*Expired* $5/1 Kingsford Charcoal Coupon

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There is a new super high-value coupon available to print at zip 78245 for $5/1 Kingsford Original Match Light or Hickory Charcoal Product. You can sort by household on left to find it fast. This coupon prints with the wording “available at Lowes” but it is a regular manufacturer’s coupon that should be able to be used elsewhere. If you print this coupon alone an ad will print below it.

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  1. I tried at target and they beep and they would not take them. I went to Smith’s and they beep there too but the cashier was nice enough to take them. Good luck using them if u got them.

  2. Official post on their facebook page:

    Kingsford Charcoal
    Hello Kingsford fans! We’d like to clear up any confusion regarding coupons. So sorry it took us a while to get to the bottom of this mystery! Yesterday, a number of coupon offers were posted by third parties to our Facebook Wall. While we can’t verify the legitimacy of them all, we can confirm that the $5 Kingsford coupon from Coupons.com was legitimate and will be honored. Unfortunately, the link has now been taken down because all available coupons were downloaded. Please check back again for future offers and thank you for your patience and support of Kingsford!

  3. Wow – thanks for the heads up – I will be checking on that.

    They are owned by Clorox. They put out a $5 coupon on Coupons.com yesterday and now are claiming it was “unsolicited and not covered by us”. I am watching their page for clarification on that, but it should be noted that Clorox also owns Brita FilterForGood and tried to back out of the rebate they offered, only to retract and accept it. What is going on with this company?

  4. check out the kingsford charcoal fb, they posted “We apologize about the confusion for the earlier coupons. They were unsolicited and not covered by us.” You really have to scroll down to find it, but apparently, they are suggesting the coupon is a fraud!

  5. hoping it will come back soon, trying to get ready for my daughters bbq birthday party in april.

  6. I got in early for once and got 2 prints and then it was gone. Awesome! This coupon makes me yearn for summer BBQ!

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