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The holiday clearance is now starting to move behind us but there’s lots of other discounts going on at Target. Here’s a rundown of what I, Kelley & others have seen clearanced. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount. But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check.


There seem to be lots of good finds in the baby department. A lot of Gerber items, Carter’s, and more were marked down 30 to 50% Off. If you know you have a baby shower to go to or you need to stock up yourself, its worth a trip to see what you can find. You may even find some holiday themed items in the baby department that have gone down as much as 90% and can get lost in the other clearance racks! I saw onesies, sleepers, baby shoes, receiving blankets, bibs, baby toys and more.

In the home department, Jackie found a Rachel Ray 14 piece cookware set marked down 50% Off, Stella found lots of Smith & Hawken Bulb kits at 70% Off, and other Smith & Hawken items anywhere from 30-50% Off. Yankee Candles in holiday scents on an end cap, marked 30% but all scanning at 50% Off.

Winter clothing & shoes were marked down for clearance but not very much has reached 70% at my store. I saw a whole rack of ladies’ boots for 50% Off in the women’s clothing area so I went over and checked out the shoe department as well. Only 30% there except for kids’ boots which were marked down 50% Off. In the men’s department, I only found some sweatshirts marked down 50% Off, everything else was holding at 30%.

Just a quick note about toys…as you all know, we’ve been waiting for the big toy clearance. Some of you have reported seeing lots marked down to 70% already but most have said their store is still offering a mix of 30 to 50% off. In my store, Time4Toyz & a few other items seem to be the only things at 70%. The rest are still stuck between 30-50% and I am expecting the big drop to happen next week between the 11th and 13th. But I would keep a close eye on your stores and it can’t hurt to scan when you are checking in on that department.

A few of you have posted about getting the Target Catalina coupon for a free 4pk+ of Yoplait yogurt when you buy 10 Yoplait.  So if your store carries the 8-packs of Yoplait, you can grab a really nice freebie.  And, since it’s a Target coupon you can use a MQ on the 10 single  Yoplait yogurts you need to buy to get the freebie. There are Yoplait coupons in the 11-13-11 GM and also more coming in the 1-8-12 GM or on SmartSource.  -Thanks Danielle!

HERE’S A LIST OF CLEARANCE ITEMS TO WATCH FOR with any coupon matchups I could find…

Baby Einstein Music & Rattle Saxaphone 50% Off down to $2.98
Licensed Boys Briefs – LEGO Star Wars, Disney Pixar Assorted Sizes 50% Off down to $2.98
Bright Starts Start Your Senses Rattle Swim 50% Off down to $2.48
Circo Short-Sleeved Bodysuits 3 pack 30% Off down to $4.88
Carter’s Just For You Baby Blanket 50% Off down to $6.14
Carter’s Just For You Teething Bibs Holiday Themed 3 pack 50% Off down to $3.98
Fisher-Price Twirl & Swirl Spinner 50% Off down to $2.98
Carter’s Just For You 4 Receiving Blankets 50% Off down to $5.98
Gerber Non-Footed PJ Single Pack 30% Off down to $5.58
Gerber Blanket Sleepers Holiday Themed 2 pack 30% Off down to $7.68
-$2/2 Gerber Blanket Sleepers, Cotton PJs or Thermal PJs
-$10 off Gerber Apparel or Bedding Purchase $50+

Gerber Burpcloths 3 pack 30% Off down to $6.28
Tiddliwinks Sweet Safari Collection Security Blanket 30% Off down to $7.68
Tiddliwinks Fitted Crib Sheet 30% Off down to $7.68

