Update: Toy Clearance Up to 70% Off

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Well folks- I am out the door! I am pretty sure my store will drop to 70% Off on a large majority of their Toys today so I am headed out to see what I can find! A few of you reported finding the drop to 70% on most toys yesterday- but I suspect many stores will either go today or tomorrow.

I really hope everyone has some luck and can manage to grab a few nice things! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Went to a greatland target in troy michigan today some toys were 50% and some were 70% , I got a great deal on an olay pro x gift set for 29.50 i had a 10.00 coupon and inside it had a 1 year magazine scrib.I find the greatland target are bigger and they have so much stuff when they mark down stuff.

  2. Stroudsburg, PA Target is 70% off and they have a TON of toys left – almost two full aisles! I cleaned up, but don’t worry, I left plenty of toys for everyone else. I’m set for the rest of this year!

  3. I went to the Mt Pleasant, SC Target today & there was one end cap of toys at 70% off (nothing great), but everything else was 30%-50% off…hoping everything else will be 70% off tomorrow!

  4. @ stephanie I went to the target on alexis rd. at 8 and only some things were 70 percent off.none of the legos were 70 percent off. Is that the store u went to? Did the legos ring up 70 percent off?

  5. My target just marked toys down to 70%, legos to 50%. My favorite find was the lego advent for $19.99 down from $40 and the fisher price learn through music touch pad for $16 down from $54! Horray for clearance. I also got a Hot Wheels 6 lane raceway for $23 originally $80. My boys are all set! Thanks!!!

  6. Metro Atlanta Targets at 70% off! I skipped the SuperTarget that I usually go to because it is so heavily shopped. Instead, I hit another regular location and racked up for our 4 year old son and 2 year old daugher.

  7. The Clermont, FL Target has a 70% toy clearance aisle today. I grabbed a huge Halo Megablocks set for $30, down from $100 and a LEGO Meteor Strike game for $5.90 down from $19.69. Used my Target REDcard to get an additional 5% off and brought my own bags for another $0.05 off per bag, of course! Now I need to remember to not mention my great buys to my son since those are his 2012 Christmas presents!

  8. Went to the beavercreek Target at 10 am today. 3 aisles worth of toys. Mickey mouse for under 15 dollars, cars shake and go dragster with 2 cars in it for 12 dollars. Dress up crown thingy for 5 bucks. The list goes on! I also found leapster accesories marked at 12 dollars orginally 40 dollars! And games at around 18 dollars! There were definitely more boy toys then girls. I read about the cozy coupe up top I am going to another target tonight after work I will post later. I spent 56 dollars on 189 dollars worth of toys! My son is done for his bday gotta work on my baby girls bday now! Happy savings to you all!

  9. Went to target today and yesterday and everything is still 15-30% in Southern California. I had to scan a few items to be sure and it was still marked the same, hopefully tomorrow will be better..

  10. Went to 2 Targets in Northern California (Sacramento) Nothing marked down yet, still at 15, 30 & 50%. 🙁

  11. Whooo. McKinney and Allen TX 50-70% off!!! Little mommy dolls $ 8, hot wheel sets, cars sets, tents under $15, basketball hoop for $20. Squinkees under $4! So fun. Good luck all.

  12. Went to my targets in the Toledo,OH area. All of them had there toys go 70%. I got some great deals, but they were not signed 70%. I asked one of the ladies and they said there 70% signs had not come in yet so they were just signing them 50%. Make sure to double check because your store could be in the same predicament.

  13. I went this morning and my store still has a variety, it’s been that way for a few weeks now. Our toy clearance ranges from 30% to 70% off. I double checked some toys I was interested in at the scanner and they were still only ringing at 50% off.

    On a side note, as I was leaving I walked by the beauty section and a cluster of employees was huddled around an endcap. They were talking about how the Olay Beauty Gift Sets (located on the endcap) were ringing up at $0 and they had to figure out how to fix it lol. Don’t know if it was just my store or what, but that’s crazy!

  14. Most of the toys in my Twin Cities sub store were at 70% off! I’ve got an 18 month old and most things were for ages 3+, but I got a few things!

  15. Awesome! I guess I’ll have to be scouting the Targets in my area. I was just there yesterday and clearance was only 30%.

  16. Cincinnati, OH Target was 70% of this morning. My favorite find was the Princess Cozy Coupe for $14.98.

  17. My store in Central Texas was 70 percent off this morning. Got tons of good toys–birthdays for the coming year taken care of!

  18. I just left my Target in Baton rouge. They were currently marking down their toys to 70% off. I just grabbed certain toys that they didn’t get a chance to mark down yet and asked them to scan it for me. There was one girl who I asked and she didn’t mind at all. She said if there were more toys that weren’t marked down, just hand it over to her. I’m so glad I went early. There were alot of moms coming thru the toy aisle as I was finishing my shopping. Fyi. the legos were still 50% off. Good luck in finding all the hot toys!

  19. Tana – i had the same problem with mine at Target, and Stop and Shop the past few days. I dont like it, they looked at me like as if i had fake coupons!

  20. I wish I could get out! It is snowing pretty heavy, stuck at home! Happy Shopping everyone else!

  21. This comment does not really go here, but I wanted to ask a question. Now that more and more coupons are coming out with ONLY the new bar code – I am finding that a lot of stores have not upgraded their system to read the new bar codes. My Target has not been able to read them (none of the beauty Aveeno, Neutrogena, etc coupons from SS 1/1 went through correctly). At least Target can push them through. I had an awful experience at HEB yesterday – their scanners cannot read the coupons, and they have no way to push them through. The manager had to come over, and I actually had to pay for the items without coupons, then they refunded me the money on a different transaction. Has anyone else been having this problem? I probably will not go back to HEB because of this – or will at least talk to a manager before I check out. I will have to try Kroger and see if I have problems there.

  22. Ours was still 50% yesterday. Although looking at the stickers you could see they were marked down 70%!! The one I wanted wasnt yet though. . Hoping soon..

  23. I went to my store in Omaha today still at 50% off but did find a few items including a barbie that had gone to 70%

  24. My store on Long Island dropped to 70% this morning, I cleaned up! Lots of Thomas, Cars, Rock Star Mickey ($14.88), lego sets, hot wheels, etc. Spent $200 but I think I’m set for birthdays and Christmas for my son and some friends : ) Love this time of year!

  25. My store dropped to 70% this morning. I got some wonderful deals on legos and tech deck sets! Thanks a lot!

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