Clearance Alert & Coupon on Disney Princess Vanity

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So many of you have commented about this great clearance find so it seems to be very widespread. Elisa just now sent me this picture of 5 left at her store and despite the 30% Off signs- all 5 were stickered at FIFTY percent off down to $44.98. With that terrific 50% Off Disney Princess Toy Target In-Ad Coupon x3/31 (also available as a Web Coupon) the price drops down all the way to $22.49 after clearance and coupon or like getting it for 75% Off the regular price of $89.99!

Take a look around the backside endcaps on the outskirts of toys in either direction for these. They are big and bulky and may not be directly in the main toy area. From the comments being left on this post- some of you have even a deeper discount- so you may want to double check at the scanner just in case. 🙂

-Thanks so Elisa for the picture and to all those who commented!

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  1. I got 2 today ( 2 separate purchases) for 13.88 each. Clearance plus the 50% off mobile coupon. Thanks!! One for a birthday gift and one for my daughter that I’ll wait till August to give her when her brother is born.

  2. I picked one up today in Glen Allen…it was truly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $13.49 put away for Christmas.

  3. Amy, the baby alive coupon was from the playsaver insert in last sunday’s paper, but it may be regional.

  4. FYI, There was also peelies on Baby Einstein “Animals Around the World” dvds for $5 off any 2 and stacked with the 25% off Disney dvd coupon, they came out to $5/ea. Great for Easter baskets, and I also think they have Disney Movie Rewards codes, but I haven’t opened them yet. This is only available through tomorrow (Saturday 3/31) though.

  5. My DH just picked up one from the ST in Southwest Charlotte, NC for $29.98 on clearance. He used the 50% coupon to get it for $14.99. Yah!!!! I had my eye on this for awhile when I would go in the store. Great deal! We are saving this for Christmas to give to our daughter!

  6. So MAD! I had not seen this post or realized there was a Disney coupon when I saw this marked at 75% off around 10am in Norwalk, CA. Just got back from the store and the whole section was repleaced with other merchadise. I asked but the employee told me they were gone…I wonder if they went to salvage or he meant they were all sold.

  7. I am just seeing this but got 1 for my daughter for CHRISTmas yesterday, she’ll be 2 and loves music and will love it. It was 50% off $29.98 reg $99.99 (Conway, AR)

  8. After reading the comments, it’s weird that the original price seems to be different. The stickers on the three my store (Harrisonburg, VA) had in stock said the original price was $49.99. They were 70% off at $14.98. I used the 50% off coupon to get one for a grand total of $7.49!!!! My niece is almost one so I’ll probably save it for Christmas for her, unless the baby I’m due with in August is a girl, then I may keep it! The boxes all were a little banged up but I know my niece won’t care.

  9. My target (Plano, TX) have this for 29.98 , the 50% coupon didn’t work at the register so we have to go to the guest service to adjust the price…Final price $14.99+tax

  10. Marked down to $29.98 in Framingham, ma. $14.99 after coupon. Tucked this one away for Christmas. Great buy thank you! Also, scan the baby alive dolls because they weren’t marked on sale at my store but the toothbrush one rang in at $17.83 at my store so $7.83 after stack.

  11. I found mine marked down to $30 so I scored one for $15 after my coupon…mine was purchased in Anderson, SC

  12. I found quite a few at my Target marked down to $29.99 and also used the 50% off coupon. In addition I also got the My Little Pony Pinkie Pie train set for $7.99 after coupons and a Cootie game for $1.79 after coupons. The Easter Bunny did well. Although I think I’ll save the vanity for Christmas and just leave the Cootie game and MLP Train as an Easter present.

  13. I was able to pick up 2 of them today! They were marked down to $26.98, so $13.49 each. They still had 7 more on the shelves here in Fullerton, CA.
    I also picked up a Memory game, but when I tried to use the coupon, the cashier said I had to buy Candyland PLUS Memory. I told her the coupon said OR, but she wouldn’t budge.

  14. Glad you found it Candace. I was at the Glen Mills store on Monday and I didn’t see them either. I went last night to the one in Delaware for the $5 Baby Alive doll and the $.99 games. Just in time for my daughter’s 5th birthday in May!

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