Hasbro Special Purchase Deal Now Even Better!

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I am still in shock that Target released even MORE new printable toy coupons- but time to pick my jaw up off the floor and start posting the deals!!!! First of all the special purchase Hasbro deal for a FREE Card Game wyb a select Hasbro Game over $10 just got super hot with these new coupons!

DEAL IDEA: Scrabble Simon or Yahtzee Flash ($15) & Hasbro Card Game ($5.24) = $20.24
-$5.24 (Card Game will be FREE with Target Deal
-$5/1 Scrabble Yahtzee or Simon Flash Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$5/1 Scrabble Flash; Simon Flash, Yahtzee Flash 3-25-12 Playsaver x4/15
= $5 for both after coupons and deal!!

DEAL IDEA: Buy Hasbro Battleship ($10) & Hasbro Card Game ($5.24) = $15.24
– $5.24 (Card Game will be FREE with Target Deal
-$3/1 Operation, Battleship, or Twister Game Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$3/1 Operation, Battleship or Twister Game or in 3-25 Playsaver
= $4 for both after coupons and deal!!


SPECIAL PURCHASE: FREE Hasbro Card Game wyb ANY $10+ Hasbro Game
*Bop-It X-T, Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash, Monopoly Electronic Banking $15
-$5/1 Scrabble Yahtzee or Simon Flash Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$5/1 Monopoly Electronic Banking, Connect 4 Launchers, Bopt it XT Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$5/1 Monopoly Electronic Banking, Connect 4 Launchers, Bopt it XT Game 3-25 Playsaver x4/15
-$5/1 Scrabble Flash; Simon Flash, Yahtzee Flash 3-25-12 Playsaver x4/15
-$5/1 Connect 4 Launchers, Bop It!XT, or Monopoly Electronic Banking
-$5/1 Scrabble Flash, Simon Flash or Yahtzee Flash
*Scrabble, Clue, Sorry, Battleship, Monopoly $10
-$3/1 Operation, Battleship, or Twister Game Target Web Coupon x4/21
-$3/1 Operation; Battleship; Twister game 3-25-12 Playsaver x4/15
-$3/1 Operation, Battleship or Twister Game


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  1. Ugh…I just learned that my Target has started to enforce the “one printable TQ per guest rule.” I know the printables have always had that exclusion, but my store has always taken multiples without an issue. Of course I found this out when I was finishing up all my Hasbro game purchases so the cashier got super confused and ended up not scanning but keeping some of the TQ/MQ stacks for a couple of the games! I should have asked her to start the transaction over when I found out I could only use one of each printable, but it was busy and she seemed flustered so I let her keep going. Guess I should have checked my receipt more closely because now I have to go back and return two of my four games and didn’t get the coupons back to send my hubby through the checkout line! I did get a couple great deals to stash away as gifts, but it’s still frustrating!

    Just thought I’d vent here since my husband doesn’t care! 🙂

  2. @Ann- a “package total” on your receipt merely reflect what you can be refunded on the items you bought. Since Target cannot recoup the money from using the Target Coupon but they will submit the manufacturer’s coupon and be refunded that money regardless—- a package total always reflects the price paid for an item less any Target Coupons used or Gift Cards awarded at checkout in the event you return your items. hth

  3. Need receipt help… using the battleship example my receipt says:
    Battleship $10
    MFR coupon -$3
    I Spy card $5.99
    Package subtotal $15.99……… huh?? why not $12.99
    Target Coupon -$3
    I Spy Card free -$5.99
    Package total $7….. again huh?? why not $4

    Am I missing something here? Can anyone help? I don’t want to go argue at customer service unless I know I am not making a mistake myself…. thanks if anyone can explain!

  4. I had a great trip today! 2 10 ct Claritins, 2 choc dipped Peeps, 2 Playskool Heroes, 1 Star Wars fighter pod, 1 Transformer, 2 Battleship, 1 Scrabble playing card, 1 I Spy playing card, 1 Disney Princess vanity (marked down 70% to $14.98!) all worth $155, I paid $40.20, plus got $5 back for the two Claritins! That’s Easter, birthdays (for my own kids and future parties) and Christmas stuff to put away!!

