Minute Maid Reset = Juice Boxes for $1.69 at Target

It appears that the coupon for $1/1 Minute Maid Juice Boxes just reset. 🙂 They are on Price Cut thru Saturday 3/31 for a nice deal after coupon…

Minute Maid Juice Boxes 10 ct $2.69 (PC thru 3/31)
-$1/1 Minute Maid Juice Boxes
= $1.69 after coupon and price cut

*NOTE* If you print this coupon alone- an ad will print underneath it.

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  1. can u use it on the coolers pack i remember i used them on those a while back but i tried at food4less and they didnt let me told me had to be the juice boxes

  2. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!…I just used up the ones I had today and was wishing I had more coupons!

  3. Regarding –> *NOTE* If you print this coupon alone- an ad will print underneath it.:

    If anyone out there has a problem with this–I have my laptop set to automatically show me a preview before I print anything, that way I know when an ad will print with coupon or if the coupon will print at the top of the page or in the middle. When I see an ad I just stand by my printer and hit the Stop/Cancel Print button as soon as I hear it skip (meaning its done printing the coupon, now onto the next item to print)–saves me precious ink and also saves me paper as I will just flip and turn pages however I need to to keep printing on empty/blank areas of the page(s). Same thing when I see a coupon will print in the middle of the page I just shuffle through my stack to find a page with a middle spot blank, viola!

    Hope this is helpful to someone 🙂

  4. Hey Vironika!
    how you set your laptop property to show automatically a preview what u r printing any tips Thanx

  5. @Panchu- some printers come with a setting where you can force your printer to go to a preview before you okay the print. You can look in yourr printer settings or options or properties for this option. But keep in mind not all printers have that capability- which is the reason I try and note it in my posts when possible, I am sort of giving you a heads up if you don’t have print preview- so you can get ready to hit cancel after your coupon prints. hth

  6. yeah thats what I do also ..and I hold them in my print que until Im ready to use them ..Because I hate when I print a coupon and never use it .

  7. I used the coupons at walmart yesterday on the coolers and had no problems paid .97 cents each

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