Great Deals on Preschool Games at Target with Stack: Chutes & Ladders and Memory as low as $1.04

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Here’s some super nice deals on preschool games for the little ones! These are timeless games that kids always seem to love, so even if you have a 6-month old- you can always tuck it away. 😉  They also make wonderful donations for Toys for Tots or other organizations that dedicate themselves to helping children & families who are less fortunate! 🙂 Please keep in mind prices can vary by region- but here’s some great deals to look for with this awesome stack…

Spongebob Square Pants, Strawberry Shortcake, Cars Memory Game $7.04 (Regular Price)*
*There are other classic editions of Memory starting around $10.89
-$3/1 Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Cootie, or  Memory Board Game Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$3/1 Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Cootie or Memory Game or 3-25 Playsaver x4/15
=$1.04 after a stack

Chutes & Ladders $7.04 (Regular Price)
$3/1 Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Cootie, or  Memory Board Game Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$3/1 Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Cootie or Memory Game or 3-25 Playsaver x4/15
= $1.04 after stack

Cootie $7.79 (Regular Price)
$3/1 Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Cootie, or  Memory Board Game Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$3/1 Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Cootie or Memory Game or 3-25 Playsaver x4/15
= $1.79 after stack

Candyland $7.79 (Regular Price)
$3/1 Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Cootie, or  Memory Board Game Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$3/1 Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Cootie or Memory Game or 3-25 Playsaver x4/15
= $1.79 after stack

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  1. I can’t find the Target printable coupons for the board games. Did they take them off the site? Is there any other way to get them? I’m looking mainly for the older kid ones like electronic scrabble and Battleship

  2. Vaishali,
    The same thing happened to me with the $5 coupon only showing as $2! Customer Service would not budge.

  3. i am from NY did anyone else have problems stacking coupons when it came to the games? instead of taking out $5 for the connect 4 and bop it it only took $2 out when to customer service and they argued that they cant change the price i have to accept what ever comes off by the machine. how insane is that. totally spoiled my mood.

  4. @Megan L
    The Target toy coupons I have printed specifically state “Limit one coupon or offer per guest”.
    Don’t see how this can being limited was a “joke” when the coupon specifically states one offer per guest. Target coupons have always stated, in summary, that only one “like” coupon could be used at a time. Whether or not it’s enforced is random, when it’s not enforced then the consumer got lucky, when it is, then that’s what the coupon guidelines are. I just follow the coupon guidelines, then no problems on my side should happen.

  5. I just did a couple of the toy deals (transformers, simon flash, and star wars pods) and out popped a catalina for $5 off of a $25 toy purchase. Yippee!!!!!

  6. I cannot find the target $3.00/1 coupon, please help.. i’ve clicked on the links and went to the website

  7. I went today (THANK YOU for this post!!!), and I ended up getting:
    2 Memory games for $1.04 ea.
    2 Play-doh games (Doctor Drill and Fill and the Sundae shop) for $6.99 ea (they were both on sale for $9.99 down from $17-ish each, then used a $3 off manufacturer coupon from Playsavers)
    2 My Little Pony train track sets for $7.99 ea (these were originally $19.99, then on sale for $17.99, used a $5 Target coupon and a $5 manufacturer coupon)

    YAY!!! Gift stockpile is coming back!

  8. My store had sesame street memory on clearance for 3.52, I used one coupon and got it for .52 cents!

  9. I just left target, I had a stack of coupons but decided for today I’d buy 2 board games (memory and chutes n ladders) and 2 playskool heroes and then come back without my son. I was informed that I could only get one of each deal. They claim you cannot use more than 1 of the same coupon and it says on the coupon. What a joke never before have I been limited. Guess I’ll go back and try again. Just a warning ! This was Orlando, fl

  10. My Target today was restocking all of these games that are part of the deals. Also I got a Curious George Memory for $5.89, so FREE with stack. So be on the look out.

  11. it looks like the target store in washington twp in michigan has been out of memory games for 2 days,i want to get a couple for teh dollar each,can someone post saying if they saw a restock of these games onteh shelf please!!!

  12. I am so excited about some of these deals. Thanks so much for posting. I had gone sunday night and used just a 50% off coupon from the sale paper on the Star Wars pods for my boys. I had no idea about all the other coupons! I was able to post coupon 2 manufacturers coupons for the pods so that was a bonus!! I got a few of the games and the Rescue Heroes for 99cents. My target had MEMORY games for 5.89 (angelina ballerina, chuggington, richard scary, and dr seuss i think) plus others for regular price. i got 2 for 5.89 and the overage went to my other items. Thanks again for these posts or I wouldve never known!!

  13. my local target in OR had candyland and chute and ladders and cooties $10, only the memeory game sponge bob and the fish version was $7.04 sesame street was $8… sale i guess is regional . but i did get:

    1 memory game sponge bob (7.04) 1.04 after target n manf q
    1 crayola scissors (2.69) 31 cent overage after target and FACEBOOK manf q
    2 aquafresh toothbrush training (1.99) 49 cent x2 = 0.98 after target and manf Q.
    total bill for all $1.71 !!

