Thank You For Your Patience…

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Hey Everyone- I know that some of you have noticed I have been having some trouble this week with my site. There have actually been issues at times for a couple months now, and I have been very frustrated and we have applied some fixes that only seem to be temporary. So in order to get everything back to normal and hopefully have a permanent fix – I am going to be switching servers.

It will be happening today sometime soon and should result in a much faster and wonky-free TT experience. And it should allow me to post properly and quickly without frustration. Some of you will see me immediately on the new server- but for some of you – it may take a few hours to see my new posts. But I appreciate your patience. It has been an especially rough week for me- and I can’t thank you all enough for your support and willingness to hang in there while I get things sorted out

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  1. Totally worth it. 😀 I look forward to Friday’s preview of the sales ad and all the matchups.

  2. That’s why! I thought it was my computer acting funny, since we just got a new router. Hope all the problems go away:-)

  3. Love Totally Target Kerry and all the work you do. I found Totally Target listed as one of the top 25 sites that can be voted as a favorite on Circle of Moms. I vote for you. I wish I knew how to post the url for a link to the site directly so others could vote for you also. I encourage other TT followers to go to that site and vote for Totally Target. Let our votes be heard in support of Kerry and how much we love TT!!!

  4. Your site is fantastic. Thank you for all of your hard work! Hope this switch goes o.k. for you.

  5. best of luck – i’m not target shopping until we get our new target card. our old one got hacked into so it’s suspended. saving money by not shopping is my positive way of looking at it, although i really wanted to get the go go squeeze!

  6. I hope it all goes smoothly, but you are worth the wait if it takes some time. May the rest of you week go by without any trouble.

  7. You are amazing and keep us all up to date on treat deals. Thank you for the work you do. Hope the switching websites go smoothly and the rest of you week goes more smoothly.

  8. I agree with the first two. LOVE LOVE LOVE TT and will wait patiently. Thanks for this awesome site!!

  9. We will wait patiently! I love this site and am glad you’ll soon have fewer frustrations!!! Thanks tons!

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