Say Good-Bye to the Bodega & Hello to Clearance

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Although quite a few of you experienced the excitement of early 50% Off clearance in the Bodega last week (possibly due to scheduled remodeling), most of us have seen it still sitting at regular price. But with this week’s new ad starting tomorrow 2/5, there is no Bodega section advertised and now the clearance will begin for the rest of us. Unfortunately- it will likely move a little slower – first 15-30% Off, and then a bigger drop, but it is definitely an area to keep checking in on.

If you haven’t seen the markdowns yet, you should start to see them soon. It just happened for Kelley yesterday- and she saw some Bodega household and health & beauty items clearanced at 15 to 30% Off like value size packages of Bic Razors; Head & Shoulders, assorted deodorants, Nature Made Vitamins, assorted dish detergents, Scrubbing Bubbles, and more. Some things may take longer than others to drop, but if you’re patient and keep a close eye- there should be some good buys out there on bulk packaged food items and more so let us know what you find!

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  1. Holy cow!!! My Target had 70% off of cleaning products from the Bodega section!! I found dishwashing detergent, humongous bottles of dish soap, 409 cleaner, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, cleaning wipes, laundry detergent, Febreze, and more. All of them were bonus packs and were marked at 70% off. There were still a lot of items at 15%, like the bulk food packages, but still some great deals!!

  2. At one of my Targets yesterday I found a few Bodega clearance items. The 2 packs of cereals, up and up wipes ($8), febreze, and certain shampoos. Going to my other Target today to check. Let the stalking begin!

  3. I went to my Target the other day to buy 2 big boxes of Huggies. I had 2 Target coupons and 2 manufacturer coupons. The cashier wouldn’t let me do it. She wouldn’t even take the 2 manufacturer coupons for the 2 items I was buying!

  4. When buying a multi-pack of items, such as the degree deodorant pictured, can you use three coupons for the Degree? For example, could you use three $1 off 1 deodorant coupons? I know that this is allowed at BJ’s if there are separate barcodes on each item, but didn’t know if it is allowed at Target of anywhere else. I found a two pack of Pantene on clearance after Christmas and really wanted to use my $3/2 coupon, but was afraid to try it because I didn’t know if it was allowed and didn’t want to seem like I was trying to get away with something I shouldn’t be.

  5. I am in Austin, TX and if you live here, we have several Targets. I shop at four different stores because the markdown items are so different at everyone. Last week I went into Target off Louis Henna and they had eggs on clearance for .50 cents a dozen. I was down to my last two dozens. I did notice the sticker said ends that day. For the most part I dont have a problem, but i find myself educating the cashiers because they dont know you can use a Target coupon and a manufacturer on each item. I should work there, LOL!

  6. Megan & Monica, Thanks for letting me know I’m not only one who’s had that problem! Yes, Monica, I know the 2 ladies behind me were getting aggravated, but it certainly wasn’t my fault. I felt terrible for inconveniecing them.

  7. Went today and no Bodega clearance at all to be found. 🙁 hoping soon though. I did find the baby some cute shirts on clearance and the Downy Unstoppables for $5.94 after $2 P&G coupons only $3.94.

  8. sarah: yes the bodega is where the warehouse sized items are. Bodega is a spanish word for warehouse.

  9. Sally, I’ve had similar experiences on my last two target trips with two different cashiers. They spread out all my coupons and verified each item in my bag before begginning scanning. I guess some people slip high value coupons for items they are not purchasing hoping it will scan through without the cashier noticing it. The people behind me didn’t seem too happy.

  10. Wait–is that the section with the warehouse size packages? Why do they call it Bodega? I’ve never heard of the word.

  11. What’s the Bodega section? Obviously something to do with clearance at Target, but I’m not sure I’ve heard of it.

  12. I only saw Head and Shoulders on clearance for 15% off in the Bodega section at a store in Houston, TX. But, there was a lot of makeup on clearance – anywhere from 30-50% off. I pretty much saw at least one thing clearanced in each brand.. Milani, Covergirl, Revlon, Rimmel, N.Y.C, etc. It was quite lovely!!!

  13. Sally, I think I know why that happened. There are just some checkers that read every single thing, I’ve had to argue with them before so yes I do avoid her line. One day I had a $2 off $10 Gerber and she said I couldn’t use it because I only got 7 items (well over $10). Back to my point, sorry. I went to Walgreens last week and had a stack of coupons, the register was beeping at every single one of them. She had to keep overriding it, I asked her if there was a problem and she said no it just looks really bad on their store to override them, like they are letting people get away with things they shouldn’t be.

  14. I scored several boxes of 24 count Quaker granola bars for $2.99!! Our store is remodeling, and as Anne mentioned, our store didn’t even start at 15 or 30%, it went straight for 50%.

  15. Do we have a list of the items that are in the section? For some reason I noticed that the section is much smaller at my target and that some items are in their regular aile,,,

  16. Target cashier yesterday read – READ – every single coupon – manufacturer’s & Target, before scanning them & asked me about 10 times, “Did you buy such & such”! Then something must have been wrong with her scanner because it would beep about every third coupon so she’d have to correct it on the register. Why she didn’t change to the hand held I don’t know – oh yes, probably because she was holding each single coupon & reading it! Since I had $40 worth of coupons this took forever! I almost wonder if she does that so “couponers” won’t come thru her line.

  17. Our store went to 50% about three weeks ago (big remodel). Once 50%, it is gone by the next day. Also, our store didn’t even even start at 15 or 30%. It went straight to 50%! Seems to me the markdown happened on a Thursday evening (as Kerry has stated in the past).

  18. Bodega will only go to 70. But at my store there is not much left once it hit 50% and then they start moving whatever is left to the endcaps.

  19. I’ve been waiting for that to go on clearance… think I might wait until what I want goes to 50% though 🙂

  20. I was waiting for this to happen…the price cut signs on the products I checked in the Bodega noted the date range ended 2/18.

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