Last Chance for FREE Milk wyb 3 Breakfast Items

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UPDATE:  Looks like all the Milk Coupons are gone now, hope some of you were able to get one!

If you haven’t gotten the coupon for a FREE gallon of milk wyb 3 breakfast items, today is your last chance to try to get one.  There will be 10,000 coupons given out today on the Milk Mustache Campaign Facebook page HERE.  You will need to “like” them and answer one question to be able to print the coupon.  These coupons will probably go pretty fast, so you might want to go ahead and print it while it is available.

This coupon will also work nicely with the $5 Gift Card Deal wyb 5 select Kellogg’s items that starts tomorrow 3/4 at Target. According to Target’s coupon policy you cannot use MQs on the 3 items you are buying with this coupon, but you you could do this…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 6 Kellogg’s Homestyle Waffles ($2)= $12.00
$1/3 Kellogg’s Eggo Frozen Products (no longer available)
= $11 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 5
= $6 for 6- but now you can also grab a gallon of milk for FREE using the FREE Milk wyb 3 Breakfast Items on Facebook HERE.  Or like paying .86 cents per item!

And while you can’t use Manufacturer’s coupons against the items you are buying- you can use target coupons – so you could mix & match and do this…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Waffles ($2) & 2 Nutri-Grain ($2.50) = $13
-$1/2 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars Multipacks Target Web Coupon x4/3
$1/3 Kellogg’s Eggo Frozen Products (no longer available)
= $11 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 5
= $6 for 4 Waffles, 2 Nutri-Grain – & now you can grab a gallon of milk for FREE using the FREE Milk wyb 3 Breakfast Items on Facebook HERE.  Or like paying .86 cents per item!

More scenraios & deal ideas coming this afternoon in my Best Deals of the week post!

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  1. @Kerry, yes that does help. Thank you for explaining it. I’ll just use my milk Q at the grocery store and use my other Qs for the gc deal. 🙂 !

  2. @Heather- just replied- I hope it makes sense. I did another post on this when they changed the policy that may help explain it a little more.

    In a nutshell- you cannot use coupoons on whatever you are buying to get that free item unless it is the opposite. so since the milk is an MQ and FREE by purchasing those 3 items- you cannot use any other coupons on those 3 items unles they are TQs. I hope that helps- but let me know if I can try and explain further.

  3. @Andrea, Ginny & Heather- while the register may be wiling to take it- it does go against the coupon policy which states this regarding BxGx coupons:
    buy one get one free coupons (BOGO):
    • A second cents-off coupon of the same type cannot be redeemed towards the purchase price of the first item.
    If a TARGET BOGO coupon is used, one additional MAUFACTURER coupon may be used on the first item.
    If a MANUFACTURER BOGO coupon is used, one additional TARGET coupon may be used on the first item.

  4. I work at target, and the info kerry is giving is not right. You can absolutely buy only three eggos and use the $1/3 coupon and use the free milk wyb 3 breakfast items. The MQ for the milk only recognizes that you bought the three items, you can still use a coupon on these. I am going to go in before work tomorrow, buy 6 boxes of eggos, use 2- $1/3 coupons, and use 2 of the free milk coupons. Will still get the $5 gc. Pay $5 for 6 boxes of eggos and 2 gallons of milk, that is a great deal!! 🙂 So excited.

  5. I have two of the milk coupons. I used one last night and had no trouble pairing it with Fiber One Bars. I used coupons on the Fiber One Bars as well with no problems. I’m going to use the second one tomorrow when I go back for the Eggos.

    I’m a little confused on why we can’t use coupons on the breakfast items, too. I’d never heard that before and they certainly didn’t have a problem with it. I would think the milk coupon wouldn’t go through if it attached itself to the breakfast items and you then tried to use additional coupons? All of my coupons went thru without beeping….the cashier just had to enter the amount for the milk.

  6. Under the BOGO section of Target’s coupon policy it says that you can use a TQ with a MQ BOGO coupon towards the purchase of the first item. Is that the part of the policy you are referring too?
    Thanks for helping me understand 🙂

  7. Kerry,
    I too am confused by your comment about the coupons as well. I went back and read the Target Coupon Policly and I didn’t see where it restricted using MQs on the 3 breakfast items when gettng the milk for free. I know we can’t use a coupon on a free item(i.e. the milk), but what about using an MQ and a TQ on the 3 breakfast items??
    Example:(this is what I want to do: can I?)
    Buy 3 eggo items and 2 nutri-grain boxes. Use $1/3 MQ(eggo) and use $1/2MQ(nutri-grain) and $1/2TQ(nutri-grain). For a total of 5 items, receive $5 gc from Target and be able to use Free Milk Q since I got 3 breakfast items.
    Can I do this or does it violate part of Target’s coupon policy? And if so, could you state the area so I can go back and double read it.

  8. @casey- if you dont want to use the FREE milk coupon then yes. you can either buy 6 eggos and use two $1/3 eggos OR you can buy 6 eggos, use one $1/3 eggos and one FREE milk wyb 3 breakfast items. you cannot stack these coupons. hth

  9. For some reason I had trouble printing the coupon yesterday and today.

    I tried it on firefox and internet explorer.

    I don’t know if anybody else had trouble.

    I ended up emailing them.

  10. I am still kind of new to this figuring out coupons so when u say can’t use maufactur coupons aginst the items u are buying- are u saying you can’t do the buy 5 boxes of waffles and use the 1/3 coupon and the milk coupon?

  11. Will this free milk coupon work together with another free coupon I have. It’s for FREE gallon of milk wyb 3 General Mills cereal?

  12. You can actually print this twice by answering the questions, then print and then starting over with the same info and doing it all again.

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