FREE Vaseline Total Moisture 3 oz at Target

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Thanks to heads up from Katarina- we went searching for and found these newer style 3 oz tubes of Vaseline Total Moisture Clean Feeling Lotion at Target for 97¢. They should be able to be found in the regular lotion aisle if your store has them in.

There are a few varieties of these smaller tubes- but this price was only on this particular variety. If you find them too- there is a coupon that will make them FREE at Target…

Vaseline Total Moisture Clean Feeling Lotion 3 oz .97 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Vaseline Total Moisture 3 Oz. + 1-29 RP x2/26
= FREE after coupon!

-Thanks for the heads up to Coupon Katarina!

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  1. Spartacus- You are lucky that you have other Targets to choose from… We have one Super Target and one regular Target across town. Way far unless you REALLY want something REALLY bad. I used these coupons to get the bigger 10oz bottles for .99$. And with the extra coupons, used them at Walmart. I never saw any of the little bottles at Target. Saw the spot but it was always empty. Went about 3 or 4 times in 2 weeks.

  2. Have had simular bad experience at the Target in Diamond Bar, CA. The store makes you lay out all your items and if you are using a coupon, you need to lay it on top of the item so the cashier (aka inspector 12) can read the small print on each coupon before it is accepted. If you are unaware of this “policy” and you hold your coupons until you pay. They will dump all your bags out and start over. They will also tell customers behind you “She’s using coupons, so you may want to go to another line, this is going to take a while, we have to review each coupon for fraud.”

    Luckly, there are 3 other Targets that I can go to if I am willing to drive a little farther.

  3. @Kurls Thomas I work at Target and our manager always tells us to adhere to whatever the coupon says. If I was your cashier, I would’ve taken the coupon for the item. Some cashiers adjust it down to $.97 (‘Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item’). I’m sorry you had a bad experience at Target!

  4. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry that happened to you, @Kruls! That is just awful. I can’t stand it when people with coupons are treated like criminals! They act like they aren’t going to be reimbursed or like it’s coming out of their own pockets. I’m sorry. 🙁

  5. Vaseline intensive care -$1/1 Coupon experience @ Target 🙁

    I was so excited when I saw I could use this coupon there!

    Target should educate their employees of their coupon policy.
    My shopping experience at Target (store#1060) today was HORRIBLE!
    I attempted to puchase an item today that was $.97. I presented a coupon to the cashier for -1$. The manager (Kathleen) came over and said to me I couldn’t use the coupon because it exceeded the value of the item and it was to her discretion if I could use the coupon.
    I called customer service while i was in the store and after 30 minutes on the phone. The representative by the name of Karen, said there’s nothing we could do for you; have a nice day, then proceeded to hang the phone up on me! She did not give me a chance to finish my sentence.
    Target needs to be ACCOUNTABLE for their employees. Many of them lack customer service skills and don’t have a clear understanding of the store’s coupon policy

  6. they carry them in right next to the large lotions… Southern Ca Target stores sell them for $1.14… still a good deal if you dont have a wallmart near by.

  7. my target had these for free if you bought the larger size priced at 2.99 and up. stack TQ and MQ, pay .99 cents and you get the little one for free plus the a 10 oz for .99 cents 🙂

  8. called my target who claim they don’t carry that size so i’ll go look for myself tomorrow

  9. This coupon beeped on these at my Target. The cashier pushed them through, but just a heads up in case your Target is a little more picky.

  10. One of my Targets had this last week for $.97 and another Target on other side of town had it for $1.97. So price may vary at other stores, too. I got two at the store that had them for $.97.

  11. My Target had this lotion but it was in a 2 ounce tube and the coupon is for 3 ounce size or larger. Eventually found it at CVS in the 3 ounce size for .99.

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