Updates on the Sales This Week at Target Thru 1/14

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Deals valid thru 1/14 unless otherwise mentioned. Remember- sales can vary by region…

For those of you who are fans of Pepperidge Farm TimTam cookies, you may want to check in on the current price at your store.  My store still has the TimTam in the snowflake packages and recently lowered them from $2.09 down to $2.00.  While prices like these can be very random, if you find the same you can use the $1/2 Pepperidge Farm Cookies HERE to get a nice price of $1.50 each. You may want to scan these too- they were ringing up $1.40 for Kara in Michigan. (-Thanks Kara)

Here’s one more short term price cut at my store on Sunday for YoCrunch Yogurt cups at .53 cents thru 1/14.  I thought we had lost all our coupons, but we do still have a $1 off any 4 YoCrunch cups available to print HERE, making them .28 cents each after coupon wyb 4.

This week you may be able to find a sale on the 3 packs of Green Works 30 count wipes. They are now $4.99 down from $5.99 and this is actually a price cut that runs thru 2/18.   If you did not get the .50/1 Green Works Product in your 1-8 SS, there is now a $1/2 Green Works Product HERE that you can use.  After either coupon it breaks down to $1.49 per 30 count container (which is regularly $2.49).  But for those of you who have not signed up yet with Green Works, you can get a –$1/1 Green Works Product HERE, which makes for an even better deal.

Included in the Neutrogena sale this week was the 2 oz Hand Cream for $3.50.  Some of you will have a nice stack on this product to get it for as low as .99 cents:
$1/1 Aveeno/Neutrogena/Lubriderm Hand or Body Skin Care ETS TQ 1-8 J&J insert x1/14
-$1.50/1 Neutrogena Skin Care or Hair Care Product  1-8-12 SS2 x3/31/12

There were a few more new Special Purchase Deals that I noted at my store on Sunday.  I just wanted to lay them out for you in case you have interest but please keep in mind unadvertised deals can be regional.  To see a complete list of all the Special Purchase and Gift Card Deals that you may be able to find at your store, be sure to check out the Special Deals page.

SPECIAL PURCHASE: FREE 32 oz Powerade wyb Powerade 8 pk $4.99
Deal and prices valid thru 2/18.  Deal and prices may be regional.

SPECIAL PURCHASE: FREE Gatorade Item wyb 2 Select Reebok Weights
Deal and prices valid thru 1/28.  Deal and prices may be regional.
*Reebok Neoprene Weights (prices range depending on type from $4.49-$12.99)
FREE Item = Gatorade G-Fit Bar or Gatorade Perform 16 oz ($1.49 – $2.89 value)

 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Select Lightscapes CDs $9.99-$19.99
Deal and prices valid thru 1/28.  Deal and prices may be regional.

Although there have already been a few reports of stores dropping the majority of their toys to 70% off, I believe most of us still have yet to see it happen including me.  I am still pretty convinced that it will happen this week for me, possibly as early as tomorrow. 

The only thing that troubles me, is that last year it seemed things were much more consolidated into one clearance area.  This year I feel like the clearanced toys are still all over the place, on endcaps, in aisles, etc.  But maybe there just hasn’t been the urgency to move them if their new stock hasn’t completely come in yet. That’s just a guess and while there’s a chance it could be next week, I am still placing my bets on this week and I suggest keeping a close watch on it just in case.

International Delight Creamer as Low as 52¢ Thru 1/14
FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Select Burt’s Bees thru 2/4
Splenda Essentials As Low as 49¢ & FREE Sample
Clearance Alert on Sonicare Essence Toothbrush
More FREE Reach Floss at Target with New Coupon

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  1. Yay! I hope tomorrow is the day! I kinda think they tell their managers that no toys will go to 70% off, or that nothing Christmas will go to 90% so people don’t do what we LOVE to do, hold out for the good stuff. It’s just a good marketing ploy by Target. I love all the comments though, it gets me super excited to go look for clearance deals tomorrow. (Although at my store last year the cashiers said there were people with 2 or more carts full of toys that they bought to sell on line that went early to the store.)