Post Fruity Pebbles Treats 8 ct 15% Off
-.55/1 Post Pebbles Treats 1-8-12 SS2 x2/26/12
Luna Minis 18 ct 15% Off
Marie Callender’s Pumpkin Pie 36 oz 15% Off
Nestle Toll House Dark Chocolate & Mint Morsels 10 oz bag 15% Off
-.50/1 off one package of Nestle Toll House Morsels 10 oz+
-.50/2 Nestle Toll House Morsels
Pillsbury Best All Purpose Flour 5 lb bag 15% Off
Trident White Gum Peppermint 12 pc pack 30% Off down to .68 cents
-$1/3 Trident Single Packs 1-8-12 SS1 x3/4/12
VitaMuffin VitaTops Banana Nut 4 pack 15% Off
Weight Watchers’ Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae 15% Off
$3/10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Target Web Coupon x2/4/12
-$3/10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones
-$3/10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones 8-7-11 SS x4/30
$2/8 Weight Watchers Smart Ones
$1/5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones
$5/12 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Facebook Coupon*

Candlestick Holders Silver Colored Assorted Sizes 50% Off down to as low as $6
Conair Sport Series Soothing Sounds Relaxing Sound Machine 30% Off down to $17.48
Conair Sport Series Body Flex Heated Body Massager 30% Off down to $13.98
Conair Sport Series Heated Shiatsu Rest Heated Kneading Massager 30% Off down to $27.98
Rachel Ray 14 Piece Cookware Set 50% Off down to $74.98
Yankee Candle Home Classics Assorted Sizes & Holiday Scents 50% Off down to $7.48

Ben-Gay Pain Relief + Massage Gel 3 oz 50% Off down to $3.42
.50/1 Bengay Zero Degrees Menthol Pain Relief Gel 3 oz TQ 1-8-12 J&J insert x1/14/12
-$2/1 Bengay Product ETS on SmartSource
-$2/1 Bengay ETS 1-8-12 SS2 x4/1/12
Dove Damage Therapy Extra Hold Hairspray 7 oz 15% Off
Dove Daily Moisture 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner 25.4 oz 15% Off
e.l.f. Eyeshadow Palette 15% Off
Gillette Venus ProSkin Moisture Rich Pack* 15% Off
*1 Razor, 2 Cartridges, 1 Olay Body Lotion
Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover 2 pack – 3.8 oz 50% Off down to $3.98
$1/1 Neutrogena Makeup Remover, Lip or Eye Makeup, any 12-4-11 SS x1/31/12
Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths Shine Enhance Shampoo 8.5 oz 30% Off down to $3.38
Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask 7.6 oz 30% Off down to $3.38
Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths Shine Enhance Conditioner 8.5 oz 30% Off down to $3.38
-$3/2 Pantene Products ETS 1-1-12 PG x1/31/12
-$1/1 Pantene Product any People En Espanol Magazine Oct 2011 x1/31/12
Remington Limited Edition Gift Set* 30% Off down to $6.98
*Straightening Paddle Brush, Crystal Bobby Slides, Compact Mirror
TRESemme Naturals Shampoo or COnditioner 25 oz 30% Off down to $3.35

-Thanks so much for contributions to Stella, Danielle, Valerie, Heather, Lisa, Tina & Kelley!

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  1. I got Luna mini’s today for 50% off! Originally was $9.99, bought for 4.98! I also snagged the Aveeno Baby soothing relief gift set, originally $9.99, for $4.98! Plus a ton of winter pajamas for my toddler at 70% off! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Here’s the difference between 2 Targets on Friday less than 5 minutes apart- one went to 90% and threw what was left in bins against the back wall making it incredibly difficult to look through. The other store never got past 70% because they boxed everything except candy and tape up! I got 8 Scotch tape rolls for .20 each and bought some of the candy even though it was still at 50%.

  3. Check out the Vanity Fair napkins w/ xmas packaging, down to 90% off from 3.00 AND there are coupons on Couponweb for 1.00/2 packages.