  14. My Cooties and Chutes and Ladders games were $8.59 at my store. I even price checked them. =/

  15. kirsten just click on her underlined link next to playsaver description and it will automatically take you to the playsaver coupons 🙂

  16. I did these deals today and my register rang up to $368.73. I was so nervous because I only had $50 with me. I walked away only paying $47 and some change. I guess my target accepted the overage on a lot of my coupons. I got over 5 flash games (usually 24.99ea), 3 bop its, and a ton of other games… my kids will be super happy.

  17. i went and got several toys/games (chutes n ladders was 6.99 at my store) for a total of $18 dollars and saved over $80!! thanks so much for the heads up! 🙂

  18. Just brought in the stuff from the car and realized I forgot to add 2 boxes of Beneful baked dog snacks and a Clorox 2 stain pen to my list! Thats 15 items for 13.00! So awesome!

  19. Just got back from Target also.
    (1) Monopoly Electronic Banking Game + Monopoly Card Deal = $5
    (1) Battle Ship + Clue Card Game = $4
    (1) Scrabble Flash + Scrabble Card Game = $5

    Total: $14! 🙂

    Regular Price was
    $24.99 (Monopoly Electronic)
    $18.99 (Battleship)
    $29.99 (Scrabble Flash)
    $6.89 (Clue Card Game)
    $6.89 (Scrabble Card Game)
    $6.89 (Monopoly Card Game)

    $94.64 – $14 = SAVED A WHOPPING $80.64!!!

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  20. We just came back from Target. We got: cootie story book, memory sesame street, chutes and ladders sesame street, memory story book, (2) monopoly electroninc banking, candyland story book, battleship, (2) simon flash, scrabble flash, yahtzee flash, and bop it xt and everything except the memory sesame street prompted a free card game.

  21. I am so excited just came back from Target:
    Paid $13 and change for:

    1 Star Wars Pod
    1 Cooties game
    1 Memory Game
    1 Scrabble Flash
    2 packages Rescue Heros (Star Wars-2 in each pack)
    1 Monopoly card game (free with $10 purchase)
    1 First Crayola scissors
    1 First Crayola markers
    1 Palmolive Dish washing liquid
    1 Up & Up tissues
    1 Glade spray

    I think that is about it. Its all still in the car!

    I’m so excited to have new stuff for my class!
    Thanks so much!

  22. At my Target the Chutes & Ladders, Candyland & Cooties games were a little above $9 so were higher priced. But I did find memory games for $6.99 so those were a good deal!

  23. Just noticed scrabble flash, simon flash and monopoly banking are $5 each and coupon combine. These qualify for the free card game!

  24. @Tina- target accepts 1 MQ & 1 TQ per item. The MQs all state that and are referring to other MQs- ie you cannot use a B1G1 MQ and a $1/1 MQ on the same item. hth

  25. Keep your eyes open for clearance too! My store had the Sesame Street edition of Chutes and Ladders marked down to 5.99, down from 11.99! So with the stack that Kerry outlined I got it for free. Wooohoo!

  26. Sorry Lisa- just double checked ad. game has to be $10 or higher to get the card game.

  27. Lisa Davis, I just got in from target and the preschool MB games are by Hasbro so yes the card game should work. I totally did not think to try this!!!!!/. wondering if any tried this? oh well still cant complain 2 board games for $1 each .

  28. Are we allowed to do all these deals at once? I have 7 deals I’m taking advantage of and just wanted to know if I should break it up or just go for it?


  29. Hi girls I am so excited I am going to have trouble getting to bed tonight!!!!
    I have all my coupons printed out and there was something my mom needed in the paper yesterday so she bought 20 copies so I can get loads of stuff like the star wars and all these games etc…
    Now about the free game with 10.00 Hasbro purchase that does not include these preschool games correct???
    I think these are all MB games.
    Thanks Kerry for all these great delas you post!!!

  30. Don’t forget that there is also a ‘Free Card Game w $10 Hasbro game purchase’ going on right now (I don’t remember the end date for this)… I bought Battleship for my dad this am for $4 ($3 TQ and $3 MQ) AND got the Sorry card game for free! The register automatically made the card game free when it scanned! Yeah for fun birthday presents!!! Time to stock up 🙂

  31. Any idea how much the star wars fighter pods are? Theres a $2 off target coupon and $2 off manu coupon in the playsaver ad or can I use the target 50% off star wars item coupon and the $2 manu coupon?

  32. Will Target match a printed copy of the TRU ad, or does it have to be an original? My paper didn’t have the TRU ad and the store is not conveniently located.

  33. Hoping they still have some of these great toys available when I make it to Target on Friday! Thanks!

  34. Target’s policy is that they’ll price match, but they take the Target coupon into consideration first. So it will e YMMV on whether they’ll price match to $6.99 and THEN take the Target coupon off.

  35. Hi-I was wondering CAN we use 2 coupons on these board games?The manufacturer coupon says “ONE Coupon per item(s)indicated).Will thsi be an issue?Thanks:-)

  36. You should be able to PM and use a coupon. I’ve done this with Beneful, the Toy Story Operation game from Christmas time, and Tylenol Precise. I just go take those items straight to customer service and I’ve never had a problem.

  37. So excited! Going tomorrow to get all these good deals… Hope they have the stuff… anyone having issues with stores not having the stock?

  38. We may be able to do a price match with the toys r us ad for the regular memory game, it’s 6.99 there this week.

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