$1.50/2 Mars Seasonal Products No Size Restriction

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There is a new coupon for $1.50/2 Mars Seasonal Products available to print. While it has strong suggestions on it for redeeming it at Walmart (prints with a logo and “available at Walmart”), it is a regular manufacturer’s coupon and has no size restrictions on it.

You all know your stores better than I though and whether or not they will give you a hard time. If you think your store will accept this coupon though- the Mars M&M’s Plastic Valentine hearts are 5/5$ or $1 each at Target, so this coupon would make them 25¢ each wyb 2.

There are also several Target Coupons you could stack it with…
$1.50/2 My M&M’s Sweet Sayings chocolate candies 7-oz. Target Web Coupon x2/21
$1/2 M&Ms Milk Chocolate Candy Bags 12.6 oz Target Mobile Coupon x2/17
$1.50/2 My M&M’s Sweet Sayings chocolate candies 7-oz. Target Web Coupon x2/21
$1/1 Dove Heart Milk Chocolate Truffle Tin 6.5 oz Target Mobile Coupon x2/17
$1.50/2 Mars Valentine Variety Bags 16.2 oz Target Mobile Coupon x2/17
$1.50/2 Dove chocolate candies 8.5-oz. or larger Target Web Coupon x2/21

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  1. The store here would not take it because of the Walmart logo on the coupon. Too bad! Will have to use at Publix or Walmart. 🙁

  2. Just got back from Target and tried to use this coupon. It wouldn’t scan and the cashier mentioned the Wal-mart part but I told her it was not a WalMart coupon. Then she said well it’s not for the $1 products. It’s for the bags. I told the store end manager that it said any seasonal but she just kept her eye on the pictures. I said the pictures had nothing to do with it. She made a face, and accepted it, but not without making me feel that I was trying to steal. So, be careful with this one. The $1 off Mars Valentine that was in the newspapers worked. If you buy 4 with two coupons, you are still getting these for .50 cents a piece, which is a great deal.

  3. Went to two different targets tonight and neither one would accept the coupon. Said that it was a Walmart coupon despite saying manufacturers coupon ??? Guess I will get Walmart to price match.

  4. This is off topic, but FREE Nature Made vitamins! Reg. price is $10 for 2 pack in the bodega section. Clearance sticker says $7, but rang up $5 at 50% off at checkout. Use $4 coupon from facebook 29 day Nature Made challenge and stack with $1 target coupon =]

  5. Thanks for this one! BTW, it’s a beeper (at least when using with the red hearts pictured in the post) but my cashier read it, and pushed them through. $0.25 daycare provider “thank yous” are pretty sweet!

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