1. I was able to use the $5 coupon and the “checks” that come in the mail. Mine were $4 off…2 coupons and 2 checks gave me a wonderful savings! I did do this at 2 different Targets, on 2 different days. I even asked the first cashier and she said it worked!

  2. I picked up 2 cans of 1 quart sized Enfamil ready to use infant formula today. They are $6.79 regular price. Coupon beeped, but cashier accepted it.

  3. Our Target has a smaller can for $14.87. I printed a couple, and I’m going to see if I can use them with the “checks” I received in the mail. The printed coupon states manufacturer coupon, the other states to use as a check. Hopefully I can double them up!

  4. Laura, the last one was for a larger size, but this one is for any size. Does anyone know how much the cheapest Enfamil product costs?

  5. Is this really off any size? I think I printed this same exact coupon a few days ago and on the site it looked like it would be any size but when I printed, it was 22 oz and up. Has anyone printed to see for sure?

  6. This lets you print twice also…great deal! Gonna print a few for my friend who just found out she cannot breastfeed…they don’t have much money so this will help a lot.
    Thanks for the link!

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