Two New B1G1 Coffee-Mate Manufacturer Coupons

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There’s a couple of hot new manufacturer coupons for Coffee-mate up on!  They are both B1G1 coupons to make for some super savings on Nestle Coffee-mate!

-B1G1 Coffee-mate Liquid Creamer 16 oz (up to $2.10 excl. Bliss) Manufacturer Q on
-B1G1 Coffee-mate Powder Creamer 15 oz (up to $4.15) Manufacturer Coupon on

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  1. @bene, the b1g1 is an mq just on the target site, so no stack. but b1g1 is still a great deal if creamer is 3.99 where you are for the powder. I REFUSE to pay that much for it. I wish there was a stack. When there is usually a stack though I miss out since my little old target only carries original creamer and not french vanilla. bummer!

  2. Like Kelsey mentioned, the FB coupon for free creamer is gone but you still need to go grab the $.75/1 FB Q to stack with the B1G1 Q on Target’s site. Great Deal!

  3. Btw they ran out of the free snail mail one, but now there is a $.75/1 available. If you have multiple email addresses, you can enter one that you did not use for the snail mail promotion and you should be able to get two prints. Save it for a 3/$5 sale at a store that doubles and you should be able to score them for 16 cents! Or bring it to target which usually has a pretty reasonable price on the small bottles.

  4. Where is the coupon? I clicked on the link and was taken to site, why btw is super slow and annoying!

  5. I don’t use this but I buy stuff for my parents to help them save money too! So, they are going to be sooo happy!! Yay!

  6. @Jessie- no- can not use another MQ on the item you are buying. If you had say a .50/1 Coffeemate TQ you could- but no other MQ may be used with a B1G1 MQ. hth

  7. OMG. so glad i saw this post because it reminded me to go get my free coupon from fb. But this is totally awesome too because I have been holding out for a sale or something as I REFUSE to pay 3.99 for powder creamer. That seems to be the normal price for it around here these days, up from the 3.19 it was. It’s insane and im almost out of liquid creamer. too bad its not a tq and could stack with the .55/1 from the coffe-mate website, but b1g1 free would still make it only $2 each which i can handle! THanks!

  8. @Lareina- these are manufacturer’s coupons- not Target coupons. But even if they were – the coupon policy does not allow for a B1G1 TQ & a B1G1 Mq to cancel each other out. hth


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