Upcoming Hot Deal on Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy: Only $3.50 After Stack Starting 3/25

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UPDATE: Well looks like the manufacturer’s coupons are now gone. 🙁 Not sure if they will be coming back or not- but there are these coupons to watch for if you have a Toys R Us nearby.

Here’s a heads up on an awesome deal that you can grab at Target starting 3/25. Next week’s Target ad is going to contain a wraparound with some great Target Store coupons on it- including one for 50% Off a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn or Little People Toy.

The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy is listed in the ad for $17 AND we have a manufacturer’s coupon to stack- which will make this great toy just $3.50! I am worried the coupon will disappear- so I wanted to give y’all a heads up…

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy $17
-$8.50 (use 50% Off Laugh & Learn Toy IN AD (3/25-3/31) Target COUPON
-$5/1 Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy
= $3.50 after stack & sale! (DEAL STARTS 3/25)

-$5/1 Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Playhouse
-$5 Off a Fisher Price Little People Purchase of $24.99 or More

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  1. Anyone have an extra $5 coupon for Fisher Price laugh and learn puppy playhouse?? No more on website….=( Please email to [email protected]. I am hoping to get the sale before Saturday and will GLADLY TRADE coupons! Thanks in advance! =)

  2. if anyone has an extra one im willing to trade it for a target coupon the 5/2 revlon i wish a had a toys r us near me but the nearest one is about 40 min from my house please let me know and again thank u in advance my e mail is [email protected]

  3. Target.com has a 5 dollar off fisher price infant toy coupon right now, it is good until 4/22….would we be able to stack that one and get it for free??

  4. Is this going to be a regional, or definitely coming in all flyers? Also, when I did a quick eBay search I noticed a 50% Mega Bloks TQ that also expires 3/31. I would assume that this is also included in the wraparound. If you are part of the Mega Bloks Family Club there are several coupons to print through today (3/23), and all expire 4/8/12:
    $5/1 Mega Bloks Play ‘n Go Table
    $2/1 Mega Bloks Princess Castle
    $5/1 Mega Bloks Power Rangers Samauri Megazord
    $3/1 Mega Bloks Micro Bloks
    $5/1 any $30+ Mega Bloks Purchase

    If Target will let you use the $5/1 any $30+ on the Mega Bloks wagon ($29.99 on the website), and they take the Target coupon first, I think it would work like this:
    $29.99 Mega Bloks Wagon
    – $14.99 50% TQ
    – $5 mfr.q
    = $9.99 (66% off)

  5. Just my opinion but I would NEVER buy this dog for anyone! We have one and it is has a mind of it’s own. It can be off and come on by itself (always seems to happen in the middle of the night). I thought maybe it was just me but my nephew had one and it did the same thing. Checked some reviews after the fact and it seems that lots of these pups have issues!

  6. Our son is just about 18 months old. He loved this toy months ago, but then it sat for a while. Now, he’s found it again, and is so cute with it- he waves to it, hugs it, and lays his head on it. It’s a must! I might even buy one for the gift stash too!

  7. My TRUS doesn’t have the flyer so I bought the laugh and learn puppy coupon on Ebay for .99 cents with free shipping.

  8. If you are looking for the manufacture coupon, you can get all of them in a flyer at the register at ToysRus. I got a few so I can go do this deal at target.

  9. it is for the ad starting this coming sunday. she said it should be a wrap around the ad with the coupons in it. it does not start until 3/25, which is this coming sunday. The target coupon is for 50% off the FP dog, and you can stack it with the mq that was available to print earlier to make it 3.50.

  10. @ Tiffany, so the 50% off ad may be at the front counter and you can use that ad, Target Coupon, and the Manufacture Coupons to get this for $3.50 price, am i correct? Confused as well, I do not see any 50% off add in my papers.

  11. other than this.. what is the lowest price you guys have seen at other stores…

    i debated printing it since my niece is only 2 months…once i came back and figured i could save it for xmas it was gone…lesson learned….

    I had printed 2 when they first came out and JUST price matched from Toysrus’ $14.99 price for this week 🙁 made them $9.99 a piece and now we have this deal!!! i super mad at myself!

  13. Looks like there are no more prints for that coupon. If anyone finds it can you give me a zip to try?

  14. printing issues too…. maybe website overload? though it’s not the first time i’ve had problems with coupons.com 🙁

  15. I received these Fisher-price coupons in the mail. check your binders you may have them already 🙂

  16. I just bought the table yesterday. I am going to hold onto my reciept and do a missed coupon…Hope it works! The music table was 54.99

  17. I thought I had done good getting this for $5 at CVS after Christmas when they had there Christmas stuff marked 75% off! Another for the gift supply sounds great though!!

  18. @cynthia- you have to ask the customer service desk at most stores for an ad. I only buy one paper here that has the ads. my major paper with the better coupons never has ads 🙁

  19. Wow!! Thanks — I have a baby shower for twins coming up very soon — this will be perfect. Got one for my grandson last year (the puppy) and he loves it!

  20. Do you think they will have the coupons in the ads you can pick up at the store? I would like to get a couple more items since I have a 14 month old. I only get one paper.

  21. awesome deal! too bad my bebe got this puppy as a gift! she LOVES it btw. any idea how much the other laugh & learn items are/after stack? thanks!

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