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Keep an eye out at your stores for Specially Marked boxes of the Value Size Pillsbury Toaster Strudel.  They contain a coupon printed on the back of the box for a FREE 15 ct Totinos Pizza Rolls up to $2.29. The value size boxes contain 12 Toaster Strudel and are on Price Cut thru 1/28.

There is also a .50/2, .75/3; $1/3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, Toaster Scrambles Pastries or Pillsbury Pancakes, any – 01-08-12 GM x3/31. As a price comparison- if you bought two 6 ct boxes ($2.06) and 15 ct pizza rolls ($1.52) – it is $5.62 worth of products for $3.59 and even better if you’ve got a coupon. -Thanks Amber!

So a few of you report seeing Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider K-Cups on clearance at Target this week between 30& 50% Off. We have a FREE $5 Gift Card Deal going on wyb 2 select K-Cups and Vanessa actually found the Gift Card signs at her store actually tagged with a 30% Off clearance price of $8.38. But a couple of you report even seeing it as low as 50% off at $5.98.

Not sure of the shelf life on these but if you like Hot Apple Cider- than take a look at your store to see if you spot them. You may want to scan too- just in case they are not stickered. You can also print the –$1/2 K-cups Coupon (includes Green Mountain) to get an even better deal if you find them too. For other matchups for this Gift Card Deal- check out the Best Deals of the Week Post. -Thanks to Vanessa, Andrea & Michael!

If you haven’t heard- there is a great printable Enfamil Coupon now available valid for $5/1 ANY Enfamil product. This coupon has no size or specific product restrictions either and is good on any Enfamil Product. This makes the Enfamil Ready to Feed Formula 1 Quart Cans just $1.79 after coupon.

Someone also asked whether or not this coupon can be used on the Enfamil Tri- Vi- Sol vitamins and I don’t see why not. It does not specify formula. I believe the vitamins are around $7.49, so it makes for a big savings.

Also- if you are a new Mom, or about to become one, you can sign up with Enfamil Family Beginnings and get up to $250 in Free Gifts from Enfamil including some awesome Freebies and high value coupons. Just fill out the form to receive free samples & special offers.

There are a few of you reporting as much as 50% Off in your Bodega sections. It will be random & there were no signs of clearance for Kelley or I. But after several e-mails reporting this early clearance- you  may want to just take a quick look back there if you usually don’t. It seems very early- but possibly it is for stores who are renovating? Just a guess on my part- as I am not really sure why it’s happening so early for some. Usually we don’t start seeing items clearanced until the first or 2nd week of February for this section and then only at 15% to start, so it’s a little odd.

But if you luck out and find clearance back there- keep in mind the Huggies $10 Gift Card Deal wyb 2 Select Huggies Boxes (orig. $37.98) is still valid thru 1/28. That would be a nice clearance find at 50% Off. Plus there is the $5/1 Huggies 92 ct+ Little Movers or Snug & Dry Diapers Target Coupon *HERE* x2/11 plus there are Huggies manufacturer’s coupons in the 1-15-12 SS x2/11. Good luck folks and let me know if you have found Bodega clearance too! -Thanks for the heads up to Kelli, Mama Mia, Sarah & Leah!

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  1. I was able to use the $5 Enfamil coupon on their D-Vi-Sol without any issues this morning. It runs $7.89 at my store (Orlando, FL area) so this is a great deal!

  2. @ Claudia, click on the red link hyperlink in the last paragraph of the main post. These coupons were available via mobile (which I don’t do) or you can print 2 per computer like a regular target coupon. I printed mine a couple of weeks ago so I don’t know if they’re still available, but they still show up on my screen with “print limit reached”

  3. @Jackson

    I would say only buy it if you get a really good deal. Right before my little one was born, Enfamil and Similac switched to the plastic containers instead of the old cardboard ones. I got lots of formula at 50 and 75 percent off! Plus I had many coupons. I didn’t buy any formula after he was born. Formula has a pretty long expiration typically. It should be stamped right on the container. I still have some left over that recently expired and my son is 18 months old (2 year expiration is pretty common). I would definitely get a few to try out and have on hand. I mostly breast fed so I didn’t actually use that much formula, but what I bought before he was born was more than enough. If you are getting the checks in the mail, use all of the high value ones before they expire, do you don’t get as many after they are born! And especially for a second child- I’ve only gotten a few whereas I got a LOT last time.

