Target Valentine’s Day Clearance- Up to 90% Off

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Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 90% for many of you if your store has anything left. Kelley still found quite a bit at hers up to 90% Off like Stickers, plush toys, craft kits, class exchange kits, gift bags, Window Clings, tons of socks still and more. She picked up some Valentine Window Clings for me for .20 cents a pop. Austin loves those things- and I can’t make it til tomorrow and there will probably be nothing left by the time I get there. If you had anything left at your stores- let me know if y’all found anything good for 90% Off!

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  1. I went to two different Target’s in Rochester, NY on Tuesday morning & went a little crazy over the valentines clearance. 😛 I found socks, heart shaped plates, gift bags, frames, hello kitty stuff, a mug with a package of hot cocoa in it, and a bunch of other cool stuff that was all 90% off! Love itttttttttttttttttttt!

  2. Yesterday, stopped at the Target in Duluth, MN and found 90% off, there was plenty of valentines…didn’t buy a whole lot, but got a bag of peanut M&Ms (the ones you find by registers) for .10, a couple Dora activity kits (coloring book, crayons, stickers) for .29, an apple dish with caramel apple taffys for .79 (or less). There were plenty of socks and valentines cards – I do like that some of them come with pencils or other items. The day before, stopped at the Target in Forest Lake, MN and lots of stuff at 50-70%, Found 2 bags of Hershey’s Kisses & 2 bags of the Raspberry Hugs – they were $1.43 each and I had coupons for $1.50 when you buy 2, so less than $1.50 for 2 bags. I was sooo excited when I found the little M&M sweet sayings, but then not so much since they were still about $2.50 for a 7 oz bag…didn’t seem like a great deal to me.

  3. I went to one of the stores in Rochester, NY yesterday morning – found the same thing as most – sign said 70% but it was ringing up 90%! I got 3 vases, a white candle holder, a “my heart belongs to mommy” onsie, a Carter’s doll & a couple candy dishes & some other coupon deals for around $13! I never seem to get to Target when the holiday clearance is 90% off, so it really made my day that I lucked out this year! You can check out my total haul on my new blog 🙂

  4. I was shockingly surprise when I passed by and it was 90% and there were a couple things left, got lots of candy for .10-$1 for the big bags for my daughters upcoming birthday! Also got a few gift bags for .29! I think I have plenty of candy now between halloween, christmas and now valentines. Missing some chocolate but I am happy I got some great savings for her birthday! Now I’ll be hitting up those food deals!

  5. scored here in orange county. they didn’t mark it as 90%, but it came up all the same. got some nordicware, that qt whale cookie jar (1.49!) and ephemera like doilies and tissue paper and stuff. also the ~artwork, which is silly but i’m going to repurpose and just whitewash it so my kid has more canvas to paint with. best scores were the star wars electronic helmet because i still had my $5 off coupon and they’re 5.98 now…. so 0.98. that’s 95% off, man.

    but best of all… my store got a shipment of jason wu handbags, which i had missed out on. YAYAYAYAYA 😀 😀 😀

  6. My store didn’t have much, but I did get red and pink tissue paper for $0.19 and gift bags for $0.29 that I can use for birthdays.

  7. My Target had most things marked down to 90% ( candy still at 70%). Not a ton left but I did find some Toy Story 3 lego packs (37pieces) in the Valentine aisle. Went to price check them, (they were .39) went back to grab a few more and the whole box was gone 🙁 Guess I learned my lesson!! 🙂

  8. I totally scored.. i got the plates and mugs, frames, and socks that i wanted!! yayy!!! I went to both the Northgate (Seattle) and Lynnwood, WA stores.

  9. Carrie, I went to town and country and chesterfield. Chesterfield had a little bit more but mostly boxed kids valentines and boxed candy.

  10. Maureen – Did you by chance go to the Chesterfield Target? Just wondering if they have anything left at this point. I went to Brentwood and Kirkwood over lunch and neither had much.

  11. tons of stuff today–window clings .20-.30, heart plates .24, lots of candy and candy/valentine packs, all put way for Easter. Dove chocolate roses, save for Mother’s Day, .49. Large hershey kisses, marked for teachers, .34, will set aside for teacher gifts at the end of the year (expire 3/13!) Lip smacker tube, .39. craft kits, .40-.50, red and black not valentine looking gift bags, .29. Found Merona long sleeve top, $3.60, used $3 off coupon, paid .60! single pairs of socks, .45 each. I saved almost $100, paid 17.xx!!!!!!!!

  12. I went two stores in St. Louis county -both at 90. They mostly had valentines and boxed candy, but I found a few other fun things… Hello kitty pez $.19, hello kitty coin purse $.49 (these will be for my 5 year old’s Easter basket) slippers $.49, cinnamon heart candy $.10, heart small plates $.15. My sister found the cutest mug and star wars stuffed animal. Also, solid colored long sleeved shirts were $2.09 in girls. I have more fun during the 90 percent off sale even though I probably didn’t need anything!

  13. I went the day after Valentine’s Day and there were only three very small shelves with stuff on them at 30% and 50%. Went yesterday and it’s now all gone. Same with a couple of the other Targets in my area. 🙁

  14. Brandon Target was not marked 90% but did scan in 90%! Plus I found some stuff in the regular aisles and in other clearance sections 🙂 Got my oldest daughter a Hello Kitty necklace and bracelet set $0.49, 2 adorable whale plates $0.29 each, and a whale snack container $0.24 🙂

  15. Tons of stuff in our local stores (I actually hit 2 of them). Lots of candy shockingly at 90%, napkins, table covers, shirts, hello kitty packs (in valentine section and in the toy section on a hanging endcap), decorative pieces, Duff Cupcake accessories, wilton items. I couldn’t believe how much was left. I journeyed through the store and found the Nordic Ware heart baking pan for $2.29. Happy shopping everyone.

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