New B2G1 FREE American Greeting Cards Coupon

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 There is a new coupon available to print for B2G1 FREE American Greetings Cards. You can sort by Flowers and Gifts on the left to find it fast. We still have our $2/3 Greeting Cards (Excludes Cards Under $1) Target Coupon x2/21 to stack with too. According to Target Coupon policy you would have to buy 4 cards in order to use both coupons, but look for the lower priced cards to get a great deal after stack.

NOTE- This coupon does state “Redeemable at Walmart- however – not ONLY at Walmart and it is a regular manufacturer’s coupon- that should be able to be used elsewhere. But I know some of you have stores that are super picky when it comes to this type of wording on coupons.

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  1. Thanks Jill & Jenn- I am out of blue ink so i missed that. lol. but just updated the post. but yes- it is a regular MQ- and does not say “only at Walmart” so unless your store is super picky- you should be able to redeem it at Target or another store if you choose.

  2. @Jenn M. as long as it doesn’t say “only to be redeemed at Wal-Mart” in the fine print then Target should accept it. The last time I used a coupon at Target with a Wal-Mart logo on it I was surprised that I didn’t receive any problems.

  3. It says Walmart on this coupon, but I can still use it at Target? Sometimes they don’t let you use manf. coupons at Target if they have a competitors name on the coupon?

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