Clearance Alert & Coupon on Disney Princess Vanity

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So many of you have commented about this great clearance find so it seems to be very widespread. Elisa just now sent me this picture of 5 left at her store and despite the 30% Off signs- all 5 were stickered at FIFTY percent off down to $44.98. With that terrific 50% Off Disney Princess Toy Target In-Ad Coupon x3/31 (also available as a Web Coupon) the price drops down all the way to $22.49 after clearance and coupon or like getting it for 75% Off the regular price of $89.99!

Take a look around the backside endcaps on the outskirts of toys in either direction for these. They are big and bulky and may not be directly in the main toy area. From the comments being left on this post- some of you have even a deeper discount- so you may want to double check at the scanner just in case. 🙂

-Thanks so Elisa for the picture and to all those who commented!

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  1. There were still 2 left at the Target in Tallahassee, FL on Thomasville road. I left the 2 other coupons I had for them as well. Hopefully someone can use them 🙂

  2. Thank you Nellie! Sent my mother-in-law to get one in glen mills, pa and it rang up for around $13 after coupon. The guy in the electronics department got one from the back. No one else knew about them. The lady on the phone said none were in stock, and the guy in the toy department never heard of them. I’m so happy!

  3. I also got one today for $13.49 after the coupon! I think I’ll save it for my daughter’s third birthday in September…if I can wait that long to get it out of the box and play with it! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this deal with us!!!

  4. I got mine today, marked down on clearance to $26.99, used the coupon and paid $13.48!

  5. My store had FINALLY marked these down to $26.00 and change so with the coupon I paid $13.49 +tax. I picked up two one for my little one and one for bday gift. There were several left at the Super Target off Hwy 6, Rosenberg had 0 and so did Sugarland Target-0 for those who are looking on the southwest side of Houston. Glad I held out, I’m so thrilled with the purchase! This beats any Black Friday deal,lol.

  6. Thanks for sharing this awesome deal! It was $49.98 at my store on Tuesday but is now down to $29.98. With the coupon, tax, and red card, I picked it up for $16.61!

  7. They just got marked down to $29.99 in my store this morning, with 50% coupon and red card it’s really sweet!!

  8. I went yesterday, but they were $44.98. I was being a cheapie not wanting to spend $22 on it. I hope my Target marks them down today.

  9. My Target just marked these down today.. I picked up a few. Reg Price was $99.99 not $89.99.. They were marked down to $29.98 – 50% coupon.. When I was buying mine they said they had more in the back i I wanted more.. So if you dont see in on the shelves ask if they have any in the back.. My store must of got a lot of them in.

  10. I live in MI and our Targets clearanced those out after X-Mas for $13.98! Our stores no longer carry them, but look for them to be marked down further.

  11. I called this morning and my Target has these clearanced at 70% off for 29.94. After the Disney coupon for 50% off and my husbands employee discount there is no way I could pass this up. They don’t hold clearance items luckily he is on his way to work and he will buy it. So excited now to keep this stored away till daughters 3rd bday at the end of October!

  12. I purchased one of these on Monday for my cousins little girl whose birthday is in October….. My Target in VA had them marked to 22.00 I got mine for 11.00. I also bought alot of board game and toys with the target and manu coupons stacked. I spent about 63.00 and saved like 465.00. Needless to say Birthday and Christmas for all the kids I buy for is DONE!!!

  13. I got it for $13 in Columbus, Ohio. It was still a little higher at one of the suburban stores in Hilliard.

  14. Candace, I saw one left at the Target near Concord Mall in Delaware last night. It was $49.98 though.

  15. I found it marked to $26 something on sunday and used my 50% off coupon making it $13!

  16. Picked one up in Los Angeles today.. got it for 24.49! $13 would have been sooo nice! 😉 Hope everyone looking for one finds it!! Great deal!

  17. I JUST bought one of those today while I was picking up the board game deals, but I didn’t know there was a coupon! I’m gonna take the coupon back with my receipt and see if I can get the money back! So excited!

