Possible HUGE Price Cut on GoGo Squeez 12-Packs

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Here’s one to definitely look for at your stores, although be advised- it is  such a huge price cut that it could very well be a fluke- and the 12-packs may not be carried at all locations- but I sure  hope you guys luck out and fiind them too.

Anyway- my store had the GoGo Squeeze Applesauce 12-Packs on the regular shelves AND back in their Bodega section and on Price Cut for $2.29 (regularly $6.49!). I had to scan it to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me- but they were indeed ringing up $2.29.

The signs read valid for this week only thru 1/21- and if you haven’t yet- I believe you can even still print a .75/1 GoGo SqueeZ 4 or 12 pack coupon that is up on their Facebook Page HERE to get them for $1.54! Good luck folks & I hope you find them too & it can’t hurt to scan just in case if you don’t see a sign!

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  1. I found them at my store today signed $2.29. They rang at $7.04, but they did a price correction for me!

  2. I cant believe I FOUND THESE!!! But be careful when checking out mine were still ring up at full price!!! My kids are going to so excited!!! Thank You 🙂

  3. I was sad also, my store (Northeast Ohio) had the 12 packs on sale for $5.89 through 2/18 it says. Bummer.

  4. Yes, Target has changed the pricing back. I went back to the same store I went to yesterday and the Price Cut sign is gone. They all scanned regular price now. Good thing I stocked up yesterday!

  5. My store had them marked @ $2.29 yesterday and when I went back today they scanned $6.49 the
    manager told me there had been a mistake in the system and they really were supposed to be $6.49 but they forgot to take the sign down so they had to give them to me for the $2.29! What a great deal!

  6. A friend of mine just went to the same Target I got mine at 2.29 yesterday and they are scanning at 6 something now..boo..they must have caught it

  7. Just left my Target…12-pack price checked in at 4.49 and the 4 pack was 2.29. I grabbed a 4-pack since we haven’t tried them, but will go back for the 12-pack if they are a success. Great price!

  8. I think Target finally corrected the pricing error. I went to my store in Northern CA and they did not have the 12 packs in with the regular applesauce’s but did have them back in the Bodega section with the $2.29 price. When I went to checkout though they rang up regular price at $7.10. Luckily the signs were still back there so they changed the price for me, but I’m sure they pulled them afterwards.

  9. I went in Temecula CA and there were no spots for 12 packs in the Bodega section – and only 4 packs in the regular section. 🙁

  10. I am so disappointed – I could not find these at my Target. And they are not doing the $5 gift card deal on baby items either. So bummed!!!

  11. i went yesterday and the sign said 6.49 but i price checked and they came up at 2.29. there were acrutally two different flavors as well. strrawberry and regular. my little one loves these. awsome deal

  12. I went last night after reading this post, and they don’t even CARRY the 12 packs. So sad 🙁 I’m in Richmond, VA.

  13. For the people asking what the Bodega sections is…Its where they have the bulk items, back by the garden/summer area. They had them on sale at both targets by me! Check the isle where the apple sauce is down if they only have apple strawberry in the Bodega area

  14. Both Targets I went to today had them for $2.29 price cut. All were located in Bodega section of the store. My son will be happy as he eats these all the time!

  15. @Elizabeth- it’s a section of the store where they keep lots of bulk-packaged items- usually in back of store where seasonal set up. hth

  16. Went to my store in Hunters Creek area (Orlando) and they were $2.29. The bodega section only had a few boxes and they were all the apple strawberry. So I went to the regular isle with the applesauce and they were marked the same price of $2.29 and it looked like they only had the apple strawberry, but after pulling a few boxes out I found the apple apple behind them. So I got 4 boxes, 2 of each flavor. Was able to print 2 of the coupons from our laptops.

  17. i am in denver colorado area and i called my 3 closest targets and they all have them in the bodega section 12 packs for 2.79!! stock up time–call you store and just have someone run back and price check them before you head out saves so much time

  18. I got mine in the Bodega section. I bought 7 of them! And there were still plenty left. Going to check another store nearby on Thursday (payday) to get more. My kids take a lunch to school every day so this is perfect!

  19. I am in the St. Louis, MO area. My Target did not have that size in the baby section but did have them on price cut in the Bodega section. They were clearly marked the $2.29 price and had at least 2 dozen or more boxes left after I grabbed a couple. Great deal!

  20. I found them in the Bodega section of another Target nearby. The 12 pack was $2.29 and the 4 pack was $2.29. I stocked up on all the 12 packs!

  21. My two store in Waukesha, WI had the price cut, but were sold out in both the main aisle AND Bodega section. Booooo! I’m not going to hold my breath that they will re-stock before the deal expires, but I will keep checking back. We love those squeezers!

  22. Thank you for this!!! My Target didn’t have them marked but they scanned at 2.29. I stocked up!!!

  23. just got back from target and found the 4 pk in the regular aisle ticketed at price cut for 2.29 and then the 12pks in the bodego aisle on price cut for 2.29 as well 🙂 the girls really wanted the apple banana ones but they were only in the 4 pk so they got on the apple apple and apple strawberry 🙂 and I ran into the problem of the coupon not printing from my laptop but I was able to print from the desk top…

  24. I checked my local Target and they were regular price. I did not see them in the Bodega section, just the regular isle. 🙁

  25. I think its a fluke, although I will be happy to see that price come to MY target!! It was still 6.49 at mine today

  26. Both Targets I checked this morning had them on Price Cut, but only had the apple strawberry flavor, which my children will not eat. 🙁

  27. I believe Costco sells an 18-pack for $11.xx, so a little over $.61 per pouch. This price at Target is a screaming deal for the 12-pack.

    I found the 4-packs in the applesauce aisle and the 12-packs in the Bodega. At a remodel store the 12-packs were already on clearance over a week ago.

  28. Mine had the 12 packs for $2.29 in the bodega section! I was so happy! Snagged 5 boxes for my sister who does daycare.

  29. Thanks so much for posting this. My youngest loves to have applesauce in his lunchbox everyday and these are sooo convenient, but pricey. My local Target had them at the $2.29 price so I stocked up!

  30. Yea I am so jealous, I ran to Target and mine were priced at $6.49 🙁 But I did goby and check out the toy clearance and to my surprise there was still a whole aisle filled with toys!! I scored a Tag Tinkerbell Game book for $3.06 and a Strawberry Shortcake set for $1.06 🙂

  31. Lucky you. I think it was a pricing mistake. Our store has the 4 pack on sale for $2.29 and the 12 pack is on sale for $6.49. The 12 pack is normally $8.29 now at our store and the 4 pack is $2.69.

  32. I can’t get the darn thing to print.
    It keeps telling me Java is not installed. It is though and updated

  33. they were handing out target coupons in-store for these last weekend. I hope I can find the ones I grabbed…

  34. @Jennifer- they canbe found in Applesauce aisle- but check your Bodega section too. Mine had a few on the shelf in regular aisle but most in the back in the Bodega. hth

  35. I have already used that coupon, but this is an amazing price! The 4 packs are usually $2.29!! My kids take these in their lunches or for snack time every day! Heading to Target to check it out this morning! Thanks!!!!!

  36. What aisle are these found in? I’ve heard great things about them and at this price I’d certainly like to try them out!

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