Target Toy Clearance Up to 70% Off – Take Two!

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Those 3 Aisles of Toys I saw at SuperTarget yesterday were just calling my name this morning. So I took a chance and headed out early and I sure am glad I did. They finally went to 70% Off and there was LOTS and LOTS to choose from this morning! I was very happy and actually took the opportunity to shop for a few lucky friends too. 😉

I was even shocked to still find a Rock Star Mickey sitting on the shelf for 70% Off and happy to know I had my 30% Off Target Shopkick App Coupon still to use!  Here’s a breakdown of what I bought today….

Kre-o Transformers Autobots Ratchet down from $19.99 to $4.98
Fisher-Price Big Action Boulder Blast Quarry down from $22.99 to $6.88
Disney Cars 2 Pokeo Spin Out Track Set down from $28.99 to $8.66
Corolle Mon Premier Nursery Doctor Set down from $24.99 to $7.48
Corolle Mon Premier Bath Baby Doll down from $39.99 to $11.98
Fisher-Price Little Mommy Sweet as Us Dolls down from $29.99 to $8.98
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Role Play Set down from $16.59 to $4.97
Fisher-Price Big Action Boulder Boost Dump Truck down from $10.99 to $3.28
Spy Gear Micro Spy Kit down from $19.99 to $5.98
Chuck & Friends Story Book Fleet Set down from $9.99 to $2.98
Fisher-Price Disney Cars 2 Shake’n Go Dragstrip Set down from $39.99 to $11.98
Fisher-Price Rock Star Mickey down from $48.89 to $14.66
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Diesel Works Play Set down from $35.99 to $10.78
Bop-It Bounce down from $14.89 to $4.46
Polly Pocket Race to the Concert Set down from $49.99 to $14.98
Star Wars Search for Luke Skywalker Figure Set down from $24.99 to $7.48
=$130.51 – $4.39 (used the 30% Off Rock STar Mickey Target Shopkick App Coupon
= $126.12 – $6.31 (used my Red Card for an additional 5% off
= $119.81 for $439.24 worth of toys!

I was sooooo happy with my trip today and SO glad I managed to get there this morning. I hope lots more of you got your turn today too and had some luck!

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  1. i couldn’t find any %off at my target in Brunswick GA my son will love me if i win this giveaway though. i have been using this site for about a month and i cant begin to explain how helpful its been target used to be my #3 store now its #1 i get much better results at target thank you i also have been telling everyone i know about totally target

  2. A little lait. But I went to both targets and both only had the 50% off. I was hoping it would go to 70% but at the way it looks there wouldn’t be anything left…

  3. wish i had the funds to go shopping to target love this store .. wow you did great with all your finds. my son would lov e this so much all he thinks about is cars he calls they cars with eyes..

  4. Anyone finding anything in Central Fl? I went about a week ago, and was mystified that all the racks and racks of 30 – 50% off toys had just disappeared. I thought maybe they all sold out already before they could hit 70% off, but I’m wondering if they just moved them to some super-secret location.

  5. @ Dayna, yes circo sets are compatible with Thomas Wooden railway sets. I bought a figure 8 expansion set from circo back in the july clearance and it worked just fine with the thomas stuff we already had.

  6. @ Jessica- Having Walmart price match a clearance item that is NOT in an ad is wrong. It is wonderful that Walmart is being so coupon friendly but it is things like this that will bite us in the butt later.

  7. I went to a Target here in Houston, TX and there were some toys, but a majority of them were damaged or repackaged with tons of tape. I did see the Circo wooden tracks and was wondering if they were compatible with the Thomas wooden tracks? (I know it said on the box it was compatible, but I don’t always believe what I read 😉 ) My little cousin has been obsessed with Thomas the Train for about 5 yearsand he now wants all the wooden Thomas items. I also saw quite a few princess tents, but it was only 30% off, I’m holding out for 70%!!

  8. Target in Tuscaloosa Al finally clearanced at 70% on half of the products the other half still at 30%

  9. Oh Kerry, if that was a hint that we might get the chance to be one of your “lucky friends” again this year then you are just too much. <3 I did pretty well last year in both Jan and July thanks to your clearance stalking but this week the offering at my store just wasnt all that special. Tons of the time 4 toys stuff but nothing I would consider a premium score.

  10. Just got back from our Target in western PA. The items were pretty well picked over. They did have quite a few Easy Bake Ovens for $5 (although the other customer there filling four carts might have bought most of them), and the rest was mostly the MindFlex set for $30 and baby dolls.

  11. Our Toy department is terrible and the clearance is usually fairly gleaned over at 30%. I would love to get some of those Chuck and friends on decent clearance but our Target doesn’t even carry them.

