Tide You Over Tuesday: DIY Microwave Popcorn

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If you love microwave popcorn but wish there was a healthier way to make it that was a LOT less expensive, then you will want to check out Amanda’s post on DIY microwave popcorn.  Making your own popcorn allows you to make it much healthier without all the additives.  At around 5 cents a bag, it’s a pretty cheap snack!

You can also experiment a bit by adding different flavors to the bags.  You can try adding a little garlic salt, different seasoned salts, pepper, a pinch of sugar, or just about any combination you think would taste great. Plus, you can get the bags ready in advance so that you won’t even need to measure when you want a healthy snack!

– Thanks Amanda at A Few Shortcuts!

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  1. You can use any microwave safe container to do this. Just make sure it is covered so no popcorn escapes and it must be vented for steam to escape.

  2. Word to the wise. Don’t think you are going green by reusing that leftover brown bag from when you brought home those 2 small chicken sandwiches for lunch… Mine caught on FIRE!! Good thing I was standing there watching it! Use a new bag, lol!

  3. My mom figured this out back in the ’80’s when microwave popcorn first came on the market. Never bought it again.

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