Great Clearance Deals on Select Almay Smart Shade

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A few of you had left recent comments on finding clearance on Almay Smart Shade. Thanks to the heads up I took a peek yesterday and was surprised to find so much of it! There were several shades of Smart Shade Concealers and Smart Shade Blush all marked 30% Off down to $5.41. Clearance can vary greatly from store to store- but if you find the same- there is a super nice stack to get these products for as low as .41 cents…

-$3/1 Almay Smart Shade Cosmetics Item ETS Target Web Coupon x2/25
-$2/1 Almay Cosmetics Products 1-1-12 SS x2/12

There’s actually quite a bit of clearance going on in H&B- specifically several different cosmetics, and I’m working on getting together a roundup of things to watch for soon!

-Thanks for the heads up on the clearance to Christine, Tina & Ali!

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  1. Jessica, Actually, both the MQ and the TQ beeped so it was definitely not an issue of overage since neither coupon scanned. I have had trouble with that Almay MQ beeping at other places as well so I wasn’t necessarily surprised. My cashier entered the correct prices for the coupons so I got the items for free. No overage or going against target policy.

  2. You aren’t supposed to be able to make overage on Target coupons… it is against their policy, that is why the coupon beeped. What they should have done is used your man Q for the item then keyed in the Target Q for the additional amount left. This is what they did for me with the Maybelline mascara that was on clearance a while back.

  3. The concealers and blush were marked down to $3.78 at my store! My store is slow to clearance so I was pretty surprised. I love the smart shade blush so I was able to pick up two of them for free. Coupons did beep though 🙁 but I my cashier didn’t give me any trouble with them. Just said she knows it’s not my fault but wishes they wouldn’t beep so much.

  4. This purchase worked wonderfully for me. My almay smart shade make up product was reduced to $3.99 so combining the target coupon and the manufacturers coupon gave me a moneymaker of $1.01! I bought five of them 😀

  5. Michelle S,
    These Almays are not travel sized. These are regular sized. If they were travel sized, the original prices would be way cheaper. Almay uses less packaging than other makeup companies thus they look smaller. Your cashier was wrong. I would go back and try again.

  6. I wasn’t able to use the target coupon because these makeups are travel size. Well, at least thats what the cashier said. Sucked.

  7. I agree went to target couple days ago and the same cashier I never have any problems with had to explain coupons to me and every coupon that beeped shed have to go ask the manager to come check and approve it this took twice as long and she kept apolgizing but she saod it was new company policy

  8. I wonder if the “coupon studying” is something new from Target. I was there today and went to a cashier I have gone to many times before. She has never looked twice at my coupons, but today she read them all. I wonder if Target Corp has told cashiers they have to be more strict?

  9. I tried this deal last week and my target manager told me that they changed their policy and I have to have the product pictures on the target Q due to new store regulations!! I was PO ed

  10. Yeah, its annoying when they check and double check every single coupon, but they’re just trying to not get in trouble because they took a coupon for the wrong item. It doesn’t help when some people go out and intentionally get the wrong items with coupons either. Makes the rest of us look bad.

  11. This is one of my favorite concealers so I was happy to find this deal yesterday.
    Kristin I know the feeling. The cashier took awhile and studied each coupon and each product I had. Even after she took the coupons and rang up my total she took the Almay concealer out of my bag to look at it again. Some cashiers are so against coupons.

  12. YES, KristinH, the mfg coupon says “on Almay Cosmetic product” (not on just certain product); you can use it on Lip, Eye, Face, even cleansers as long as it’s Almay 😛 HTH and the best part=no size restrictions either!

  13. Kristin, the coupon match is right… sometimes they just don’t scan right for various reasons. As long as you are right (and you are) be proud of your smart coupon usage!

  14. I had issues with both of the Qs not being accpeted on this. The cashier read the Qs and accpeted them anyway but I always feel like they think I’m trying to get away with something.

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