. I got some gift bags for .10 on up to .40 each but there was no tissue paper.

  4. Stopped at a few Targets today in MN(St. Louis Park, Crystal, Minnetonka, Plymouth) on a mini savings trip. Scored lots of gift bags(ranges from 10 cents-50 cents), gift tags(13 & 30 cents), boxes(20 cents), bows(50 cents), ribbon(30 cents), gingerbread marshmallows(11 cents each), dog sweater(99 cents), treat stands(59 cents), stockings(40 cents)…

    BFF scored lots too…gift bags(ranges from 20-50 cents), tags(13 cents), cards(50 cents?), craft projects(50 cents?), boxes(20 cents), ribbon(30 cents), holiday marshmallows(11 cents), candy(20-50 cents), dog treat making kit(49 cents), cup cake gift box set(99 cents)…

    It was kind of funny, each store we stopped at had different stuff in stock, no wrapping paper or tissue though. Spent a little & saved lots. Had fun doing it too. Luckily the weather has been amazing here too.

  5. My husband and I made a full scan of our Target, and we found all of the Christmas Blend Via coffees on an end cap and ended up getting 15 of them for 79 cents each. We won’t need to stop at a coffee shop for awhile! We also got some wrapping paper and bags, but didn’t find as much of the stocking stuffer type stuff. Thanks for the heads up on the tape too- we found it at 20 cents in the tape aisle also!

  6. Weatherford, TX – all at 90% off. Some wrapping paper left, lots and lots of bows, little ribbon, a few of the high end ornaments, lots of these foam sleigh things, a few ornament sets, candy canes (not starburst or spree flavors), gift bags but only the wine gift bags and some little ones. The little ones could easily be for gift cards and also were not that Christmas-ey, could easily use year rouund, especially for 0.10. Gingerbread house kits were there, there were some Christmas cards left. What I noticed there was absolutely none of – gift tags, stockings, tableware, tissue paper, lights

  7. My Target here in GA was a bit disappointing. Yesterday, they were 70% & today it was 90%, but they already boxed up all the Christmas stuff last night. Lucky to find some stray items and a 7.5 Ft prelit tree for my mom (the display) for $30. I sure wish all Targets would just wait until the holiday clearance is salvaged before taking them off the shelf or at least give it a day to be 90% before removing them. Happy to find a 3-pack of flannel boxers for $1.29.

  8. Woo hoo for 90% off, I had so much fun shopping today. Got tons of gift bags, blanket gift boxes, wrapping paper and tons of tissue paper, my Target had tons of stuff! I also found lots of Carter’s and Circo baby/kids Christmas clothes .69 and up, and really cute baby socks for $.29. Even the target holiday gifts in the red boxes were marked down, I saw the coin jar, pop up speaker, and 14-in-1 tool kit for .49-.99! Got some M&Ms, $.16 cake frosting, lots of pop up tape/refills, precision scissors, napkins, and ribbon. My favorite find though was the bodycology gift sets, if you check in the regular beauty aisle with the bodycology items, there are lotions/shower gel/body scrubs with pink ribbon around them..90% off! I got a small one with body cream/shower gel for $.29 and there was a larger one with body scrub for $.99 but it was mango scented which I dont really care for, so I left it for another lucky shopper, all in all a great day! 🙂

  9. The only 90% wrapping paper my store had left was about a dozen Justin Bieber rolls. (Not even) – My favorite score was my 12 Scotch Pop Up tape refill packages for $.20 each and the $1.19 LED clear light strand. Our store only had one aisle though…..

  10. Sadly, Stroudsburg, PA Target is still only 70% off…..they are holding out to squeeze as much money out of the holiday clearance that they can…..

  11. I hit the 90% sale w/my kiddos today. I have to say thanks for keeping us informed when things are headed to those rock bottom prices. What did I buy…..40 bags of Glitter Snow Batting at .29 cents each. I brought my own bags to bag it all up and that dropped my price even more. What am I going to use it for? I know its crazy but I got them for Vacation Bible School. This year’s theme is airplanes and what am I using all that for batting for…..clouds! I have enough clouds to cover most of our church. Thanks for all you do!

  12. Hey Sarah, Where did you shop? I have been to several stores in Denver/Aurora after the holidays and as of yesterday they had little if nothing left at 70 %..Good job!!

  13. I just got back from my Target in Maryland and got a few really nice deals. I stocked up on the 24pk candy canes for $.24, Wonka candy canes for $.24 (used $1/2 wonka candy canes coupon=free!) and snowman peeps for $.12. I also grabbed a few of the large honeycomb ornament decorations for $.50 to use for a Strawberry Shortcake party I’m planning. If you cut the red ornaments in half, you’ll get 2 shapes that look like strawberries! I’m really excited about that! My target also had the unadvertised Snickerdoodle cookie mix pouches for $.51, so I grabbed a few of those and helped an older lady get in on the deal too!

  14. Thank you for posting about this! My mom and I went today to 2 Targets and found some awesome deals!! Wrapping paper, boxes, bows, bags, dog treat mix, Barbie ornaments, and more!! Thanks again!! 🙂

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