  4. My Target had 90%off! I got two stockings, a tree skirt, 4 rolls of wrapping paper, 72 gift bows, 30 gift tags, 4 change purses, 20 snowflake ornaments, 2 pjs, and a Dora shirt all for $9.05 🙂

  5. went to one of my target stores and found my christmas clearance at 90%. I spent some time going through everything and got a ton of stuff for cheap! I went walking around and stopped in the baby clothes section and found unmarked christmas clearance at 90% off too (Circo, baby glam and carters, Dora and hello kitty) . They were 6.99 for .69 up to 9 for .90! I dont have any kids yet (hopefully soon) so I figured by next year maybe 🙂 If not I’ll be donating them next year. I just couldn’t pass up that deal bc even though I don’t have kids I know some other family can benefit from my GREAT DEAL 🙂
    but I spent so much time at Target I didn’t think about looking in every dept for unmarked clearance stuff I was just to tired! I’ll prob go back tomorrow too!

  6. I found solo plastic cups for .29 in the regular aisle pushed to the back behind the regular ones. Only difference was red snowflake on the packaging. Also picked up 2 packages of the burts bees chapstick w/ snowflake packaging for .29/piece.

  7. Our target had some AF cashew butter on clearance 75% for 2.04! Our other food clearance hasn’t gotten bumped down unfortunately because the specialty person who marks it down didn’t come in the one day, boo! I also was able to find the pop up tape refills for 90% off in the office aisle along with the gift wrap tape for 90% off! Another steal was some Sonicare electric toothbrushes on clearance for 19.98! Pair with the 10/1 coupon and that’s only 9.98!

  8. 25 Boxes of Keebler cookies ginger bread men and sugar- $0.25
    2 Men’s boxers- $1
    9 3 packs of Cars pens- .30
    12 Snicker doodle cookie mix- $0.17
    Tons of bags, ribbons, and bows- $0.10-$0.40
    2 Window clings- $0.20
    6 Not so Christmasey plates- $0.19
    Plus a bunchhhh more!!
    Super stoked about everything spent $22 saved around $170 YAYYY!!!

  9. Call me funny but my fave 90% score was the Scotch pop up tape refills for $.20 – I bought 12 and shouldn’t need any tape for quite a while….

  10. I found some SUPER cute bath sets on the back end cap by diapers in my store! NOT Christmassy, $250 each! Dora, Sponge Bob, Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, Cars, Spiderman all had different stuff!

  11. Found some great deals in my Target this morning. All Christmas items now at 90% off so I grabbed gift bags, cards, ribbons,etc., I then checked the end caps and found Schick gift packs for men priced down to $4.98 from $10, I also had a $2 off coupon for that brand which brought it down to $2.98. The box included razor, five cartridges and shaving gel. Got home opened it and out fell a coupon booklet for $10 worth of products. Wow, I hope you find this great deal at your Target.

  12. Jamie Sparks I purchased a few beauty gift sets. Olay OverNight Rejuvenation set was $47 down to $23.75 plus used a $3 off coupon. Also they had the Olay PROx Trio $59 down to $29.50 and I used a $5 off coupon. I had to do a lot of searching to find them. Good luck!

  13. 90% of Erie, PA 🙂 got my teenage daughters 3 christmas shirts for $1 each, 7 boxes of candy canes for 10 cents each (for my teething toddler) , cute little ornaments 10 cents each, MnMs for 10 cents, 4 pack gift wrap for 40 cents, garland for 20 cents, and bows for 10 cents a bag. It was a good trip today!

  14. My Target in Salt Lake City, UT went to 90%. Grabbed some items 🙂 Really sweet deal!

  15. My store in Ocala, Florida is remodeling to add a little food section so they have begun their toy clearance. I went in the check out the 90% Christmas clearance and I found a ton of toys at 70% off. Even a bunch of medium to large lego sets were 70% off. Items were tagged 70% off and some that were 30% were also ringing up 70% off.