  2. I went to the Target in Salem, NH today and found a few toys market to 70%…seems alot of the Cars 2 items were all at 70%. They didn’t have much toy clearance but seemed to have a lot of clearance throughout the whole store. I picked up a 14 Piece Raych Ray cookware set 70%. I paid $44.98 Originally it was $149.99. I couldn’t pass it up, our current set is junk 🙂 I also found headphones/ear buds, thermal laminating pouches, self sealing laminating pouches, mechanical pencils, car care gift packs from Christmas all 70%

    I’m hoping to get to Target in Nashua tomorrow as they had a TON of toys in the clearance aisle but we are also getting some snow so we’ll see how bad the roads are!! Fingers cross it misses us so I can go shopping LOL

  3. My target in alabama said it would next week before they clearance they havent finished pulling the stuff from other shelf and combining with the 3 aisles and endcaps I think it will be a frenzy when it happens because theres so much left to mark down. ive been checking on Mondays and Thursdays and still at 30-50%

  4. For those holding out hope for the 70% off Clearance Toys – KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!! 🙂
    Visited my Target this morning and they were actually in the process of marking down to 70% OFF!!! The wonderful lady doing the reductions, told me to bring the stuff back to her to print the tag, if it hadn’t been tagged already. The only thing that wasn’t being marked down to 70% off were the larger Lego sets, which were still at 50% Off. But I was able to score some smaller Lego sets at the 70% OFF, plus some Cars2 Toys, Leapster games, and Holiday Barbie Singing Set.

  5. Dothan, AL is still at 30-50%. I am holding out for tomorrow or Fri to be the day that they go 70%. i have my eye on 2 things in particular; an easel (for my (oldest) son’s birthday in Feb) & a bike (for Christmas, again for my oldest…yes i said Christmas LOL). There are a few other items i took note of that I would like to snag, if possible, but the easel & bike are my 2 BIG things. I’ve been checking every day at lunch (i work 5 mins, if that from our local Target). I didn’t see much in the way of younger (as in 10 months to 12months) for my youngest son (his b-day is in March, so I have been scoping things out for him as well). Still, you never know what might pop up from day to day 🙂
    Will certainly be going there on lunch again tomorrow & Friday, if need be!! Already looking forward to the July sale LOL

  6. Toys still 50% off today but with a snowstorm threatening tomorrow, I bit the bullet and bought a few things. Hot Wheels Squinkies, a dinosaur Leapster game, and gomu. The Easter Bunny will be thrilled that I got started without him again this year!

  7. @Rachel- no- even though there are 3 canisters- only 1 barcode is scanned so it counts as 1 product, so only the $1/1. hth

  8. So with the GreenWorks deal, could I use the $1/2 and the $1/1 coupon together since there are 3 in the pack? TIA

  9. I think the toys WILL most definitely go to 70% off. Another blog I follow, her store is being remodeled, and she stumbled onto 70% off toys last week, including Star Wars Legos and other “big” names. They have always gone, and I doubt this year will be any different. As an FYI, last year I actually found some toys 85% off a week or so after the main clearance, so you just never know. I think it will be tomorrow.

  10. I saw many target brand toys for 70% off at one store last week – but all the “good” stuff holding at 50% off. I do have one store near me that always marks everything earlier than the other stores. (for ex: they hit 90% off last thursday where as the rest of the stores did 90% on Friday). Wonder if they will be marking down toys today- will scope it out today.

  11. Erika- Same here in Orlando. Goodwill is where most target salvaged items end up. But you have to go very frequently to find it.

  12. My husband is a manager at Target & informed me a month ago that the toys will NOT be going 70% off. He said corportate wants to do away with putting it at 70% because it sells at 50% & what they don’t sell they send away. Just thought I would let you know!

  13. I have found that our Target went to 90% clearance on Christmas stuff for a few days and salvaged the rest to Goodwill pretty quickly. Goodwill seems to be where I find a lot of Target’s salvaged products around the Dayton, Ohio area.

  14. Am I the only one who can’t get excited about this 70% off? (Yes, I am that cheap) You tell me 75% off and I’m stalking Target all the time trying to get the best toy deal but 70%, yeah I’m just not excited about it.

