$1.50/2 Purex Crystals Facebook Coupon Giveaway

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Every day this week Monday – Friday, Purex will be giving out 10,000 coupons for $1.50/2 Purex Crystals.  Today’s giveaway starts at 3 pm EST and you can go HERE to try to get one of these coupons.  If you miss out, you can check back each day for another chance.  Each day will be at a different time, but you can go HERE to see the calendar schedule.

– Thanks One Momma Saving Money!

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  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know you’re giving people the wrong time for today’s Purex giveaway. The page says it’s at 5pm EST, not 3. Thanks! 🙂 Also ladies – if you can get a coupon, and you live near a Rite Aid, they are BOGO this week 🙂

  2. LOL I agree with the above, i printed one anyway, but am confused why it was such a big deal…I guess because of the limit?? I imagine these are like unstopables?

  3. caray – that’s what I said! Everyone’s making such a deal about this but it’s not that great of a deal…I don’t get it

  4. Thats not a great coupon, a $1.50 off of TWO?!!? Purex cost about $4.99 for one, thats $10 for two…thanks but I will pass on this one.

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