New High Value $5/1 Nature Made Printable Coupon

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UPDATE: It appears the $5/1 coupon is gone, but there is a $$1/1 Nature Made Product as well as a few other Nature Made coupons still available..

Wow- here’s yet another nice coupon tonight! There’s a very high value $5/1 Nature Made Product 160 ct+ at ZIP 30303.

Sort by health care on the left to find it fast. And don’t forget we still have our $1/1 Nature Made Vitamin or Supplement ETS Target Web Coupon x3/3 to stack. While the count size on the MQ is high, Low mg tablets of Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Magnesium and possibly others should be very cheap or possibly even FREE after this stack. There is also clearance on the value packs for some of you in the Bodega section.

-Thanks Christie of Wild for Wags!

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  1. Yep, the coupon rang in as $1 and the cashier tried to tell me that it was bc the items were clearanced. I insisted on a supervisor who then assumed that the product rang up less than the coupon value. I asserted myself and stated that the product was $7 adn the coupon was $5. She manually adjusted. What a weird thing.

  2. Just FYI, I used my $5 off coupons today on the Bodega clearance and there was an issue with it. It scanned as only $1 off and I had to go to guest services to get it adjusted. I hope no one else has this problem, but check your receipts and watch carefully!

  3. I got both coupons, the $5/1 mfc coupon and the $1/1 target coupon. But I didn’t see any Nature’s made over the 160 ct limit that was under $7?

  4. Aww I tried to print from another computer but the coupon is gone. I’m crossing my fingers that it comes back soon.

  5. Can this coupon be used to buy the twin pack of the vitamin D on clearance in the Bodega section? Both bottles are 100 tablets each, but I’m not sure if that qualifies for “160-ct +”. Has anyone tried that yet?

  6. Hey All! I just wanted to give a heads-up on this $5 coupon…supposedly it’s coded wrong and will wring up as only $1 off instead of $5 off…so while some stores might go by the wording and push it through as $5 off, they’ll only get reimbursed for $1. But that’s the talk, I don’t know for sure. Just thought I’d let y’all know.

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