Happy St. Patrick’s Day & The Gold House…

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Good Morning and Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you all! For some reason Austin gets obsessed this time of year about catching a leprechaun. It probably didn’t help that he was given a homework assignment to write a story about the best way to catch one either. 😉

So for days now, he has been building a “trap” out of a vitacost box. He asked me to cut a door and he made a little bed and put fake gold inside and a sign on the box and even poked air holes in it. Then he put all kinds of binder clips on the doorway to lock the leprechaun inside.

He was truly dismayed this morning when he came downstairs and there was no leprechaun inside. So he’s at baseball practice right now and I photoshopped a little leprechan into this picture. Think I can get away with telling him I saw one go in but I couldn’t catch him and he escaped? 🙂

Anyway- hope you have a great day and one that is filled with a little luck!

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  1. My boys do the same thing every year-my oldest is 13 and my youngest is 5. They build a trap and I usually tip it over-like someone was able to get away 🙂 I leave a pot (found st. pattys day themed bucket at the grocery store) and inside I put some dollar coins and chocolate coins. Every year the leprechaun gets away…and every year he drops his gold 🙂 SUPER FUN!

  2. That’s terrific! What a good mommy!
    My kids each left one shoe on the porch and a leprechaun came by and put random candy with gold wrappers in them. 😉

  3. I was amazed when I saw the pitcure–it looked exactly like a contraption my son would have built when he was younger, even the handwriting is identical. I hope your son is delighted with your surprise.

    Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane:)

  4. My eight year old son did too. His face was priceless when he went to check this morning. Then my thirteen year old proclaimed he saw the leprechaun, but it was too fast and got away. Way too funny.

  5. Funny, my daughter had to have a trap last nite… Complete with food and drink. No leprechaun. :(. But he took the Starbucks cup of green water and left gold wrapped candy! 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for the ideas Ladies!- I just left a trail of gold sequins and a St. Paddy;s day surprise in the box. can’t wait to tell a very tall tale when he get’s home 😉

  7. Mine made lts of traps and the leprechaun took all the shiny paper that looked like gold and left chocolate gold coins behind

  8. With my students I always do a little trail of “gold” (gold glitter). They love it! 🙂 He also leaves them chocolate gold coins

  9. haha too funny, my daughter had to build one for school.. she was so excited when she heard that the leprechaun had come to her class but mad at her daddy that the trap did not work cause the leprechaun was not inside LOL

  10. You are such a good mommy! This gave me an idea for the next few years (our grandson is 2), thanks for sharing your heart! Happy day to you –

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