My Target Toy Clearance Trip – Saved Almost 65%

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Well I can say that my SuperTarget tricked me again. Their toys did not drop to 70% Off today, but a little Target around 5 miles away did. So instead of sitting there drooling over the 3+ aisles of toy clearance at 30 & 50%- I headed over to the little Target to see what I could find. They were pretty wiped out unfortunately by the time I got there, but I did pick up a few things.

Everything I bought was 70% Off except for the LEGO  sets, which I bought at 50% Off. I spent $62 for what would have been $172 worth of toys- or like saving right around 65% overall. And I have a few things to put away for Austin’s Birthday and a couple things for the Gift Closet. I can definitely say last year was MUCH better for me, it was actually amazing – but I guess you can’t luck out like that every year.

It’s also getting a little tougher to shop for Austin as he gets older, but I may just have to hit my SuperTarget tomorrow morning. Not sure if I am up for a Toy Clearance Take Two, but we’ll see. I hope those of you who found the drop today did well and had some luck! And if you didn’t drop today- I will cross my fingers for you that tomorrow will be your turn.

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  1. I saw someone post this earlier, but I have also found that some people do get caught up in the moment and buy so much just to end up returning a bunch over the next couple weeks. Plus when I went I was looking in the aisles next to the toy section, I actually found some items that it looked like people were “hiding” behind some bigger items. Also found some toys randomly dropped by the scanner machines throughout the store too. So check those places if the main toy clearance aisles look empty!

  2. Stinky Garbage Truck $17.98, Smokey Firetruck $17.98, Shark Mega Rig Set $12, Little People Pirate Ship $7.48, Imaginext Advent Calendar $5.98, Kre-o set $5.98! All set for birthdays for my 3 little guys and saved so much!

  3. I stopped by my neighborhood store on the way home and they were still at 30-50%. I asked a Red who seemed to be in charge of pricing when the toys would be marked down further and he said any day now. He knew other stores in the area had already marked down to 70% but the inventory system tells them when to clearance so that’s why it varies from store to store. Hoping it signaled a markdown last night.

  4. Don’t lose hope if you didn’t make it the sale today…I spent too much money for our budget and need to take a few things back today…so maybe others will do that too. I got the 8ft hot wheels track for $23 for my sons summer birthday, also cars2 lego set. For my daughter’s birthday princess/frog leapster game for $7…lots of cheap toys for gifts for the kid’s friends during the year.

  5. I got the Little Mommy my very real baby doll for 12.48. Still had a 10.00 coupon. My little girl is going to love it.

  6. Went to the target in Redlands, Ca. just before closing got a couple of toys. My best find was a little mommy my very real baby doll. I got it for 12.48. I had a ten dollar coupon. My little girl is gonna love it.

  7. We scored some great deals at our target..there were two aisles full of toys..and the markdown team was just finishing up. We bought several remote control cars, as these seem to be the hot item with cousins this year. There was an entire isle of princess themed items..tents and what not that were still 30% off. We decided to wait, but maybe the markdown team just hadn’t gotten to them yet?

  8. Your store might have done markdowns later in the day. That happened to me today at one Target I was at. I got there after 11am, headed right over to toys to find – nothing. many aisles of clearance toys and no one marking them down (and they were stuck at 30-50%). I asked a Red working in the area if they were doing toy markdowns today. He said he’d check. He disappeared awhile and then came back and confirmed they were NOT doing toy markdowns today. So, I did a bunch of other clearance shopping and was just about to leave (after noon now) when I heard the magic noise coming from the direction of the toy dept and saw a markdown team member heading over there. When I got to the toy dept, the team was there, just starting the markdowns. They were very nice and scanned whatever I was interested in. Got a lot of great stuff!!

  9. I stumbled upon 70% off toys today! I couldn’t believe it because it was so quiet in the store..i actually made toys my last stop ’cause i didn’t see crazy cart load people, figured they weren’t marked down yet! My big score was the Imaginext advent calendar for $5.98. I also got the Lego Star Wars advent calendar for $19.98. My other items were the Bop It Bounce for $4.46, small Prince of Persia Lego set for $4.98, Small Tonka Chuck fire station for $2.98 and Penguins of Madagascar Leapster game for $7.48. I even got lucky at the Walmart across the street and got 2 Lego Cars 2 sets for $7.50 each (half price) and an Air Hogs remote control motorcycle for $5 (reg $20)

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