    $10 with 70% off equals $3.00
    $10 with 75% off equals $2.50

  15. My Target announced on Jan 1st that we are getting a fresh grocery section in March, I am super excited! The bad part is that the store is a wreck! Everything is out of place as they gear up for the remodel, for example, baby is spread out in two parts: feeding items in the mens clothing section and toys in the boys clothing section with baby clothes inbetween lol. It’s so hard to find anything on clearance, I’ve pretty much given up. I went to get some Smart Ones today, and couldn’t find any! I just bought some there last week so I know they had a big section for them in the freezers. Finally my husband found one row of lasagna, that’s it. My store must have had a big run and just replaced the empty places with other products. We only have one store around here, the next closest one is a 2 hour drive, so it’s usually slim pickings on the good deals.

  16. Different Targets fall into different categories depending on the area, neighboring stores, etc., and it does affect pricing. i wish I could go more often. Target, please build in Oswego!

    Don’t hold out for 90% on toys either. I called her after this and she said as of this AM most 50% toys were going salvage next week. She heads up pricing. Of course, corporate and/or store managers could change that, but she said usually by now they know about the 70% off toys and they have not heard anything.

  17. VB: They don’t! It’s very frustrating! I have two targets by me, 15 min. apart and they NEVER clearance on the same day. The one is usually 1-2 days behind the other. And they never match other Targets. In July Charlene posted about the toy clearance starting and my targets didn’t do it until a week later.
    I just end up going a lot.

  18. Does each store clearance at the same time? What if they are the same city. Each store in my city has different items. So I was hoping that if I went to one store then that would mean the other store was clearancing too. Wishful thinking?

  19. Fyi… Toys are marked down on Thursday’s… If the price change team is ahead, they can be marked on Wednesday’s, but not sooner, or if they are behind, then friday. The reason you are seeing some stores marked down early is that every region has what are called early set stores who mark down sooner so they can put out the new set before others stores to see how the new planograms play out. Early set stores can change every year tho. I worked in pricing at target for a few years and yes, historically this Thursday should be the day.

  20. I was at Target tonight loading up on Smart Ones and happened into the women’s clothing section. They had Merona wool coats for 70% off. I got a really nice coat in a lovely turquoise color that was originally $69.99, marked at $17.98 and then used the $3 off a $10 or higher Merona women’s clothing item. Just in case you need a new winter coat 🙂

  21. You should *always* scan the clearance items you are interested in. I found great deals last year, including a Duplo set that people passed it by on the shelf because the sticker still said $26+ which scanned for just over $5!

  22. My stores had a lot of toys left this morning and I’m definitely holding out til 70% 🙂 At one of my stores the employees were consolidating everything into 4 aisles! Yup my store has 4 aisles of clearance!!!

  23. ha- thats what we heard around my store at christmas that it WONT go to 90% and it sure did. I’m holding out hope for 70 percent off toys too

  24. Sarah that’s what they said about the regular christmas clearance and it all went to 90%….

  25. My sister works at a Target, and she does pricing. She says most of the toys are not going to 70% off, and will be salvaged (sold to a 3rd party) in a couple weeks. I wouldn’t wait if you see something you want, since odds are it won’t go lower.

  26. I went to my local target here in NY yesterday. There was 1 aisle of toy clearance and some end caps at 50% off, but there was hardly anything left. Well at least nothing that my son would like.

  27. My store had some items marked down 70% last week but they weren’t advertising it. I think it was just the ones that they had a small handful left. I got a Toy Story 3 toy that was regularly $50 for $15. I also got the Christmas Barbie for $9. I had to look for the deals though (price stickers).

  28. The toys are still marked 30% off here and mainly consolidated to three aisles but on end caps as well. Some stuff is tagged 50% but not much. Crossing my fingers they just jump right to 70%!

  29. I stopped by Target in Nashua today and they had 2 aisles of toys on clearance and some spread out on end caps as well. The majority were still 50% (some still 30%) and typically they change on Thursdays. What stinks is they are saying snow overnight into Thursday am so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get out and make it. They have so much Cars 2 stuff that would great for my sons birthday in February!

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