  12. To the girl from cinci ohio that posted about the princess cozy coupe for 14.98 THANK YOU! I price matched at walmart since my target was sold out! dont forget ppl if you’re walmart doesnt force you to have an ad you can price match! Happy clearance shopping! Im going round 2 here in a bit!

  13. I had a great trip out this morning. My favorite target had about 3 aisles of clearance. I got $460 worth of toys for $155. (btw this was spread out over 2 Targets and I left tons of toys) I have 10 neices and nephews so I love this sale.

  14. My mom found at her Target the Star Wars Jedi math Leapster game and the Wall E Leapster game each for 7.48.

  15. Went to my local target today (kennewick wa), staff said 70% started this morning. I got there at 10am and the shelves were CLEARED. Three woman in the area with me had two or more carts stuffed, woman in front of me at the register had three carts and ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS IN TOYS!! The cashier told me a woman earlier today had nine carts of toys, seems excessive to me 🙁

  16. Taking this round off due to budget constraints. Got so much great stuff last Jan and July that I’m still fairly stocked after Christmas for our 3 kids. Think I can make it through till July for the next sale. Taking everything I have not to run over to the store today. The kids have SO much already and we are trying to simplify.

  17. Went this morning and found out mine dropped yesterday so not too much left- lots of playhouses and boy stuff- I have 4 girls. I found:

    UP leapster game- 7.48
    small Squinkie set (beauty parlor, maybe?)- 4.46- birthday present
    MLP playhouse- 7.76- birthday present
    Circo wooden blocks- 4.48
    2 pk Tinkerbell lip gloss- .92
    electronic Rubiks slide game- 2.68- birthday present

    Did decent in baby also- 3 baby showers in 4 weeks and a baby on the way. 😛 But my favorite find was 2pks of Burts Bees lip balm for 1.64!

    Amanda- I generally try to stay away from licensed toys for my kids. we tend to stick to classic, educational toys, books, movies, etc. That being said, with girl #4 on the way, I’m hard pressed to come up with ANYTHING we need. Makes Christmas and birthdays very difficult.

    summer clearance is usually late July/early August. I would say last week of July through maybe second week of August. mid January and late July- 2 of my favorite times of year!

  18. I got a great haul this morning! I didn’t get a Mickey but I did get a Step2 kitchen for $25! It was on a shelf with a red clearance tab and no price. My sister picked up one the day before at her target so I got a Red to price check and she put a clearance sticker on it. Lots of Thomas and Cars toys, a Circo train table for $27, hot wheels sets. I had a toy that was still showing 50% and also was price checking that way. I asked the employee to check with the gun and they printed a new sticker at 70%. Never hurts to ask!

  19. @Jill- it starts early in July but drags on (and on sometimes). I believe last year most of us saw the major drop the last week in July.

  20. Ashley/Jill: Last year, for me, the clearance toy sale hit 70% OFF the third week of July. Before that it was the last week of July. So my recommendation, and what I do, is keep my eyes open the whole month of July. Which simply means, After the 4th, routine Thursday morning visits to the Target toy section. 😀

  21. Not much left at my Target at all and most is only 30-50% off w/ a few 70%. I did much better at the July sale and hope that I can hit it again this year.

  22. Yes there is one in July and January every year. It works out nice with Birthdays for family members. Not sure of the date in July???? Can anyone help remind me?

  23. I noticed Katie says that there was July clearance. Is this an every year thing? If so I’m super excited for it! My son’s bday is in July and that will be perfect timing!

  24. Thanks Kerry, Christina and Carrie! I don’t have kids yet but I’ll try to remember all this for when/if I do!

  25. I just got back. It was very picked over in my store, so I didn’t get anything. But I did SO well in the clearance last July that I really don’t need much – my toy closet is still stocked!

    I did well in the baby clearance section though. I found a Baby Bjorn at 50% off! $50! I also found a bunch of sippy cups (some 3-packs) for $1.98!

  26. @Amanda – For the past three major toys sales, I try to purchase a few items for my children (I have 2 boys) and then purchase a few items for my children’s friends birthdays or family members. Even though the price is right, I don’t over buy since there will always be another sale! I think the trick is to purchase a few items that are for a variety of ages but things that you know kids would like over time (e.g. legos, cars, barbie dolls, etc.) and then you never have to overpay for toys again!

  27. @ Amanda: My daughter is pretty much interested in anything girly, and I pretty much know what she will stick to liking. She has been into My Little Ponies for 3 years now so that’s always a given. Plus anything like Barbies and age-appropriate toys are what I stick to. I just had a boy so now I am trying to stock up for his items…I stick to age appropriate for them mostly and of course throw in a My Little Pony or two! (Our stockpile of ponies is ridiculous!)

