*Expired* FREE Yes to Carrots Body Butter at Target

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UPDATE: Coupon is gone now folks. Right now you can grab a coupon for $2/1 Yes to Carrots, Cucumbers or Blueberries body product on Facebook HERE.  You will need to like them first, and then like the coupon in order to print.  You will have the option to share but you don’t have to, and note that there is a large ad that prints at the bottom of the coupon.

It does not exclude trial sizes and just specifies ANY BODY PRODUCT. If your store carries the Yes to Carrots 1 oz Body Butter in your travel sections for $1.99 (not all do), it will be FREE after the coupon.

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  1. I wasn’t able to use this. The cashier wouldn’t take it. She said that the value of the coupon was higher than the item, so they wouldn’t allow it. I was in a hurry, so just had her take them off. If I have a chance I will try them at a different Target. Really annoying!

  2. Thank you so much! I was able to get two free!! The cashier at first said she couldn’t take the coupon because it was for two dollars off and the item was 1.99….but I asked her to check with a manager and he approved it 🙂 I know the cashier was just doing what she was told to do in the past but when in doubt check it out!

  3. Thanks so much for this tip! I got 2 tonight that I’m going to donate to a local health & beauty aids drive for a women’s shelter. Love getting great products to help others!!

  4. I got one today with no problems and no coupon beeps! Yay! I love getting little freebies like this so I can try out new products without spending a lot!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I went to my target and it was a success. I picked up two of them and they actually smell really good. I plan on going back to get more

  6. I just bought it ,mean got it free with a coupon ! Worked just fine Try with another casher , you will get it

  7. i found a bunch of chapsticks and lip glosses on clearance for 1.94 today, the cashier took my coupons just fine so FREE lip gloss for me today! thanks for all your hard work!! 🙂

  8. I tried to use the coupon for the travel body butter and the cashier told me they couldn’t take it since it costs less than the coupon. I asked him if he could manually enter the $1.99 off and he said no. 🙁
    Maybe I should try again next time?!

  9. Mary, Thank you. That never popped up for me previously (2 computers), but your comment at least explained what is supposed to happen. So I was able to UNLIKE it and then reopen, go back in IE, and re LIKE it and finally got the right screen. Thanks for your help!!!

  10. I’m still hoping to get the Ecotools section restocked. Ever since the coupon was released that section has been empty in my Target. :I

  11. For Stacy and anyone else, when you click the “like” on the coupon, there is a blue “Print” button that pops up just below the coupon at the same moment that you have the option to post the coupon to profile. For me, that blue button only showed up for a few seconds. You have to click it while it’s showing!

  12. Thanks for this heads up! I have yes to cucumber towlettes in my travel section for about 3 bucks i think. I have been wanting to try them out, so now I will!!! 🙂

  13. Thanks for the heads up on this coupon! There is also a $2 off coupon for Yes t o Baby Carrots baby toiletry item in the new target baby home mailer Coupon book. After a stack, you’ll get $4 off one item 🙂 Not sure how much this costs but i’ll definetly be trying it out now!

  14. Wendy – If you still have your $3 coupons that say “Walmart” on them – take them back in & get a manager to help you.

    They are valid manufacturer coupons & although they will not scan, they can be entered by hand.


  15. I got it to work. The LIKE button comes up above the coupon. Click that and then a print now button appears below the save $2.00 now sign. Hope you can get it to work!!!

  16. Great coupon, but can anyone get it to work? I can’t get past the “Now Like the Coupon” screen even though I have already liked it. Tried in Chrome and IE.
    You can click help at the bottom there by the coupons.com logo and request it to be mailed to you.

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