  5. The Target coupons aren’t there anymore for the games, Baby Alive, play doh and more:( Any ideas?

  6. Please check your MFR coupon amounts. I didn’t at the register. A lot of mine were ringing up for $1.00 less than the face value. Check your reciept! but be were, the reciepts with the sale promotions stacked with MFR & Target coupons can be tricky to read! It is well worth the money you save! I saved $188.00 last night thanks to the coupons and sales… Got a lot of great birthday, easter and possibly christmas gifts (if they last that long… LOL)

  7. Had a great time at Target yesterday! Gift closet items…(2) furreal dizzy dancers, (1) memory games, (1) crayons, (2) laugh and learns, scramble with playing cards; monopoly with playing cards. Total $137.29…paid $28.39. Sale + Store coupon + Manuf coupon = Best Deals. Few more deals to get…playskool, operation game, chutes and ladders, star wars fighter pods.

  8. The Yahtzee and Monopoly games were 24.99 at my target, not on sale here. And Twister was 14.99. So, those werent as good of deals. The other deals were the same here though.

  9. Yay for great deals! stocking up on birthday and christmas presents already. I was able to pick up (1) 8 ct star wars fighter pods, (2) furreal dizzy dancers, (2) memory games, (2) playskool action heros, (2) bop it xt with 2 free scrabble slam playing cards. Total retail $119.99 … paid $22.71 + tax. Thats like 80% off!

    and I’m not done yet .. going back for another round.

  10. @Kimberly- Target accepts 1 MQ & 1 TQ per item. 1 coupon per item means you cannot buy say 2 of the same item and expect to use one coupon and have it apply to each item or you cannot use another MANUFACTURER’s coupon along with it on the same item. hth

  11. Can someone please answer my question..lol. So i really want to try these deals tomorrow but i noticed on the MF coupons it says one coupon per item!!! So can you still use the MF coupon AND the target coupon stacked together for the same game??? I dont want to go all the way to my target for nothiing :/

  12. Some of the correct prices weren’t marked at my store, but I price checked it, and it was the sale price! Awesome deals! I got a flash game and card game for $2! My Target is super coupon friendly and allowed me to use a coupon on the free item! Yay!

  13. I got the Twister in my store but it was not on sale. It was 14.89 regular price but I had the coupons so it was still a deal and my kids will love playing it.

  14. Operation game is ringing up at $16.99 at my store. The Battleship is not on sale either. There were also no sale/deal signs for free Hasbro game card with purchase of Scrabble Flash.

    I managed to get the Playskool Heroes, Cootie, and Memory game. Has anyone found Twister? I asked an associate and he said they don’t carry it. I thought that was weird.

  15. Just so you know the Operation game is ringing up $16.99, I bought it yesterday and didn’t realize till I went back today to get more. I rechecked the add and pirce at the store and it is not one listed for $10. So the deal isn’t as great as listed. Just wanted to let you know!! Everything else worked great, thanks so much!

  16. I just got my daughter the puppy earlier today and she saw me come home with it and demanded it be given to her immediately. We’ve already gotten $3.50 worth of enjoyment out of him. I used the Toys R Us manufacturer’s coupon booklet – it’s actually fairly easy to get in my area. They seem to have stocked the toys for 6 months to 3 years pretty well in my area (they were only out of one sale item this evening) too although the toys for older kids did seem picked over already.

  17. I was able to get a bunch of games and toys tonight! Over $200 worth of toys for $33.15 🙂 But I agree with the above. The manufacturer coupons didn’t ring up right the first time. Customer service had to give me cash back. Thanks so much for posting all your deals. I was able to get a HAUL today!!

  18. Be vigiliant at check out with this deal, I tried it today and the MC’s were ringing up wrong. I had to have a manager fix it.

  19. The hasbro coupons are also online. If you click on the blue that is underlined such as the operation, battleship, …it will take you to the site. I was able to print the coupons. I am not sure if the baby alive q is still good. I tried to print it and it would not print for me.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing! My kids and I just went to Target and paid only $17.55 for 3 hasbro games and 3 card games! What a deal! Family game night tonight! Yay!

  21. Thank you so much. I’ve already been to Target once today and looks like another trip is in order. I love stocking up on gifts for birthdays. Thanks again!

  22. I was so excited when I printed the coupons and they came out as Target coupons, I thought they were probably more mfg coupons. I was just there yesterday getting a few of the deals, nothing having to do with the new coupons though. Altough I did price match the toysrus ad at walmart to get candy land and chutes and ladders for 3.99, but target now has a target q for it also, so it will probably be cheaper at target. Now another trip to target tonight before everything is gone, wish I could go right now but I’m at work. Can’t wait to see your other match up ideas. 🙂

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