  28. I couldn’t make it yesterday, and by the looks of the shelfs, thats when my Target moved to 70% off, but I was still able to find a couple good things. I found a motorized dinosaur train set for $14.98 that was originally $49.99 and a boulder blast truck for around $4. I was super excited to find the Leap Frog Birthday Cake for $5ish (I think) originally $15. I have a niece and a friend who are turning 1 this year that hopefully love them. Overall, $30 oop for about $95 worth of stuff. Not too shabby.

    I’m new to this site, and I never would have had a clue about the toy clearance otherwise. Thank you!

  29. My Target yesterday was marking most of the clearance toys to 70% off. There was nobody in the aisle but me and the target employees doing the markdowns.

    I was able to purchase the following:

    Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Lightspeeder from $24.98 to 7.48
    Star Wars Taun Taun from $24.98 to $7.48
    Lego Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar from $39.99 to $19.98 (it was on 50% off)
    Hello Kitty Cruise Crew Figure Pack from $6.19 to $1.85
    Hello Kitty Mega Blocks Playground from $6.99 to $2.08
    (4) Disney Princess bracelets w/ bobbles from $5.04 to $1.51
    (3) Squinkies sets from $4.99 to $1.48
    Circo baby doll bodysuits from $4.99 to $1.48

    Total retail: $143.25 I spent: $48.29

    I my kids have their birthdays in the next few months so these will be a great start for gifts.

  30. I’m so jealous of your Rock Star Mickey! Is that a Cars 2 track I see? We got one for my daughter for Christmas (at full price, eek!) and she loves it 🙂

  31. @Amanda- for me I try and only get what I know will last until the next holiday- be it Birthday, Christmas, or what have you. I try and go with my gut- and sometimes its wrong- but usually anything I feel Austin may no longer have interest in- or I can’t seem to gift to someone else- goes in a pile I keep for Toys for Tots. So everything finds a home eventually. Today’s budget went way beyond Austin (but there’s a method to my madness 😉 & it’s a surprise so I can’t say who I shopped for).

    But if you are on a tight budget or worried about purchasing for the future- I think the best thing to do when shopping these sales is to put what you THINK you want in your cart- and then pull off to the side somewhere and go over everything in your cart again- slowly and carefully and look at what you are buying- quality- etc. Yo uwill probably find that you put several things back. And try and stick to a budget. Allow yourself a certain amount to spend on stocking up for the future before you even get there and do your best not to go over it. hth

  32. My husband picked up the Disney Princess Castle (for the Barbie sized dolls) for $43 yesterday!! I think it was originally $150? I am so excited…it’s already in hiding for Christmas this year.

  33. I have a question. I don’t have kids, so the only kid gifts I purchase are a couple Toys for Tots items around Christmas and perhaps a gift for a friend’s kid (although I usually buy clothes or books). I’m just wondering for when/if I have my own child…if you are stocking up with toys for next Christmas or birthdays later in the year, how do you know what your kids will want then? Because what they like now, they may hate or ignore in 6 or 11 months. Do you buy toys for ages that are a year older than your kids are now? Do you buy what they like now and cross your fingers that they still like it later? Or does it not matter because you got it on sale (so they have to like it!)? Just wondering! Thanks!

  34. 3 Leapster games for 7.98 each reg. 24.99
    Baby Alive outfit for 3.02 reg. 10.09,
    Fisher Price Sweet as Us Babies for 8.98 reg. 29.99,
    Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Happy Birthday Mr. Percival Set for 23.98 reg. 79.99
    Chuggington Interactive Railway All Around Chugginton Set for 17.98 reg. 59.99

    Total Retail: 255.03
    Actaully spent: 77.90! We were really excited! We have 5 kids so this was great!

  35. I went to Target today and they only had 1, maybe 2 aisles of stuff marked down – not impressed at all. I did pick up 2 Imaginext Advent calendars marked down to $5.98 each for next year. I wanted the Lego one, but it was marked down and was still over $20 – oh well, they will like the imaginext too.

  36. I wish I could have found some of the Star Wars toys! My 5 year old is currently obsessed.

  37. I went Thursday Morning to Target to check and they still hadnt marked down in tuscaloosa I guess im headed there again today

  38. I went last night. I was told that our Target does there markdowns on Thursday mornings. If you ask an employee they will usually tell you when they do markdowns at that particular store.

  39. I purchased the RockStar Mickey at 50% off, so if my store has any left I plan on returning the one I bought at 50% off and buying a new one at 70% off. There were not many there left the other day so that is why I did not want to chance it. This will be my sons 3rd Birthday gift, which is coming up in a couple days.

    Looks like a great haul though!!!

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