New High Value $10/1 Enfamil Printable Coupon

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LOOKS LIKE IT’S GONE NOW FOLKS. Will let you know if it pops back up.

There is a new HUGE coupon for $10/1 Enfamil Formula Large Tub 22 oz or +. I don’t think I have ever seen an Enfamil printable coupon quite that high! So grab it quick before they change their minds! 🙂 Update: Note that the fine print reads valid on Enfamil Premium Newborn.

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  1. I printed mine out one per sheet, and a huge image of Enfamil Premium Newborn, Enfamil Premium Infant and Enfamil Premium AR printed below the coupon. Looks like I will be taking my coupon on the full sheet in hopes of getting it off the Infant!

  2. You have to wonder what goes on in the minds of people/companies wording these coupons. lol
    Any should mean any, it is silly that the last line gives an exact product yet the larger print says ANY.


  3. The last line in the fine print says “Only one coupon is redeemable per purchase and only on Enfamil PREMIUM Newborn formula.” I have my print sitting right next to me. It’s unfortunate that the wording is contradictory, but using this coupon on anything but the Newborn formula is going against the wording of the coupon.

  4. Ugh. Mine ( and my mom’s) said they printed, but they didn’t. I am so bummed, we could really, really use these. If anyone printed these and doesn’t need them, please email me at amanda.wacker @ yahoo. com.

  5. I didn’t see “newborn” in fine print, though it did print the website as I’ll have to check my print again.

  6. How can they say ANY enfamil 22oz or larger , but then say in fine print only on newborn……im confused. has anyone tried to get a different one other then newborn to know if it works for ANY? (like it says and i feel should)

  7. Jackie if the enfagrow is PREMIUM then yes because enfamil has both regular formula and PREMIUM formula

  8. Jackie – coupon wording says any enfamil 22 oz or larger, but the fine print says good only on enfamil premium newborn. I guess I would go with the fine print on this one, but I hate how misleading the main portion is!

  9. Use the zipcode 90210 to find the awesome $10 coupon. (In addition to 2 other coupons- $5 off Enfamil & $5 off Enfagrow)

  10. Wow, I have never seen a formula coupon this nice! My sister is fixing to have her second baby and this is the formula they used with their first one so these will come in handy, unless she gets lucky and can breastfeed this time. Will see.

  11. I actually thought I saw an endcap deal for formula gift card (can’t remember similac or enfamil) that runs into feb?

  12. When was the last time they had a gift card deal on formula? I know Target does them fairly regularly, just wondering if they are worth holding onto until one comes along. I printed 2, but haven’t gone to get them off the printer, so I don’t know how long the expiration is.

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