FREE Up & Up Paper Towels Single Rolls at Target

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UPDATE: Looks like our Paper Towel coupon is gone now folks. 🙁 But for more cheap finds at Target – you can check out the Cheap Finds Category here on TT. 🙂

Well surprisingly enough the new $1/1 up & up® paper towels Target Web Coupon x2/25 does not have any size restrictions on it this morning. This is a very nice coupon, since you can grab yourself a single roll of Up & Up Paper Towels for FREE after coupon since they sell for .99 cents at Target.

I had hubby test it out for me this morning to see how the coupon would behave- and no beeps- for him anyway! The coupon automatically rounded down to .99 cents. 🙂

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  1. ASHLEY!!! you and RENEE!!!! are the reason many stores are giving the rest of us a hard time! this is ridiculous!

  2. Calm Down Ann! Ur lucky I didn’t come back to work where I could have printed 40 coupons…I hate when ppl cry about nor being able to get one or two.. its all a game. first come first serve!

  3. Or I guess I should say how did you get 11 coupons + the ones for the BOX you ordered. Geez Louise.

  4. Renee-
    How did you get 11 coupons? No wonder they went so fast. I had it up on the screen but when I tried to print, I got an error message saying I’d printed too many when I had printed NO Target coupons in the last two weeks. Even then, I only printed two yogurt coupons and two WW coupons.

  5. to renee…did you really have to buy11 rolls and not save any for the rest of us who are just trying to get 1 or 3 rolls? you are the kind of person who ruins these deals for the rest of us

  6. I only bought 4 rolls this morning but had no problems. They did market my coupons down to $0.99 but that was cool. I figured aI’d pick up a few at a time since it doesn’t expire until 02/25/2012. This way i don’t clear shelves and can just stop at any random Target I pass. Sorry to those that missed the coupon. I’ve never seen one go that fast…WOW!

  7. I went this morning to get the free paper towels. When I gave my coupons to the cashier she looked at them and before even TRYING to scan them told me they were for the multi packs only. I said no, it says any paper towels no size indicated. She then called over the manager who also tried to say they were for multi packs only. I again said no size was indicated can you at least try to scan and see if it works? It of course worked but I was told that doesn’t mean it was the right item because target web coupons will work even if you don’t buy the right product. Really?? Has anyone else ever heard of this, because there have been plenty of times that I have had target coupons beep even when I got the correct item! BTW I finally did get my 2 free paper towels after all

  8. i was just able to get 11 rolls of paper towels. the manager was very nice at my store and said he will order me a box. I left one roll on the shelf…I normally don’t buy so much of one item but we go through papertowels like crazy and it would be silly for me not to stock up.

  9. More than once, the floor manager at my Target has told me that I cannot use a coupon if the value is higher than the item’s price — so, no paper towels for me this morning. Has anyone else had similar issues. Any thoughts?


  10. For some reason I don’t see this coupon listed anymore – am I missing it or did they take it off?

  11. Thank you — printed 2 last night. Looks like the coupon is gone this AM. Thank you for the heads up!!!!

  12. I tried to use 4 target coupons for the free paper towel and the cashier said that I could only use one. =( I guess I have to make three other trips??!!

  13. The coupon says limit 1 per guest. Can you use more than 1 coupon if your cashier/store allows it?

  14. Thanks Rebecca! But I find that so funny. They are obviously going to irritate other shoppers (non-Q’ers) by limiting stock. Also, that’s why Q’s can have limitations (“excluding single size, etc.”).

  15. Thanks for the insider tip, Rebecca!
    Even though they’re not free, I wonder if my store is doing this with the Flintstone vitamins. Haven’t been able to get ANY…yet. 🙁

  16. Worked just fine for me too!!! Got the .01 overage too!! Woohoo!!! Ive never bought something that was completely free without tax!! Thanks for the heads up!!!!

  17. Just used two coupons and got two rolls, somehow I ended up paying $0.02 cents after tax…..not sure how that happened, but ok!

  18. I just did this deal in the Pittsburgh area, and not only did the coupon NOT beep, but it deducted the full $1.00. And just an FYI…..I got some “insider” info from a Target manager regarding coupons and free items. I was told that the store will hold off restocking the item that you can get for free with a Target only coupon for a few weeks. This is to encourage customers to use the coupon on larger sizes of the item. So if your Target is sold out of the single rolls of Paper Towels, wait about two weeks and they should be restocked by then. This is what happened at my store with the Mac and Cheese deal. They finally restocked (I had two more coupons to use printed from hubby’s work computer 😉 ) after being out of stock for almost two weeks.

  19. Can you buy multiples? In the fine print it says one coupon or offer per guest so can you only get one?

  20. I havent tried these yet but when a coupon beeps, the cashier just adjusts the price, even the manager did that. But, I love when it doesnt beep!lol

  21. Thanks for the info on the paper towels!

    And i have used the coupon for the pantyliners – when my store has had them in stock it worked just fine…


  22. Just wondering has anyone tried the $1 off up & up femine item on the pantyliners….they are less than $1 just wondered if it beeped or not?

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