New Lady & the Tramp Coupons and Upcoming Deal

If you have an existing copy of Lady and the Tramp (on DVD, VHS or even LaserDisc), you can enter that UPC code on the Disney Movie Rewards website to print a coupon for an upgrade. You can choose to get $8/1 Lady & the Tramp 3-Disc Combo Pack or a $5/1 Lady & the Tramp Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack.

This movie will be in stores on Tuesday, February 7th and Target will be offering a Special Instant Savings deal when you buy Lady & the Tramp on Blu-Ray and one other select Disney Blu-ray…

SPECIAL PURCHASE: Save $8 wyb Lady & the Tramp AND (1) Select Disney Blu-Ray*
*Lady & the Tramp Blu-Ray Combo Pack +Digital $27.99
 -$8/1 Lady & the Tramp 3-Disc Combo Pack Upgrade Coupon on Disney Movie Rewards
*Lady & the Tramp Disney Blu-Ray Combo Pack  $22.99
-$5/1 Lady & the Tramp Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Upgrade Coupon on Disney Movie Rewards
*Tangled, Beauty & the Beast, Dumbo, Lion King, Bambi or Winnie the Pooh Blu-ray$19.99

Between the instant savings deal at Target & the coupon- it will be like getting $16 Off 2 movies wyb Lady & the Tramp on 3-Disc or $13 Off 2 movies wyb the Blu-Ray DVD combo Pack

-Thanks for the heads up on the coupon to Couponing to Disney!

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  1. Yay! Now to just find that vhs copy of lady and the tramp….. Been looking for an excuse to get lion king on dvd too!

  2. Thank you! There was also a coupon about 2 weeks ago on DMR for $3 off ANY Disney DVD or Bluray. So I think we’ll pick up a copy of Dumbo also. Not sure if that coupon is still available or not.

  3. Hello everyone,
    If you enter in 012257582031 you will be able to get the coupon even if you don’t have a copy. Happy Shopping.

  4. If you saved the $5 off Lion King coupon from Subway kid’s meals this would make an even better deal. I was waiting for LK to be on sale but this looks like a good price.

  5. If you want to quickly put your movie onto your I-device, it is nice to get the digital copy pack. I like to get them because it doesn’t cost much more when you get it with the coupon.

  6. Thank you Bryan for posting the upc. Now I don’t have to dig through moving boxes to find my VHS copy.

  7. I also got a $4 off Biz laundry detergent (no size restrictions) and the blu-ray combo pack. Can I use this with the $8 off MQ and the Target Q? Guess it won’t hurt to try.

  8. Jennifer — was wondering the same thing. Argh I DID have a lion king coupon from the subway kids meal, but can’t find it!!

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