Updates on the Sales this Week at Target thru 2/11

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So I just have to ask if anyone else left Target scratching their head about Trojans? For the life of me I couldn’t find one single Trojans item included in our $10 K-Y/Trojans Gift Card Deal even though it was advertised.

I wandered around Target, trying to find a female team member so I wouldn’t be quite so embarrassed about scoping out a deal on rubbers. 😉 I could not find one anywhere- but I was lucky enough to find the next best thing- a guy team member wandering around the feminine care aisle who was holding a package of Care-Free pantiliners and desperately looking for a spot to put them back.

So I approached him and said- “now that I have caught you red-handed with Pantiliners- can you help me find some condoms?” He chuckled and accompanied me back to the Trojans but we still didn’t have any luck whatsoever. So just curious if anyone else out there had any luck in figuring out just what Trojan item are included in this sale?


Jergen’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion 10 oz Bottle $2.96  (Sale thru 2/11)
-$2/1 Jergens Moisturizer, any 8 oz or larger (Excluding Natural Glow)  02-05-12 SS x2/26
= .96 cents each after coupon & sale (-Thanks Riesa!)

Skinny Cow Candy Heavenly Crisp or Dream Clusters 6 ct Box 2/$7 (Sale thru 2/11)
-$3/2 Skinny Cow Candy Target Web Coupon (No longer available but valid thru 2/25
B1G1 Skinny Cow Chocolate CandyBox up to $3.48 (click on Get Nestle Coupons)
If you still have your TQ- in keeping with Target Coupon Policy- you will have to buy 4, use 2 B1G1 MQs and a $3/2 TQ and pay $4 for 4 or $1 each.

M&Ms Candy Filled Hearts 1.7 oz 5/$5 (Sale thru 2/11)
-$1/2 Mars Valentine’s Day products 1-29-12 RP1 x2/14
– .50 cents each after coupon

Advil Children’s Liquid 4 oz $4.99 (PC thru 2/11)
-$1/1 Advil 40 ct+, Advil PM 16 ct+, Children’s Advil 4 oz+ or Thermacare 2 ct+ ETS 1-29 RP2 x3/31
-$1/1 Advil Children’s Product 12-11-11 RP x2/11/12
$1/1 Children’s Advil Suspension
– $10 MIR wyb 3 Select Pfizer 1-29 RP x2/29

= Buy 3 and use three $1/1 MQ to pay $1.97 for 3 or .66 each after coupons and rebate


Garnier B2G1 FREE Update: as Low As $1.19
FREE Birds Eye Steamfresh wyb Mrs. Paul’s
Great Clearance Deals on Almay Smart Shade
$1/1 Hidden Valley Veggie Kits: as low as $1.04
New Target Coupons & Super Cheap Activia
New $1/2 Right Guard & B2G1 FREE Deal
Sweet Deals on Godiva! Gems for Just $1
New Welch’s Coupons & Price Cut
New & Revised Cheap Finds at Target
Update on K-Y $10 Gift Card Deal
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  1. LOL I just did the same thing as Ashley, my Target finally labeled the condom deal so i got two 36 cts and used two $2 Q’s. Well…gotta stock up!

  2. I found the Trojan deal at my local target in Richmond, VA – it was advertised and on each of the larger count boxes – I got 2 boxes of the 36ct. and used 2-$2 off coupons and got the $10 gift card back, my honey was very pleased that I am starting to finally get “useful” items during my couponing sprees lol 🙂

  3. Yeahhhh….I just got back from target…I bought 4 boxes of skinny cow candy bar boxes 2/$7
    I used 2 b1g1 free
    & 2 target $3/2
    So, I paid $1.00 for both boxes (50 cents each)
    The lady behind me was in shock lol lol

  4. the large pk condoms….asked nice MAN (ha) to scan….i got the intense.. expensive oop….but still a great price

  5. I also went to Target to pick up some socks which were on sale yesterday. When I got there, I found the socks, but they weren’t tagged with the sale price. Checked the price at the scanner and it was really sale priced, just not tagged. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me until now.

  6. Heheehee – you ladies are so funny 🙂 Not as funny, but Recently,I had a couple of coupons bounce @ my target, even though they were perfectly good. The first one was on a food product and the male checker tried to figure out why and it took a little bit, but it finally went through. When I presented the KY and coupon, that one bounced too. Without pausing or a second of thought, he immediately pushed it through 🙂

  7. Autumn – you are way too funny!!! I was laughing so hard reading your comment and others to my husband I had tears running down my cheeks. You made my day girl, best laugh I’ve had in a long time. Thanks, and I agree with the other posters you should have gotten the hotdogs. Have a great V-day!

  8. OK so over the last 2 weeksi got 5 KY jelly’s 2 wet synergy lubricant (free at walgreens) and 2 KY yours and mine……. by the last transaction I am not even turning red any more……

  9. For some strange reason the Trojans aren’t marked on the shelf, but they did come out on the GC deal. I think if you took the ad with you it may be easier to “argue” it too.
    And I was laughing so hard at Autumn’s comment. Sorry but that was just way too funn.

  10. i had a problem with the ky deal… they told me i couldnt use 2 coupons because i was getting back a $10 gift card which was like using a coupon. So i told them i didnt need them that bad and took my coupons and left. they werent very nice about it either!

