Clearance Alert on Sonicare Essence Toothbrush

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Clearance can vary greatly from store to store – but keep an eye out for the Sonicare Essence Toothbrushes that were a Target Exclusive this year. The most noticeable thing to look for is the red ribbon in the corner. Even if they are not stickered- I would price check just to be sure.ย Monica found them at 50% Off down to $19.98. There are 2 choices of coupons you can clip and have on hand just in case you find them too…

-$10/1 Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush 01-08-12 SS
-$10/1 Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush 11-20-11 SS

You may also be able to submit for the $10 MIR on Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush excluding Xtreme model in the 11-20-11 SS x1/31/12 which would make this toothbrush as low as FREE after coupon and rebate if you find the same clearance deal at your store.

-Thanks for the pic & heads up to Monica!

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  1. I just got the $10 rebate on this today. So overall, $12 for a sonicare. And I bought it Jan 2012.

  2. Sarah, you could only use the Target Q and the manu Q together if the Target Q has “Target Coupon” and not “Manufacturer Coupon” at the top. Otherwise, they are both manufacturer and they won’t accept both for one product. HTH!!

  3. So if I had a target $10 catalina and a $10 coupon from the 1/8 insert, could I use them both and get it free not even needing the rebate?

  4. The rebate I have explicitly reads: “Qualifying purchases with a dated receipt on or after the date of this email. Your claim must be postmarked no later than 6/30/12.” I received the email today based on the link I provided. There is absolutely nothing that states purchase made by 12/11.

  5. The rebat form says it has to be purchased by 12-21-2011 and postmarked by 1-31 2012. So I dont’ think this rebate will apply for 2012 purchases.

  6. @Seana- yes please share- the one that is up there I had thought expired 12/31/11. So ck the form and if its not please let me know source. TY

  7. I found one in my Target for 19.98. Didn’t have the coupon or rebate but still a good deal. If anyone has a coupon or rebate and would like to share, my email is [email protected]. Thank you.

  8. These were at Price Cut at my store to I think $35.99 but I don’t remember seeing a red bow. I scanned one to make sure but it didn’t show up on clearance!

  9. I mailed in my rebate for this toothbrush back in the summer. I received a letter back from Sonicare stating I could not receive the rebate because I used the $10 coupon. I was pretty upset becasue it does not state this on the rebate form. So don’t waste your time/money if you are wanted that $10 back.

  10. Found one lonely one left in Cincinnati. It was way in the back of the other brushes and not marked. Pretty obvious it was the only one once I realized it was the one with the red ribbon and said Target exclusive. Can’t wait to use it.

  11. I got the Catallina when I purchased: Reach Floss, Lubriderm lotioin, Kashi granola bars, Target Mac&Cheese, Windex, KY, Naturemade fish oil, and Xmas wrapping paper and 20 cent candy canes. Hopefully that helps!

  12. none at Weatherford,TX Target. Their were none with the ribbon at the top but I went ahead and scanned the ones on the shelf.

  13. Philips told me I couldn’t use the rebate on a toothbrush that I had used a coupon on. Is that true? The rebate form says “cannot be combined with other offers”. Does the coupon qualify as an “offer”? Target shows the mfr coupon subtracted right under the price of the brush, so it’s pretty obvious.

  14. I just picked up three…they weren’t marked for clearance, but I scanned it and it came up $19.98. Used 3x$10 coupons! I also found one $10 rebate form, so I’ll get one of them for free!!

  15. They aren’t marked down here ๐Ÿ™
    still FULL price! And I was so excited to get one for free!

    @kelley: the mail in rebate is in one of the inserts from a couple of weeks ago or so.. I can check when im home exactly which one it was if you like

  16. I got one! They definitely were not marked, but it did ring up $19.98. Bonus, mine had a $5 coupon for replacement heads stuck to the box. I finally found two at the third Target I looked at.

  17. I got lucky and got this for free! My kids dentist had $20.00 coupons off Essence, so I got a couple the last time I was there because I had a feeling that I might use them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. What kind of stuff did you buy to trigger it? I would LOVE to get one of those! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I just ran to Target and found 1 left!!! The sticker says $33.98 but it rang up as $19.98!!! Great deal, thank you!!!!!!!!

  20. I will definately be headed to Target to see if my store has these on clearance since I have been wanting a Sonicare for a while. My only problem is the replacement heads are so darn expensive.

  21. Yesterday when I went shopping at Target, a catalina (is that what they are called? It printed out at the register) printed for “$10 off any Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbruch (excludes Xtreme model)” for Target that expires 4/1/12. Let me know if anyone wants it because I won’t use it!

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