  18. I got one Saturday night for $29.99 went back on Sunday with the coupon and the lady gave me the difference so I got it for $15.00.

  19. Got one this evening in NJ…44.98 @ 50% off $22.49. The 50% wouldn’t scan off automatically with website coupon, but the cashier scanned a newspaper flyer coupon for me and that worked.

  20. Got one of these in the Sacramento area yesterday ….marked down to 44.98 @ 50 percent off so after coupon 22 dollars and some change…but I am jealous to hear that some stores had them @ 70 percent off. I’ve been keeping an eye on this toy for my daughter for what seems like to be forever but overall with the coupon it was a good deal.

  21. I know that the 50% off coupon was in the paper this week but it says also available as a web coupon. Why can’t I find this? I only see the $2 off a doll coupon. I used mine today from the paper and then get home to see this deal! HELP!!!

  22. I was happy to see this!! I was just checking to find a bday gift.. Got to my store they were indeed marked down to 29.99.. 15.00 with the coupon.. YIPPIE.. will make great bday or christmas gifts for the girls in our family!

  23. Thanks, Stephanie. I called and they said they didn’t have any, but I’m still tempted to drive there and check for myself.

  24. I would really love to find one of these for my friends daughter who just turned 2. This would be the perfect gift for that little girl. The one target closest to me didn’t have it. Checking two others tonight. Crossing fingers

  25. they only had 3 of those left at my store so i snagged one at the 22 price mark! great birthday present!!

  26. There marked down to 70% off total of $13.45 with tax. At my target not in toy section. Was by clearance heaters in automotive section. Look around.

  27. My Target wont do price adjustment on clearance, but you can buy another and return with the old receipt. Anyone found this in GA?

  28. Will Target honor a refund if I bought this item at 30% off and a week later they are 50% off?

  29. Curious if anyone found anything outside of the toy aisle ringing up for the 50% clearance… I forgot to check the Color Wonders for example.

  30. Candace there were some at the Christiana Mall in Delaware – not sure if that’s too far but i would call if it’s not. Yesterday they had at least 5 left.

  31. I got one in Cleveland OH and it was for $24.98 but they store didn’t have any left today. Thankfully some nice lady told me about the coupon and I left Target Sunday morning to buy 2 papers. then bought it. Thanks for all your posts

  32. I guess they don’t have any in the Philly, PA area, just got done calling all area stores . . . so disappointed.

  33. Thanks! I grabbed a coupon online and I’ll be checking out my Target tomorrow. Hope they still have these!

  34. Mine was marked down to 29.00 n with the coupon it went to 14.50 n I used my Target debit card and saved another .72 cents. I think that’s why I payed a little less than $14 for mine. I saw like 5 on Saturday n went Sunday n I got the last one.

  35. I am hoping they go 70% off tomorrow, because they have been on clearance for a LONG time! If not I am simply going to say it wan’t meant to be. 😉

  36. My store had a ton of these but they were 50% off, I went back a couple hours later and the whole area where they were was gone lol

  37. they are 50% at my target but target was 49.99 it said was i picked it up for my daughter for her birthday in july. $25 is still a great deal if you ask in illinois

  38. These are marked down 50% at my store, still debating if I want it Christmas and birthday are a long way off!!

  39. They had a few at my store, but they were like $60 something so $30 something after coupon. I will wait a little longer.

    Does anyone have the upc so I can call the store and check the price?

  40. Hi, they finally marked these down at one Target in my area to $29.94 so it’s smart that you’re holding out Alexcia!

  41. i hope mine has them. its a small target so they usually dont have a whole lot of bigger toys, but its worth a look. My baby girl will be 1 in may, so it might be good for xmas.

  42. Saw them but holding out to see if my store will cut the price some more. I read somewhere someone snagged these at like $13.00 with the coupon! Thanks though for posting 🙂

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