Valentine’s Day Clearance at Target- Up to 50% Off

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So if you’re headed to Target today you should find Valentine’s Day items up to 50% Off. Decorative items, craft kits, party supplies, clothing and most other non-perishables should be at 50% Off, and bagged candy will likely be at 30% Off. Food items are usually slower to clearance- but Kelley found some things like the Quaker valentine’s Granola bars 50% Off too. You will likely have to scan- since clearance stickers will be few and far between.

Typically everything drops down a bigger percent off in around 3-4 days, but some stores take longer than others and the good stuff tends to go quick. If you went Valentine clearance hunting today – let me know if you found anything good!

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  1. I went yesterday and bought a bunch of bags of M&Ms–they were clearanced to 2.02 at my store (11 oz bag I think?), and I had 4 of the 1.50/2 insert and one of the 1/1 All You coupons…I bought 9 bags! I also picked up a couple of the Lindt truffles stand-up bags because I’m addicted to them–no Qs, but they were 2.70 which is pretty good…just opened them up to see that they each have a $1/1 coupon inside–will be heading back later today to spend those!

  2. Fern, thank you for the head’s up on the $1.00 section items!
    There was a big 70% sign by them but lots of stuff was still there. I got a ton of the fabric sushi and cakes for my niece’s new play kitchen, and a few other fun things… all for .30 each!!

  3. No signs, however, purple dot items in the dollar spot are ringing up 70% off today(Thurs). I got so many cute things for my grandkids easter baskets…jump ropes, yo-yos, pencils, pens and memo pads, books and workbooks, socks and hair items.

  4. I didn’t go until today-Thursday- and got Disney Squinkies, the last Barbie “Chelsea” doll, candy-the m&ms were gone except for the mini in an 11oz bag but in individual packets. The most interesting find was Hello Kitty lego sets which they are selling in the Toy aisles for $2.99-there are 2 different part numbers for these and the one ending in 8264 are the VDay clearance ones. I found 1 in VDay section and scoured Toys and found 1 more mixed in with the 2.99 endcaps ones! Didn’t check the other lego 2.99 kits but the same kind of thing might apply to those as well.

  5. I got my youngest some of the goldfish crackers in individual v day packets…there was only one left but I would have bought more had they had them!! They were $2.49…still a bit expensive lol but perfect size for one year old snack in the diaper bag!!!

  6. I had to go to two targets but managed to score two of a few things for my girls. Like valentine boxes, Dora take. N play with crayons and hello kitty purses.

  7. Bought block letter decoration set that spells out L.O.V.E.. Perfect dessert table decor for a bridal shower I’m throwing! A bag of peanut M&Ms 30% off, and a box of Godiva Chocolate gems half off (paid $4.99). 🙂

  8. I found single serve bags of peanut M&Ms for $0.50 each and I bought 9 and used three of the $1.50/2 Mars seasonal coupon to get them all free! I also used a fourth Mars coupon to buy 2 cupid mix boxes (they came out to $0.75 each). I also picked up 2 pink heart-shaped bowls for $1.25 apiece.

  9. Pillsbury Valentine Woohpies half off of original price $2.99 and there was a $1.50 off coupon so FREE!!

  10. I went this morning on a hunt for M&M’s. I’m throwing a pirate baby shower in a few weeks and the Valentine colors (minus the pink) are perfect! I was able to grab 5 bags that were marked 30% off. I had a $1 off one bag coupon from All You Magazine and 2 $1.50 off 2 bags of mars candy. I paid $5.79 total for all 5 bags (saved over $8). Yay!

  11. My store had hardly anything left. Hardly any candy. Mostly decorations and cards. If seems like this past Christmas and now Valentines day that people have really been shopping right up to the holiday. At least where I live. I left empty handed.

  12. The free small box of Lindor chocolates WYB 2 Diet Pepsi 12-packs has a TQ inside for $1 off any 5.1 oz. or larger Lindor item (exp. 5/1/12). The deal is on an endcap in the soda area; the free box of chocolates is silver with a bow on top. Might come in handy with the Valentine’s clearance. I haven’t been to “my” store today to see what’s left yet.

  13. I went this morning to a Target in Houston and it was a bit picked over. There was some Valetines Day items mixed in with regular stuff in carts throughout the store. I was able to pick up some cookie tins, 1 kitchen towel with hearts on it , cute little cereal bowls and a few heart plates. I was hoping to find more kitchen towels and a heart shaped cake pan I saw last week, but no luck. I may go to another one around lunch. My advice would be if you see something, get it now because I’m not sure there will be enough items left to drop beyond 50% (unless of course you’re lucky enough to have your Target stocked like the picture above!!!)

  14. I found a pack of 15 bouncy balls for $1 — they’ll go in goody bags for my daughter’s party in April.

    I also found princess Squinky bracelets for $2.50 each. They’ll be perfect for Easter. 🙂

  15. I found teacher chocolate apples in the Valentines stuff – 50% off Great for Teacher Appreciation at the end of the school year!

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