1. JUST AN UPDATE: You CAN use these on Enfagrow products! YAY!! They sell 24 oz. Enfagrow cans for $18.97 at Walmart (might be similar at Target) so if you have any $5 Enfagrow checks to pair with, it is only $3.97 for a 24 oz. Can!! WOOHOO!!!

  2. I printed 14 of these. I am in search of $3/3 Nabisco coupons. Am looking for even just a few of these, and all 14 of these can be yours plus any other coupon I may have that you want. My email is [email protected] if your interested.

  3. I was wondering the same thing a Elissa. If anyone has an answer please let me know. I love using this stuff for my daughter after weaning her but it is expensive.

  4. Ameliasmom, YES they can be stacked w/the checks!!
    Does anybody know if you can use the $10 Enfamil coupon on their “Enfagrow” products???

  5. I think it is gone already, unless someone sees it at a zipcode I don’t. I missed it last time & am devastated that I probably missed it again. If someone prints it & does not need it please email me at amanda.wacker @ yahoo.com Thank you so much!

  6. Just printed two… who wants them. First person to email me at jodi.miller @ live.com will get them. I’ll put them in the mail tomorrow. I’d love to help a mommy that will use these for their own use. Thanks!

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