More FREE Reach Floss at Target with New Coupon

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We’ve got another new $1/1 Reach Floss Coupon available to print. Many of you are able to find Select varieties of Reach Floss FREE at Target after this coupon as they sell for as low as .97 cents. You can find them hanging on the peg racks in the regular oral care aisle.

Reach Dental Floss Select Varieties .97 cents (Regular Price)
$1/1 Reach Floss Coupon
= FREE after coupon

I will have a new list of FREE & Cheap finds up later today- but this coupon never usually lasts very long so wanted to post it now before it disappears. Even if you are not in need- this makes for a great donation item. This product will also qualify for the $46 in coupons rebate from Johnson & Johnson- which you can read more about HERE.

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  1. Is the register beep a new thing? I purchased an overage last year sometime and it applied the coupon to the rest of my purchases! ?? Just curious. 🙂 I wanna be prepared for the worst, just in case.

  2. I used mine at Target yesterday. They beeped and the cashier hit the override to accept them. Then I was using the Carefree pantyliner those beeped. That cashier realized it is because the q’s are more than the price of the item. The register beeps because it wants her to adjust it down. So no overage, bummer. But I guess I learned something.

  3. I have this problem at target too, a lot of times I ask them sweetly to scan them with their hand held scanner, it takes a second longer for them but accepts the coupon! Hope this helps!

  4. Just had to share a frustrating experience I had at an Indianapolis Target on Saturday with this deal. :p I had already printed 2 Reach coupons and took them in to get some dental floss (along with like 400 other things – let’s face it, it’s Target!). Well the $1 off coupon beeped at the register and the cashier said she wouldn’t take it since the floss was only 97 cents. I explained to her that in the past Target has adjusted the price of the coupon down to match the product price. She called over her manager who then gave me the generic ‘that’s not our policy and it never has been’ response. He really gave me a hard time and made me feel like a total jerk for even asking. Grrr. (Funny thing is I went over to customer service afterward to get a price match on Activia and with all my coupons they exceeded the value of the yogurt but the cashier there didn’t say a word!).

    Anyway I go home, check out the policy online and call the store back. I got an operator who was even more disgruntled and argumentative than the manager about their policy! I explained I had done it before with another Target location and she actually said ‘so are you asking me to call them and try to sync our registers with theirs or something?’ Double grr.

    Do I need 97 cent floss that bad? No. But I donate a TON to our local missions and shelters and that’s what this was intended for. Anyway thanks for listening!

  5. Ugh, I printed and tried to use this, but it didn’t scan at the store I went to. Since mine didn’t have “numbers” to type in they denied it. Anyone else have luck? It was a bad night in general too, my 3 Desitin coupons beeped too and she took them! I had to ask a supervisor to get them back out of the cashier’s drawer. She ended up just giving me 3 dollars back.

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