  16. I found the Pantene gift sets for $6.98 but can’t decide if that is a good price or not. I found a Febreze candle for $2.48…and used a $2/1 coupon from some random mailer. I usually like to only pick those up if they are free, but the fragrance was really nice and my Meme loves candles. I found the last two bottles of holiday Palmolive for $1.48 and used the .50/1 coupons and one lonely softsoap for .89. The weird thing is that everything that IS on clearance at my store is at a different value, somethings 30%, some 50%, some 70%. That made for a LOT of trips to the scanner! I am just sad that I haven’t found ONE Axe giftset yet and will have to watch 7 of those coupons expire tomorrow!

  17. has anyone looked lately to see if they $2.48 desitin bonus packs are still available at their stores (buy 3 get $5 target gc)?

  18. I still haven’t gotten my Plum District GC yet, either. I’m guessing it just takes time!

    I hope there is still Christmas stuff tonight when I can make it to Target!! Last week everything was really picked over, so I don’t have much hope for tonight.

  19. Jamie- the Axer gifts sets at my Target were 6.98- hoping they would be less to pair the $3/1 gift set coupon with.

  20. Betty Crocker Snickerdoodle Cookie Mixes- .17 cents now! At my Target they were still on the baking isle w/ no clerance tags so there were lots left. Remember there is a .40/1 Betty Crocker coupon ( I think 12/11SS). I used 3 coupons for 6 bags no problem. 😉
    Also found Oscra Mayer Brand Turkey Bacon at .99 cents until 1/7!

  21. For those of you who got the plum district target gift card and deal has anyone received theirs yet? This was my first time using plum district and I’m getting a little worried that it’s not going to come.

  22. I went to target yesterday morning (Upstate, NY) and found some amazing deals! Thanks to your site I wouldn’t have know to look for some of the deals! The Christmas stuff was marked 70% off but almost everything I scanned was almost 90%. Bought 7 plastic treat buckets (20 cents each), 4 large tins ( 40 cents each), 5 M&M tins (19 cents each), 2 Pez (29 cents each), 3 Pink plastic tablecloths ($1 each), and a 6 pk of Purell ($2 for the 6 pk). The best deal was the puzzles you reported about. I found them at my store, some scanned regular price but some scanned 39 Cents!! I couldn’t believe it, I took all the puzzles to the scanner (I looked a little strange I think) and found 3 Barbie & 1 Mickey Mouse puzzles scanning 39 cents!! These are going right in my gift closet!!! Thank you so much for everything you do! You have helped out my family so much!! 🙂

  23. Check your camping area also. My store had tents for $13 reg. $44 and golf clubs (15 pc) 70% off. Kid slippers were 70% off as well as character lunch bags. Some scooters were 70% off (Cars)
    Also hats and gloves were 70%

  24. 90% off on holiday items here in Decatur, AL. Also I just happened to find some Christmas Merona Brand 3pack boxers in mens for 1.29 per, regularly 12.99. They are NOT marked as clearance, I just happened to do price check, Score for me. What a deal!! Also several pajama sets on sale, but some of the sizes are getting picked over. Childrens winter coats are 50% off. I bought two for my little girl for next year. Happy Shopping everybody!

  25. Yeah I saw at my store the other day they had an endcap with a bunch of napkin/plates/bowls basic party supplies but some were stickered clearance and some were not – just thrown in there- and they were rining up full price. I am hoping that will change.

  26. My Target finally started the 90% off, and the aisle was packed! I made out like a bandit, with tons of pez dispensers for my daughter’s birthday party. Total score. Plus, the birthday napkins were also 90% off, so I had a full blown 90% off purchase day.
    They also had tons of holiday coffee still on 15% off. Seasonal scrapbooking was only 15% off. Not good enough for me to buy… yet.

  27. I found Aveeno baby gift sets on clearance for $4.89. They included 3 full sized products. One had lavender wash and lotion and a shampoo/wash. The other had a wash a lotion and a diaper cream. Would make great baby shower gift. One lotion is that price and they do not look Christmasy.

  28. My target gave me a catalina for a free John Frieda Foam hair color! 90% for Christmas and Hanukkah (scored some great deals to re-purpose!)

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