Campbell’s SpaghettiOs as Low as 39¢ at Target

So I did not scan all the SpaghettiOs to find out which ones are .59 cents, but it definitely appears to be only select ones. I saw signs for only the following varieties- Original, With Calcium, Dora & Disney Princess. Price cuts can vary by region- but there is a nice deal to be had if you find the same…

Campbell’s Spaghetti-Os, Select Varieties .59 (PC thru 2/11)
-.40/2; $1/5; .40/3 Spaghetti-O’s 12-4-11 SS x2/1
= as low as .39 cents each depending on coupon

*Note- The SpaghettiOs with Meatballs are also on Price Cut right now for .84 cents- but that one will end earlier- on 1/21.

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  1. Kerry – I’m new to this and I’m sure sure where to post so I’m sorry if I’m breaking any rules here. But I see that target has a printable coupon for Pediasure (-$1.25). The coupon reads “manufacture” and not “Target Web Coupon”. I also have two (-$2.00) SS manufacture coupons – can I stack these coupons? Thank You.

  2. Thia,
    sometimes target has manufacture coupons on its sight they aren’t always “target” coupons so in this case you cant stack them. Sorry they have to both read 1 saying “Target” and one saying “manufacture” on them inorder to stack them! hope this helped!!

  3. I would love to know which insert this coupon is in as well, I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance

  4. -.40/2; $1/5; .40/3 Spaghetti-O’s 12-4-11 SS x2/1
    (December 4th SS) all coupons have potential to be regional- if that’s where you are looking and don’t have it — it may not have been in your area’s inserts. hth

  5. LOL ~ Thank you for the reply….I have been looking through all my inserts going nuts, that would explain why I couldn’t find anything. :o)

  6. @ dani most helpful thanks!
    @ Elizabeth & Kosmic Cakes – I found them in my Smart Source sunday & monday inserts Jan 15 & 16 for $2 off ZC 48044. My 8yo has adhd & loses weight from meds and was recom. to help. It works out great. Sorry for the delay & good luck.

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