FREE Welch’s Fruit Fizz at Target with New Stack!

UPDATE: this may be gone now. πŸ™ I don’t see it anymore- but will let you know if it comes back!

WOOHOO! There’s a new $2/1 Welch’s Fruit Fizz coupon you can print HERE. We also have a stack and a Price cut still in effect to get this product for FREE!…

Welch’s Fruit Fizz 4-Packs $2.50 (PC thru 2/25)
-$1/1 Welch’s Fruit Fizz 4-pk. Target Web Coupon x3/24
-$2/1 Welch’s Fruit Fizz HERE
= FREE after price cut & stack! Even if you don’t find the price cut- it will still be FREE for many of you- since regular price is usually around $2.99!

*The coupon does say “available at Walmart” but is a regular manufacturer’s coupon that can be used anywhere!

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  1. I bought some on Valentine’s Day for the kids for dinner and we all got our wine glasses out and drank one. Pretty good. I had the last $2.00 coupon that was out a while ago and bought them at Walmart for $0.99 after coupon so FREE sounds good to me. Thanks so much!!!!

  2. wow sounds like these are a pretty good item to try out! And certainly getting them for free makes already taste really good to me!! TY as always

  3. Can I still use the manufacturer coupon because it states ” AVAILABLE at Walmart” . One time the supervisor would not honor my coupon because it says ” Redeemable at walmart”. So what you think? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  4. Ooohh, please, please, please still be available until I get home from work!! I tried these with the last $2 IP for DS7 as an alternative to soda and he loves them. I was happy to just use the $1 tq but this will be even better!

  5. @Meg- sometimes stores will give you a hard time but “AVailable at Walmart” is just a suggestion to buy there. My store is usually fine as long as it does not say “Redeem ONLY at”. hth

  6. @Meg, If they give you trouble about it, point out that it is only advertising the fact that it is sold @ Walmart but doesn’t neccesarily say you have to use it there and point out that it is a manuf coupon. If they are still skeptical tell them if they can at least try it and once it scans w/ no beeps they’ll def let you use it.

  7. I live in Palm Bay, Florida and my Target does not carry these. I have also checked Publix. Anyone know of a Target or Publix in Florida that carries these?

  8. Where are these located in the store? I can’t find them!! I was on too quick of a trip last week to ask …

  9. What?! Did I miss it? i double and riple checked bu it looked like it is gone already? What zip code did you type in? usually all I have to do is click on the link & there it is, already checked in the first box. Not so this time. πŸ™

  10. Anyone else having trouble finding this coupon? It’s not on the link in my zip code (98391). I also tried 90210.

  11. I can see the coupon. I marked it and another coupon, but when I told it to print it just printed the other coupon(s). Anyone know why?

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