  11. What a good laugh! 🙂 does this deal include online purchase also? I just searched trojan on Target.com and condoms come up.

  12. I saw some condoms labeled as part of the deal, but I didn’t need any so I didn’t look at which ones the were. I was wondering if any of the Targets have just the K-Y Intense by itself without the date pack (includes a movie ticket offer). I want to try the Intense but I’d rather not pay extra for something I don’t need.

  13. @ Autumm – That is FUNNY!! 😀 😀 I have bought MANY KY Jelly’s at once and have only wondered in horror what the cashier was thinking -__-

  14. libby the trojan vibrations is not vibrating condoms, it is a mini vibrator that comes with one condom in the box. just fyi 🙂

  15. I came from Target and the larger packs of trojans are part of this $10 offer (like the 36ct which are over $13). They are also the ones on sale. Plus the KY Intense product is also included so it’s just not the Yours and Mine products. HTH everyone 😉

  16. @Chelsea……Newlywed or balloon animals? Ha, ha, ha. Don’t worry I don’t need an answer.

  17. Forgot to say that I even used a $2 printable for the condoms that was posted here a couple days ago.

  18. I bought condoms yesterday and got the gift card! I bought one of the bigger, 36ct boxes. None of them were marked at all on the shelf tags either, by the way. I bought one KY Yours & Mine and the box of Trojans, and the cashier handed me a gift card before I even had my wallet pulled out of my purse to pay. Specifically, I got the *cough* ribbed ones. Ahem.

  19. seriously, thanks for the laughs, everyone!!! LOL! where did you find the $10 KY q’s? I only had $7 q’s, but still a great deal. V-Day gifts for my hubby, as well.

  20. I couldnt find any condoms with the gift card either! i am thinking about chekcing another store. we go through the big box every other week (TMI) so i was looking forward to this deal, lol!

  21. @ Autumn – I am seriously laughing so hard I have tears running down my face! Ya gotta love a good cashier with a good sence of humor. Totally made my day.

  22. @ Autumn that is hilarious, don’t have the coupons to do this deal and not sure I would if I did my hubby’s aunt works as a manager at Target and always seems to be working when I go so she comes to whichever register I am checking out at and that might be a little awkward lol

  23. Oh and im 15 weeks pregnant..so i didn’t bother checking out the condoms…obviously they didnt work for us. Lol

  24. @autumn…lmfao! That was awesome! When i did my deal the cashier was a boy of about 17…luckily i had my husband with me…unluckily I had my 10 year old son…whom after I placed them on the belt, asked very loudly…what are those for, mama? The cashier boy turned the darkest shade of red i have ever seen. I wanted to do the deal again just to see someone elses reaction. Lol

  25. Autumn, I wonder what the cashier would have said had you added the hot dogs to your transaction. Thanks for the good laugh!

  26. YES! Autumn, your post was hilarious! i used to be that way at the commissary. Overage given if the amount was lower and KY, the jelly, was less than 2.00 nd at times we used to get 3.00 coupons good on any! lol. The looks are hilarious! And BTW, I did burst out laughing when I read, “rubbers anyone?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The post was too funny! Did he blush!?

  27. Oh, and the KY and condoms are in the pad aisle. Mine was towards the end of the aisle closer to the pharmacy if that helps.

  28. I just got back from Target. I got 2 KY Yours and Mine- one couples and the other one was chocolate and strawberry. They were each $14.99 and I got the $10 gift card for buying two in a transaction. So after my two $10 coupons, my total on those products was $9.98 and then I got the $10 gift card so FREE Vday gift to my hubby! And I bought a gallon of milk and two free bic pen packs while I was shopping with my one year old son in tow. Lol

  29. @ GINA the WORST part was when the cashier finally looked me in the eye….i just had to say “dont judge me, these will all be free and then you will be jealous”…..he smirked and said “i was not going to say a word” to which i replied “yeah, but you were thinking it…i can tell by the 14 different shades of red your face is!” HERE IS THE JAW DROPPING COMMENT I GOT BACK: “well, i was trying to figure out how someone as young as yourself could be so hairy and dry at the same time~!!!!!!!!” I almost lost it, was almost in the need to for some “depends” at this point!

  30. Oh and I looked at my target yesterday and NONE of anything was marked for the gift card, KY and trojans alike

  31. I got the skinny cows for a dollar too, but instead paired the $3/2 target Q with two $1 off manufacturer Q’s. I used up my B1G1’s last month for the CVS deal

  32. My store had the HUGE box of vibrating(seriously) comdoms marked. I personally did not verify the tag….. Or the product ;-0

  33. No condom deal at my Target either. Not even the large quantity boxes. I wasn’t quite bold enough to ask the team members though. Lol

  34. try having a coupon for KY that makes it free….and in the same transaction having a coupon that makes disposable razors FREE……so i (a young looking 30 yr old female) show up at the register with only 6 bottles of KY and 6 packs of disposable razors!!!! There is NO kind of cashier that would make this transaction less embarassing!!!!! My son was also in need of all beef hot dogs…and i was VERY willing to go all the way to another store so that i didnt have to also include THAT in my transaction!!!!!!

  35. Hahaha! I was literally laughing out loud (by myself) when I read your post. I haven’t checked out this deal yet so I have no info to give, but…. I wanted to say thanks for putting yourself out there and taking a “hit” for the team! Totally Target readers/fans love you! 🙂

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