  4. @ Claudia: it’s probably the $5 target mobile coupon that you get when you text “bodega” to target.

  5. The activia. Yogurt is on sale too.its not published though.the 4packs are scanning for 1.79 at least mine did and I used $2 off 2 packs target coupon

  6. @ Heather – Thats a great deal!! Where did you get the 5off1 target coupon for the diapers? Im hoping ours goes 50% soon!! 🙂

  7. The early clearance is very probably because of the stores going to Pfresh, there are supposedly around 150 stores going through that particular transition this year and I know when my store went through the transition we hardly carried any seasonal items at all until it was almost finished because that area does transition quite often it is mostly just a pain to keep rotating the stock when you’re rotating an entire store.

  8. @Jackson: I would wait to stock up until the baby is born, sometimes it takes trying a few formulas before finding the one that agrees with your baby’s tummy. You don’t want to have a stockpile of formula that your baby can’t handle. I had to give my lil one formula supplement for a few weeks to get her weight up, and had to try a few varieties before we found the one she could keep down. Most pediatricians have samples they can give you too to help with this process. HTH!

  9. I found some Tully’s french roast k-cups on clearance for $5.98/box and they were included in the $5 gift card deal. Also used the $1/2 coupon for some cheap k-cups!

  10. Just as you said…. I got the Hot Apple Cider for $5.98 a box. I got 2 boxes and used a $1.50 off 2 coupon I had from a mailer (not sure how I got this mailer?) and I got the $5 gift card back. Thanks!

  11. There is also a Enfamil DHA supplement for pregnant mommies. Pro-lipil or something like that? I used to take it with a generic prenatal my doctor prescribed and it is also a bit pricey, so that $5 coupon could help for that as well.

  12. How long does formula last? My sister is expecting in Aug. If we stock up now should it last?

  13. Yippee! Bodega clearance for me at the Glendale store location in Indianapolis! They too are renovating so I scored some fabo deals: 18-pack of Kids Clif Bars for $4, 60-pack of Cascade tabs for $6.64, and a 3-pack of Clorox toilet bowl cleaners for $2.69. Coupons made these prices even sweeter. Saw a ton more too but this was all I could handle with two hungry munchkins in tow. Good luck!

  14. Thank you thank you thank you for the Enfamil vitamin tip! I printed one but my paper came out blank, guess I need ink. : (

  15. Yes, I found the Bodega section on clearance at 50% yesterday, but our store is renovating so that is probably why. I got two huggies diapers on clearance for 18.98– bought 2, used (2) 3.00/1 MFC peelie on box and (2) 5.00/1 Target coupon and got the $10 gift card so 5.98 a box! Super excited. Also found Up & Up 704 count baby wipes 50% off, so 5.74 and then used 1.00 off 3.00 up&up item. Clif Z Bars were 50%–$4.00 for 18 count box! Lots and lots of other good deals. Best trip I’ve had to Target in along time! I keep missing everything because our store is doing all clearance early because of the renovation.

  16. Keep an eye out for the baby clearance. It is still sitting at 50% at my store, but I managed to score a Bright Starts pack and play with changer for $40 after the $10 off coupon from their website. It was the last one so I have time to decide if I want to keep it or not? It normally retails for $100, so I guess this is a good deal right? I know how expensive such pack and plays can be.

  17. @Cortney- I am not sure if the Pull-Ups come in the Giant Packs or not- if you don’t see them in baby- take a look in the Bodega section. hth

  18. Is the $10.00 gc deal only on Huggies diapers now or is it still good on the pulls ups as well?

  19. Oh wow thank you for the Enfamil Tri- Vi- Sol vitamin tip! We have been needing this for the past week! I really hope this works! Has anyone tried it? Thats an AWESOME savings.

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